Land Line and Mobile Audio Calling

There are lots of applications which are launched with call features.We at Mobulous help you to Create your own flexible, expandable Dialler apps with landline/Mobile Audio calling according to your specified requirements.

We have achieved phone verification and integration with Apple /Google for call purchase. We have achieved recording of Phone conversations with HD qualityWe will help set up your Amazon Server for Automated billingOur Developed App Lolmess is a good reference to review the Landline/Mobile calls.

We have integrated Funny Background Voices within the Call, user can pretend to be somewhere else adding a new Audio channel in the existing call

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  • Customized Dialler
  • Land Line and Mobile Audio Calling
  • Third Channel sounds integrations in Dialler Calls
  • Integrations with different Service Providers for Calls
  • Phone Number Verification for User Phone
  • Amazon Server Set up for Automated Billing
  • Twitter Digits Integrations
  • Call recordings
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