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Core Solution Deliverable and Platforms


Passenger Access (Android and iOS )

Passenger is a person who will use the platform to get trip estimates, select vehicle type , book trips , share trip status,
pay taxi fare, get the Driver details, live location tracking etc
Driver icon on demand taxi services

Driver Partner Access (Android and iOS)

Driver Partner will use the platform to set up profile, car profile,accept rides, navigate to passenger location,
start trip, drop passengers to the destination, manage payments etc

Business Administrator ( Web Dashboard)

The administrator is the platform owner who will be able to monitor the crucial data, manage passengers on the App, manage drivers and their payments, real time tracking for each ride |trip , and have analytical access.

The 3-step process

Define your ideas
Share ideas of how you would like your restaurant and delivery app to perform to achieve goals.
Work on designs
After getting your brief, our experts work on crafting and customizing the final designs based on your business branding.
Coding and Review
The final product is obtained from meticulous coding and review.

Detailed Features of the Taxi Services Solution

Standard Disclaimer:
The specified screenshots are just for references highlighting significant features in the project domain. We create each app as a white label customized solution, where each app is developed uniquely for each client’s business model. We happily sign NDA to assure IP security.

Login Passenger App

Login and Sign up

App starts with the login screen

Sign up
Forget Password
Phone number Verification via OTP


Home screen with option to “Book a Taxi”

Customer Current Location access
Pickup location
Dropoff location
Saved location icons
Home Book a Taxi
Ride Request Passenger

Confirm ride screen

Option to review and confirm the ride

Pickup location
Dropoff location
Select service
Select payment mode
Promo code implementation
Get Estimate or request the ride

Confirm Ride or Scheduling

Option to confirm or schedule the ride

Pickup location
Dropoff location
Date and time
Ride now
Ride Later Scheduling
Ride Scheduling Passenger
Ballpark Estimate Passenger Ride

Ride Estimation

Estimation of the ride

Map Poly line view
Estimated ride price

Driver Receipt

Driver receipt for the payment of the ride

Ride address details
Map Polyline view
Driver details
Ride fare details
Payment mode
Ride Receipt Passenger
Driver on the way for passenger

Driver on the way

Driver confirmed, allocated and on the way for a ride request

Real time map tracking
Driver details
Call the Driver
Message the Driver
Cancel ride

Left Menu

Left menu with easy access tabs

User image and username
Ride history
Ride Payment
Ride rates
Invite friends
Emergency contacts
1.0 New

Login and Sign up

Driver Partner can Login with his credentials

Secured Login
Sign up, On boarding process and verification by Admin
Location tracking once Driver Logs in

Ride requests

Driver Partner can easily access Ride requests

Passenger name
Passenger ratings
Pickup and Destination address
Option to Accept or Reject Rides
Driver App Location access

Driver Real Time Location Access

Driver location is accessed every 10 seconds

App will ask for location access so that App will able to access the real time location of the Driver while he is Driving.

Ride History

Ride History for the Drivers

Listing of various previous rides completed by the Driver
Date & time of ride
Pickup and Drop-Off Location
Ride time , Fair Details and Payment mode
Driver Ride History
Driver Start Ride

Starting the Ride

Option to start a ride after accepting the ride

Real time map tracking
Option to start the Ride
Option to cancel the ride after accepting ( Penalty)

Mark Arrived

Driver will mark arrived when reached the Passenger location

When driver arrived at the pickup location of the passenger, driver will able to notify the passenger that he is arrived at the pickup point.
Once the Passenger sits in the Cab option for the Driver to start the ride
Driver End Ride

In Between the Ride

Option to update in between the Ride

Destination Address with option to navigate
Ride time
Distance, Fare, Payment Type
Add Wait time
End ride

Left Menu

Left menu with easy access tabs

Driver image and Driver name
Edit profile
Ready for ride i.e. Availability (active/inactive)
Fare details
My Payment
Help and Feedback
Dashboard Taxi Admin Web

Business Admin Dashboard

Business owner can access the dashboard post login in the secured panel

Secured Access to the Dashboard
Total Rides
Total Registration
Total Revenue
Commission earned
Commission pending
Left Navigation panel
Real time Map Live tracking for Drivers and Rides

Driver Management

Business Admin Driver Management

Driver details
Total number of trips
Driver Commission
Driver Earning
Online status
Last login details
Business Admin Fare Management

Business Admin Fare Management

Admin can access and manage the fares

Base fare
Surge fare
Region Selection
Car type
As per time
As per distance

Business Admin Geo Fencing Management

Admin can access and manage Geo Fences

Add new region over the map
View added regions over the map
Business Admin Geofencing management
Business Admin New Booking Management

Business Admin New Bookings Management

Admin can create and manage new bookings

Creation of New Bookings
Add Name
Add email
Select car type
Pickup and Dropoff location
Promo code
Map and Driver Details

Business Admin User Management

Admin can manage various users

Search Passenger
Passenger ID
Passenger details
Total number of trips
Business Admin Passenger Management
Business Admin Reports Management

Business Admin Reports Management

Admin can manage various reports

Earning data
Graph representation
Ride Data

Business Admin Rides Management

Admin can manage the rides

Ongoing Rides
Scheduled Rides
Completed Rides
Missed Rides

On Demand Taxi Services and Uber Similar Apps Developed by Mobulous


Through Ryno Mobile App, one can easily book a taxi to his location within a few minutes. Just tap “Request Ride” button and you will get the nearest taxi at your doorstep who will drop you at your destination. You can book the taxi based on your choice like – Coach, Business and First-class service that will give you luxury feel till you reach your destination.

Ryno also gives you the flexibility to schedule your booking based on your future need. You just need to enter the date and time for your booking and app will send you a notification before your ride time will come.


TRYP is a transportation company based in Trinidad and Tobago that provides convenient and reliable ride sharing services.

With its easy to use mobile App commuters can connect to Drivers instantly and be taken from their pick up location to destination safely, comfortably and hassle free.

There is no need to walk to a public transit, hail a cab or drive your own vehicle.

TRYP is safer than conventional taxis due to our TRYP Tracking System, our vigilant Partner hiring process as well as our pre-installed Emergency System.
We also offer competitive pricing and payment options; via CASH to your driver
or the fare can be charged to your Credit Card. TRYP promises continuous customer satisfaction delivery that is backed by our driver rating and review system.Your safety and travel experience are our main priorities.

Book your TRYP today

Just Taxi

JustTaxi is a convenient and reliable ride sharing app that connects people seeking transportation With minimal interaction, there is no need to walk to a public transit, hail a cab or drive your own vehicle.

Simply, tap a few buttons on the JustTaxi app and your personal transport shows up in a few minutes. You can either pay the driver directly using cash or the cost can be charged to your credit card via our app.

JustTaxi is safer than using the conventional regular taxi due to our vehicle location tracking system, our carefully selected hiring process and also our Emergency button that is installed into the app.

JustTaxi is cheaper than using public taxis; additionally, we have a driver rating and review system which enhances an excellent riding experience.

Technology Behind Food Delivery App


Android Development

Android Studio as IDE and Java as the programming language i.e NATIVE ANDROID APP

iOS Development

Xcode is IDE and SWIFT as the programming language i.e. NATIVE iOS App
Node js based taxi app development

Backend Development

Komodo as IDE and Node.js as the programming language i.e. Mean Stack based Solution.
Mongo DB as the database


Server is Ubuntu based which is hosted on Amazon AWS

Client Reviews

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