A Job Search App Equipped with GPS Functionality, Designed For The Philippines.

Discover the future of BPO job hunting with JOBYODA! A job search app equipped with GPS functionality, designed for the Philippines. It simplifies the process of exploring job opportunities by displaying them directly on your city map. With JOBYODA, you're in the driver's seat, enabling you to refine your job search based on the benefits you desire, whether it's a 14th-month salary, Day 1 HMO, Joining Bonus, Free Food, and more.


Easily Manage Wide
Range of BPO Jobs

JobYoda is a powerful job search app that can help you manage a wide range of BPO jobs easily. It offers a centralized job board, applicant tracking system, hiring manager dashboard, and collaboration tools to help you streamline your workflow and improve your efficiency.

Schedule your walk-ins

The scheduling process is simple and straightforward. Job seekers can browse available walk-in interview slots, select a preferred time, and confirm their appointment. The app provides clear instructions and reminders to ensure a smooth experience.

No Experience Needed Jobs

The "no experience needed" section prominently displays relevant job openings, making it easy for freshers to identify suitable opportunities. The app also provides clear descriptions of each job, highlighting the skills and qualifications sought by employers.

Real Time Recruitment with Jobyoda Live Recruitment

JOBYODA Live Recruitment offers a user-friendly interface for virtual interviews, seamlessly integrated into the app. This streamlines the hiring process, eliminating email exchanges and allowing job seekers to interact with recruiters in real-time.

Easily direct candidates to your Zoom rooms for seamless virtual interviews.

Experience 1x1 Chat: Connect with qualified candidates through instant messaging for faster and more efficient hiring communication.Simplify Interview Scheduling: Let candidates choose walk-in schedules and receive reminders, making the coordination process a breeze.

Make candidate outreach a breeze with seamless calling directly through the recruiter portal.

JobYoda's seamless calling feature allows recruiters to make calls to candidates directly from the recruiter portal, eliminating the need to switch between applications. This saves time, improves organization, and boosts efficiency, making it a valuable tool for recruiters who need to outreach to a large number of candidates quickly and easily.

Over 1M Downloads &
Active Users

With over 1 million downloads and active users, JobYoda is a trusted platform for both job seekers and employers to connect and find opportunities.




On App Store
On App Store

UX Case Study

Project Overview

JobYoda is a specialized BPO job search app that offers various benefits. Job seekers gain access to a wide range of BPO job listings, real-time salary and job market data, personalized job recommendations, and user-friendly job search tools on a secure platform. Employers can tap into a large pool of qualified BPO candidates, use branding tools to promote their companies, and utilize analytics for a streamlined recruitment process. Overall, JobYoda is a valuable resource for both job seekers and employers in the BPO industry.

Our Role

UX/UI Design

Tools Used

Technologies Used

The Problem

ob seekers in the BPO industry face challenges in finding suitable positions, negotiating salaries, and staying updated on industry trends. Meanwhile, BPO employers struggle with a scarcity of qualified candidates and an inefficient hiring process, characterized by manual resume review and screening, especially when hiring for multiple positions.

The Goal

The objective of this UX case study is to create a user-friendly job search app tailored to the BPO industry, aiming to increase job seekers' app usage by 20%, employers' job postings by 15%, enhance real-time market data accuracy by 5%, decrease security incidents by 10%, and raise customer satisfaction by 5%.

Design Process

Project Timeline

1 Month
6 Month
12 Month


Managing Director
Time Rich

User Persona


Maria is a recent college graduate with a degree in Communication. She is seeking a job in the BPO industry. Maria is a hard worker and is eager to learn. She is also a quick learner and is able to adapt to new situations easily.


Maria's goals are to find a job in the BPO industry that will allow her to use her communication skills and learn new skills. She also wants to be able to earn a good salary and support herself financially.

Pain Points
Technical Issues
lack of experience
Competitive job market
Customer service

User Journey Map

Persona: Maria

Goal: Maria's goals are to find a job in the BPO industry that will allow her to use her communication skills.

Action 1
Action 2
Action 3
Action 4
Task List
Create a profile on the Jobyoda website
Upload resume
Browse through available BPO jobs
Apply for jobs
"I'm excited to learn more about Jobyoda and the BPO industry."
"I'm confident that my skills and experience is a good match for BPO jobs."
"There are so many different BPO jobs to choose from! I'm excited to find the right one for me."
"I'm confident that I can be successful in a BPO job."
Improvement Opportunities
App offers profile creation tips for users to highlight skills and experience effectively.
Streamline resume uploads by accepting multiple formats (PDF, Word, TXT) and offering formatting tools for customization.
  • Improve job recommendations using machine learning.
  • Enable users to save & get notifications for matching jobs.
  • Provide detailed job info: culture, benefits, salary, and company insights.
Simplifies job applications with one-click apply and auto-fills user profiles. It offers application feedback, including formatting and content improvements, to enhance appeal to employers.

Style Guide

Color Palette

Primary Color
Secondary Color
Primary Color
Secondary Color
Primary Color
Secondary Color




Plus Jakarta Sans

Plus Jakarata Sans


Plus Jakarata Sans


Plus Jakarata Sans


Plus Jakarata Sans


Name Font Size Line Height
Heading 1 24px 36px
Heading 2 20px 28px
Heading 1 18px 24px
Body-Large 16px 24px
Heading 1 14px 22px
Heading 1 12px 16px
Heading 1 16px 24px



How Does it work ?

“Jobyoda makes the job search process easy and efficient, so you
can find your dream job faster.”

Sign Up

Create your account to access all the features of Jobyoda and start your job search today!

Find Your Jobs

Browse through thousands of job postings in the BPO industry and apply for the ones that interest you with a single click.

Get Your Dream Job

With Jobyoda, you're one step closer to finding your perfect job in the BPO industry.

Visual Design


The Menu icon provides a central hub for
users to access all of the features of the
Jobyoda app.

Advertisement Banners

The Advertisement Banners icon shows
users personalized ads for jobs and
other relevant products and services.

Urgent Hiring

The Urgent Hiring icon shows users a list
of all the jobs that need to be filled

Map View

The Map View icon allows users to see a
visual representation of all the job
postings in their area.

Grab Venti Coffee

The Grab Venti Coffee section allows
users to order a Venti coffee from
Starbucks and have it delivered to their


The Profile section allows users to create
and manage their profile, including their
resume, skills, experience, and job

Applied Instant Screeing Listing

The Applied Instant Screening Listing
section shows users a list of all the job
postings they have applied for and the
status of their application.

Instant Screening

The Instant Screening feature allows users to
take an assessment to increase their
chances of getting hired for specific job

Hl Fidelity Designs

User Reviews

Here are few comments and reviews from the users using jobyoda application.

John Smith

CEO Bloomburg

“Jobyoda is the best job search app I've ever used! It's so easy to create a profile, upload your resume, and browse through jobs. I also love that Jobyoda provides personalized job recommendations and tips on how to write a strong resume and prepare for job interviews. I highly recommend Jobyoda to anyone who is looking for a new job.”

Sarah Johnson

CEO, Tech Dynamics Solutions

“Jobyoda is a must-have for anyone looking for a job in the BPO industry. It has a huge database of job postings and makes it easy to apply for jobs with a single click. Jobyoda also provides helpful resources like career advice and interview tips. I'm so grateful for Jobyoda because it helped me find my dream job!”

David Rodriguez

CEO, Quantum Innovations Ltd

“Jobyoda is a lifesaver for job seekers. It makes the job search process so much easier and more efficient. I love that I can create a profile, upload my resume, and browse through jobs all in one place. Jobyoda also provides personalized job recommendations, which is super helpful. I highly recommend Jobyoda to anyone who is looking for a new job”.