Healthcare Policy and Procedures | Case Study

Qualititian is a utility app, which is used in day to day needs of a user. It is a Mobile,Web application platform for healthcare personnel to make policies and procedures accessible for each healthcare personnel’s mobile. Key Features:
Why Choose Qualititian:
• This App allows to attach the documents, authorize documents, and track the approval process.
• The detailed authorization system ensures that only authorized employees can view or edit documents at all times.
• It is easier to keep track of documents/Users and keep them up-to-date.
• Hassle free way to manage policies, documents, etc.
• Eases Accessibility.
• Increase Productivity.
• More Organized and faster to locate the right information.
• A better, easier, more scalable way for a member of your staff to send a request for different services.
• Hierarchy is easily managed and maintained.
• More Transparency.
• Role-based access control