Sunday, June 23, 2024
Service Sports

Service Sports – Case Study

ServiceSport Fault Reporter allows you to scanner your access number barcode and reports faults about that piece of kit.App Store Link:
Tender App

Tender App – Case Study

Tenders offer the service of government tenders, government auctions, and government real estate has the largest database of government tenders and competitions, international tenders/contracts awarding base application, government auctions, government listings and required. The...

Homewell – Case Study

HomeWell Senior Care's journey has evolved around making seniors' lives more comfortable. Homewell App lets you connect with the Senior care assistance easily with a few clicks. User can search Homewell centres around his...
Hitch a Hike

Hitch a Hike – Case Study

Ride App is a free downloadable app empowering you to connect with our community of drivers and passengers, to share a common journey and share its cost. Whether you are planning a trip week...
Mobile Wallet

Mobile Wallet – Case Study

Omne Building a bridge to mobile payment for the Modern Consumer. Omne Mobile wallet is a new revolutionizes Wallet System where users can save all his Personal Cards information at one place. Omne is...
My Currency Shop

My Currency Shop – Case Study

The world’s first and only real-time travel money comparison service, direct to your tablet or Smartphone. Saving hundreds of pounds on foreign exchange has never been easier, faster or cheaper. Our comparison service helps...

Music App – Case Study

Want someone to hear out your Story? Use URMUZ app and scribble your thoughts into a story right away with beautiful Pictures & Video.URMUZ support will hear you out and get lyrics and music...

Marco Polo: Case Study

Easiest way to locate your Phone No worry about lost your phone, now the phone will tell you where I am. You just need to say Marco and phone will shout polo or any...

Lzoom Services – Case Study

Thousands of free and premium services are waiting for you LZOOM App is an all-access pass to thousands of services. Services include your choice of.• News Updates• Chat to TV and Radio• Cast your...

Cosmetic Surgery App – Case Study

Cosmetic App is an on-demand service connecting you with board-certified dermatologists that provide the care you need, whenever and wherever for non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Dermatologists will come to your home, office or hotel -...

Mobile Applications

Introducing UnoDogs – Your Dog’s Go-to Fitness Management App

Mobulous is thrilled to deliver to you, a holistic and innovative app developed for our entrusted client – UnoDogs Services Private Limited - one...