Comparison Between Android & iOS Application

Comparison Between Android and iOS Application

Android & iOS is the most popular operating systems. To build mobile application, you must choose one of them. The process and technologies of making iOS and android are different from each other in many ways, such as-

  • Software Developers use different programming language and technologies when developing for iOS or Android.
  • If we talk about the budget, both iOS apps and Android application require different budgets and maintenance tasks.
  • Android and iOS both are different mobile operating systems, which are popular depending on the requirement of business. 
  • Android is more customizable than iOS.
  • Developing cross platform application is quite challenging. Trying to publish application for Android and iOS lead some technical issue, required expense and more. 
iOS Android
Technologies of iOS application development is Swift.  Whereas Android app developers use Java or Kotlin.
Standard size of screen is required with Apple devices, such as iPad and iPhone.  With android devices, there is limitation for screen size. Developers can work on more interface design to ensure the compatibility and functionality across devices.
Both operating systems like iOS and Android apps have different user demographics based on location, age group, hours and more. As compared with android, apple user are younger than android.  Android application development takes a longer time because there are so many android versions available on the market, hence maintaining and development of android application is bit challenging. 
Apple Incorporation has developed iOS. Whereas, Google has owned & developed android.
The target systems of iOS are smartphones, music players, and tablet computers. Its target systems are smartphones and tablets.
iOS is usually designed for Apple iPhone and iPad. It is designed for smartphones of all businesses.
The language use in iOS development is C, C++, Objective-C, assembly language, and Swift. C, C++, Java, and other languages are used for Android application development.
Swift is a primary language for iOS application development. Java and Kotlin both languages are highly used for Android application development.


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