Blockchain in Gaming Industry – Potential, Limitations & Real-Life Examples [2023]

Blockchain in Gaming – Potential, Limitations, and Real-Life Illustrations

Blockchain technology is a successive significant forte in the gaming initiative.   However, the endeavor has noticed a wave in the number of games in current periods. Blockchain technology in gaming has unlocked fresh options for companies that desire to develop decentralized gaming apps.

According to the latest report of Technavio, the international gaming market is predicted to thrive by $125.65 billion, boosting at a CAGR of 12.40% from 2020 to 2025. The combination of Blockchain technology in gaming applications is a considerable aspect propelling market development.

Let’s move ahead to our writing that addresses some of the factors associated with analyzing the possibility of Blockchain in gaming and its limitations. Few real-life illustrations and the fate of Blockchain in the gaming industry, which is gradually gaining rage among company proprietors and entrepreneurs.

Before moving ahead to introduce blockchain gaming, first, figure out what blockchain is and how it is utilized in the gaming enterprise.

What is Blockchain and How is it Used in Gaming?


Blockchain is a decentralized and allocated digital catalog that facilitates safe commerce and maintains histories.

It has developed a unique gaming understanding for both companies and participants who utilize NFTs and cryptocurrencies to buy in-game aids that could be traded for real-life capital. For illustration, Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies are used by Axie Infinity and it retains millions of participants worldwide.

Role of Cryptocurrency in Gaming

With its rage in the gaming enterprise, cryptocurrency has too increased. Cryptocurrency is digital money that utilizes cryptography to assure, ascertain and enable marketing. It permits users to make payments online without proceeding through conventional payment modes like banks and credit card firms.

Cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin and Ethereum, allows safe and quick payments for different in-game buys, such as avatars, power-ups, themes, unique artifacts, etc. It likewise permits participants to gain bonuses or Crypto tickets while playing matches.

With a considerable bang in the gaming enterprise, you can’t reject the changing cryptocurrency sensations that drew away the whole gaming market. Moreover, with the drift in crypto matches/blockchain contests, there are different paths in which blockchain technology is being utilized in the gaming enterprise that contains:



NFTs or non-fungible tokens can be dealt with or utilized within blockchain games to buy characters, memes, tapes, and additional digital aids. NFTs develop a manner for players to possess their digital residences indeed. This provides participants more supervision over what occurs to these commodities and creates them comfortable to buy and sell and there’s no requirement for an intermediary like another gamer.


Play & earn

Blockchain has provided a peak to a fresh sub-genre named “Crypto-Games.” Crypto games are distinct from formal games because they entitle gamers to win cryptocurrency by playing the contest. Digital currency from these contests can be transformed into real capital or utilized to purchase new things within the contest. Now the question is how does it operate?

When you play, a cryptocurrency is awarded and that can be utilized outside the match in “the real world.” The concept is to motivate players to proceed to play by offering them motivation in cryptocurrency so that they can save it for real-life products and services.


Virtual events and  contests

Virtual events and contests are a crucial element of the all-around gaming enterprise. For 10 years, virtual occasions have been arranged worldwide, which need multiple aids for governing squads, award reservoirs, and occasion fora. Nevertheless, multiple challenges have been confronted in this procedure, such as the increased enrollment fee, access fees, cybersecurity, etc. Furthermore, it isn’t simple to ascertain the prizes players earn.

Blockchain technology can create this procedure straightforward by furnishing proficiency to follow and ascertain who has accepted the bonuses for their games or contest successes. Blockchain technology delivers safe trades among its audience, and it automatically follows data from any web where it is executed. Thus, it is manageable for players to take part in digital occasions and contests utilizing blockchain technology.

According to a Newzoo report, In-game marketing will yield a 9.6% earnings expansion on a portable forum by 2023.


How is the Gaming Industry Transforming by Utilizing Blockchain Technology?

gaming industry transforming by utilizing Blockchain technology

It’s obvious that Blockchain technology has existed around for a time, but it lately conveyed better engagement for its possibility to alter varied enterprises. In current years, due to its advantages in diverse sectors, it’s existed glimpsed as the foremost option for the gaming enterprise.

Few of the advantages of Blockchain:

Safe and evident transactions

Blockchain is a safe, transparent, and inflexible technology, assuring no forgery in marketing records happens. It sums up a coating of enthusiasm among the audience when confronting digital trades and assembles it ideal for games where people share prudent data or virtual investments, like in the case of NFTs.

Improved security

Since Blockchain proposes an extra coating of protection by utilizing encryption techniques like Secure Messaging and Two-Factor Authentication, it can safeguard prudent information such as participant data, game data, and user trades from being hacked.

Enhanced user experience

Blockchain can assist enhance the comprehensive user background by furnishing a better efficient, secure, and evident path to participate in digital marketing and enter virtual purchases.

With blockchain gaming, audiences have better supervision over their gaming knowledge. This fad has exemplified itself in several paths, from permitting participants to build their symbols and precise playing. Furthermore, it facilitates them to download different video games from various understandings from anywhere without jeopardizing their gaming knowledge.


A blockchain gaming medium assists assure that all trades and dealing between various groups are ascertained and fair. This enables deterring forgery, one of the familiar challenges in today’s-day gaming fora. Additionally,  to confirm trades, companies can likewise utilize Blockchain to insure that no one has spent dual for the exact assistance or products generated since every trade is registered.

Dealing resources

Participants can deal with their things for earnings or additional help. Since Blockchain makes a history of every commodity and its license, participants can trade with full assurance, figuring out that their entities will not be robbed or copied. It furthermore permits them to vend or purchase in-game investments from different participants.

Earning rewards

Participants can achieve bonuses in the form of cryptocurrencies by conducting inquiries and tasks. In formal games, participants are awarded points that have no financial importance outside the contest. But, with blockchain-based games, players can attain cryptocurrencies to utilize as true cash to buy things from further participants or even purchase goods on e-commerce websites.

Developing combined gaming profiles

As blockchain games are an unusual discussion, it is feasible to develop a consolidated neighborhood where audiences can permit diverse games. It permits users to have a single profile that they can utilize across numerous fora, therefore improving their user knowledge and creating it comfortable to permit various games and buy things.

Corresponded to conventional gaming, blockchain games have dominated the whole gaming enterprise. While there are numerous advantages to utilizing blockchain technology in gaming, also there are some limitations.

Limitations of Blockchain Technology in Gaming

Limitations of Blockchain technology in gaming

Nonetheless, the usage of blockchain technology has delivered fresh possibilities for different companies but furthermore produced unknown challenges:


To commence a contest, a participant requires to put up a user profile which is a straightforward stage. Then, relying on the kind of Blockchain game, a participant requires to put up a crypto wallet and purchase a specific quantity of crypto assembling it is a difficult assignment.

Regulatory hustles

The usage of cryptocurrencies such as MANA, Theta, etc is yet attempting to comprehend how they work and whether they should be utilized in blockchain gaming.


The gaming enterprise is very competitive, with fresh games and fora continually being disentangled. This can evolve it tough for blockchain-based games to face off against ancestral games.

There are multiple Blockchain-based games assembled in the enterprise. Presently that you apprehend the advantages and limitations of Blockchain let’s furnish real-life illustrations of leading Blockchain games.

Real-Life Examples of Blockchain Games

With approximately hundreds of blockchain games in the demand, some famous ones contain:


Established in November 2017, it is one of the earth’s earlier tries to undertake a  blockchain-based game. Nowadays, it has come to be one of the greater widespread games produced on Ethereum. The primary purpose of the contest is to develop a fresh era of kittens with unusual attributes to maximize their significance.

Participants can deal with their kitties through an available marketplace or reserve them. Every kitty’s personality is established on genes characterizing varied qualities like skin way, sight form, jaw form, base tint, and additional shade.


Decentraland is a digital validity medium that utilizes blockchain technology to develop a decentralized virtual earth. The medium permits users to develop, understand, and monetize content and apps.

In Decentraland’s virtual space, users have permission to walk around and explore and buy various properties owned by other users. They can precisely spend to play matches, join slot happenings, enter associations, and experiment with all the distinct backgrounds that builders globally.

Gods Unchained

God’s Unchained cards are virtual purchases that cannot be duplicated or altered without the proprietor’s approval, driving them extraordinary and advantageous.

The Gods Unchained cards too are dealt straight between participants without proceeding through the contest’s marketplace, and the Ethereum blockchain ensures them, so they’re secure from cyberpunks.

The Last Will

The Last Will is also a blockchain-based game that allows the audience to inherit digital purchases from further performers. The game is established on the Ethereum blockchain and facilitates users to create wills, establish convictions, and assign administrators.


FIFAcoins4sale is a digital marketplace that permits users to purchase and vend in-game things for FIFA, a well-known football video game. The website utilizes a decentralized marketplace that will allow the audience to purchase FIFA currencies without upsetting about fraud or forgery.

The Fate of Blockchain in the Gaming Industry

According to Quantum Economics’ chief, Crypto is the destiny of blockchain gaming. The contests we play will evolve more like the actual earth, and the in-game things will retain real-realm significance. Thus, it is critical to financing in Blockchain now.

Additionally, as the technology resumes to expand and come to be more widely embraced, we can predict witnessing more characteristics and apps for Blockchain in gaming, containing quicker and safe trades, decentralized fora for digital earth, and new shapes of virtual support.

Furthermore, as the gaming neighborhood thrives, the colonial facet of gaming is surely significant to gamers’ all-around understanding. A current survey by Accenture found that 84% of respondents convey video games assist them to associate with others with analogous interests, while three fourth of them realize that more of their colonial associations now meet on gaming media, instead of in individual or over the mobile.

How can Mobulous help?

Blockchain technology is evolving and crucial to the gaming enterprise, and it’s necessary to come across technological requirements. Blockchain permits real-time visa to information on the web and possesses built-in safety features that assemble it standard for maintaining documents of economic commerce.

At Mobulous, we deliver blockchain development services that can assist your blockchain gaming industry to further elevations. Our squad of professionals has comprehensive knowledge of blockchain technology and can assist you to make and figure out more about Blockchain games that will immerse and thrill your audiences.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Blockchain Gaming

  1. What are the benefits of Blockchain gaming?

Ans. Blockchain gaming provides participants full management over the digital acquisitions they attain or earn through their participation in the contests.

2. How can blockchain be utilized in the gaming industry?

Ans. Blockchain In the gaming industry enables in secure purchasing and selling of In-Game aids. Blockchain in gaming facilitates the interoperability of profiles of performers. Blockchain in Gaming allows the outgrowth of value on transcendental support. Blockchain will allow performers securely reserve In-Game aids.

3. What are real-life examples of blockchain technology?

Ans. These are the real-life example of Blockchain technology:

  • Money transfer.
  • Smart contracts.
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Personal identity security.
  • Healthcare.
  • Logistics.
  • Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) etc.

4. Why is blockchain gaming the future?

Ans. “Currencies and in-game items can be transformed into tokens and NFTs. All the items can be traded on the blockchain,” Chang says. He thinks that soon, audiences will be competent to deal with these entities voluntarily – not only with different gamers but furthermore with the public glimpsing cleanly to finance.


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