How Mobile App Development Process works? A step by step guide 2021

Mobile App Development Process

Mobile App Development is one of those businesses which is making high revenue in the market these days. According to a study, In 2021, mobile apps are supposed to make $693 billion in revenue through app stores and in-app advertising. Apart from this, enterprise mobility is supposed to be worth $510.39 billion by the end of 2022.

The reason behind this is that mobile applications are high in demand these days. People are fully dependent on different kinds of mobile applications for their day-to-day life. This makes the demand for mobile application development high. So, if you are planning to develop a mobile application then you also need to know the whole mobile application development process.

So, here is the step-by-step guide for how the mobile app development process works?

Pointers Which will Introduce you to How the Mobile App Development Process Works?

  • Strategy
  • Analysis/Planning
  • UI/UX Designing
  • Programming Process
  • Testing Process

Strategy of the Mobile App Development Process

The first thing which is taken into consideration during any mobile app development process whether it is Android app development or iOS is the strategy, planning, or discussion about the particular project. The development team makes a good strategy for the successful delivery of your mobile app. All apps are different from one another. So the objectives of all apps are different. And for that, you need to follow a proper strategy.

  • The strategy phase includes:
  • Identify the app users
  • Research the competition
  • Establish the app’s goals and objectives
  • Select a mobile platform for your app

Analysis Process

The second step in the mobile app development process is analysis and planning. Well, this step also comes even if you are planning for iOS mobile app development. At this step, the development team gives a little shape to your project. This analysis and planning depend upon the detailed required features in a particular mobile application.

After the identification and the requirement of the app, the development team prepares a product map. This step involves analyzing the whole requirements of the mobile app and then categorizing them into different sections based on the delivery. Even at this step, you can decide and change our cost by giving flexibility to your modules and requirements.

And in the planning section, the development team starts thinking over the tools and the skills which are needed for your mobile app development. Well, it is all about the different platforms. Multiple platforms need different skills and tools like iOS and Android mobile platforms use different development technology.

If you are planning to make a mobile application that includes features of both Android and iOS application development then your mobile application development process needs to involve both Android and iOS developers.

UI / UX Design Process

In the Mobile app development process, the step of designing that is UI/UX design also plays an important role. Well, I can say that design plays a huge role in any mobile app development. Design is the first impression which attracts your customers.

Designing the mobile app also decides the success of your mobile app because only a good-looking site will make your customers happy and will connect more and more audiences. The designing of the app should be done in such a way that it provides a smooth experience while running the application. The aim of UI/UX design is to give a smooth experience to the users by making the app interactive and user-friendly.

The mobile app UI / UX Designing Process involves the following steps:

  • Information Architecture & Workflows
  • Wireframes
  • Style Guide
  • Mockups
  • Prototype

Programming of Mobile App Development Process

A complete mobile app development process involves three integral parts: back-end/server technology, API(s), and the mobile app front-end.

  • Back-End/Server Technology

The Back-End process involves the database and server-side objects which is important for the proper functioning of your mobile app. If your mobile application already has an existing back-end platform, then you only need to switch according to the new requirements.

  • API

API is an Application Programming Interface that is a source to contact between the app and the back-end server/database.

  • Mobile App Front-End

The Mobile front-end is all about the native mobile app which is used by an end-user. In most situations, mobile apps mainly involve user experiences that use an API and a back-end for managing data. But there are some situations where mobile apps make the users work without internet access. The app can utilize local data storage.


Through this testing process, you need to make your application more stable, usable, and secure. Through QA testing, you need to make sure that all features of your app are properly working without the involvement of any bug.

Final words

So these are the processes that should be taken into consideration or cannot be missed while a complete mobile app development process.

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