Real Estate App adds extra revenue to the buying & selling business

Real Estate App

Everybody has the busy schedule these days so if you want people to avail your goods or services then you have to make it easy for them. Technology has the ability to make all the complex and time taking things easy. The real estate apps have made the procedure easy for the people who are seeking for the buying and selling of the property; due to which people prefer such apps to save time and efforts. Do you want to boost up your real estate business? Obviously, everybody wants; that is possible with the help of Real Estate Apps.

On the subject of Real Estate App

Real estate app is developed with the thought that people can explore the property just by sitting in a place and can proceed further if they find the property suitable. People prefer the app over the traditional methods used by real estate businessmen because it saves their time. Real Estate apps like Rypro and Realtor Today are developed in Mobulous by the experts.

Specifications of a real estate app


Firstly, the user needs to register with the app for further procedure. It takes some personal details for the registration. 

Property listing:

The most preferred properties are shown in the region selected so that you can choose as per your choice.

Map View:

Users can tap on the map to see the property of their preferred region.

Property Description:

Users can tap on any property and can see the description along with the images.

Choose the type of property:

Users can choose the type of property they are looking for or the type of property they are selling or offering on the rent like institutional, residential and commercial.

Enter The Details:

Users need to put details like what they are searching for. The example is the location, budget and amenities.


Users can tap on the rent option if they desire to rent the property.


People can tap on the Buy option if they desire to buy the property.


Moreover, people can sell their property by mentioning the details of their property.


Users can contact the owners of their preferred property if the owner allows the AppReal Estate App

Why business needs Real Estate App Development services?

  • Higher Traffic
  • More Revenue
  • Organized procedure
  • Boost Real Estate sales

It is common that if you make the procedure easy for your clients then surely they will move to your business for your service. Mobulous has developed several apps on the Real Estate App development project. This type of apps is helping people a lot to augment their real estate business.

Analysis as per market value

Brookfield has the highest revenue of $47.6 billion. Just imagine if one real estate firm can do that then why not you. Now it is your time to shine, take your business to the top. Mobulous can develop glitch-free apps for the profit of your business.

There are many real estate businesses in the market, you need to do something to outshine. Mobulous can develop amazing real estate apps for your business.

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