Totrr Expense Manager | Case Study

Totrr Expense
Torr is created to make life easier for you, me and everyone. Have you ever wished there’s a mobile app that remembers and tracks trivial things like your grocery purchases: what you bought? When did you buy? and how much credit has your grocery store owner given you in the last month? So, you can free up some memory to remember more important things. What if your wife has a mobile app that will help her track the visits of your maid, paperboy, milk vendor or the drinking water supply? How good it would be if someone can help her with payment calculation for these people based on their attendance automatically? Will it help her focus on the things that really matter? Are you a student who gets credit from your college cafeteria often? what if you can track all your cafeteria purchases with an app so you don’t have to worry about over-paying the cafeteria owner every month? Let Torr take care of these simple things so you don’t need to worry about trivial things in life. With Torr, the more expenses you track, the more rewards you get. Worrying about the queue at your grocery store? We have got you covered! Use Torr to pre-book your grocery and they will be ready to be picked up when you reach the store.
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