Bank of China- A KIOSK Baking Solution For All The Users.


Banking KIOSK is famous all across the globe nowadays. The Banking KIOSK is also known as ATMs or automated teller machines. The majority of the clients trust Banking KIOSKS.

We are super excited to reveal that recently Mobulous Technologies has created a banking KIOSK, ‘Bank of China, which is one of our renowned clients. Our team worked extremely hard to develop the banking KIOSK ‘Bank of China.’ The main motive of our team was to provide the client with the best solutions.


Want to know more about our app? Here, in this article, you will get complete details of the banking KIOSK ‘Bank of China.’


Bank of China- Introduction

Bank of China is a banking KIOSK created by the team of Mobulous. With the Bank of China KIOSK banking solution, customers can check their balances, transfer money between accounts, and access standard banking services like deposits and withdrawals, all from the comfort of a KIOSK. KIOSK banking’s main objective is to make as many people as possible accessible and available at all times.

The Bank of China, banking KIOSK, offers users various features that help them smoothly manage their money outside traditional bank hours.


Two screens are available on the banking KIOSK, Bank of China.-

  • KIOSK Screen– In the KIOSK screen, users can choose the language from the following option: Simplified Chinese or English. They will get four services on the platform: Account or safety Deposit Box Opening, Counter Service, Home Loan, and General enquiry.
  • Terminal Motor Screen– Users can view their ticket number with the counter number they need to visit on the terminal monitor.


Benefits of Bank of China For Users-

  • The Banking KIOSK provides users with constant network communication and content distribution.
  • In addition to displaying information, the KIOSK offers options for engaging and performing tasks.
  • Banks’ customers may skip teller queues and quickly execute everyday branch tasks like account opening, passbook printing, and check deposit.


What are the features integrated into the ‘Bank of China?

Numerous features are integrated into the banking KIOSK ‘Bank of China.’ Let’s have a look at some of them-

  • Staff Member Panel Feature List-

In the staff member panel, you will find the following features-

  • Login Process: Login process of bank of china

Staff members can quickly login into the app by giving their names and password. They can choose the language from the following option: Simplified Chinese or English.

  • Dashboard:

Dashboard of bank of china

After login, the staff members will be redirected to the Dashboard from where they can access the complete portal. In the Dashboard, they can check the total number of tickets generated.

  • Queue Management:

Queue management of bank of china

The queue management feature allows the staff member to get the following details: ticket number, counter number, call the next ticket, and transfer to other services. They can manage all these services quickly with the queue management feature.

  • Logout: The staff member can log out whenever they want.



Manager Panel Feature List:

In the manager panel, you will find the following features-
  • Login process: The manager’s login process is similar to the staff member’s. The manager needs to select the language of their choice and add their email address or password to log in.
  • Dashboard: After login, the manager will be redirected to the Dashboard from where they can easily access the portal. They can check everything including the number of tickets, staff and many more.
  • Queue Management: The manager can manage all the tickets and keep a keen eye on everything. They can add new staff or remove the older ones.
  • Reports: The manager can check all the reports instantly. They can also reset the reports and change all the details.
  • Account Settings: Users can change their password quickly with the account setting feature.
  • Logout: The manager can log out whenever they want.


Final Words:

No doubt, banking KIOSKS solutions are so much in demand. People love these apps as they make their life super easy. Banking KIOSKS are beneficial not just to the user but also to the companies that deploy them.

You must contact us if you also want to create a banking KIOSK like the Bank of China for your company. Mobulous is a top Mobile app development company known for creating the world’s best app development solutions. Our team can work with all the latest technologies and frameworks, including AI, ML, Blockchain, and many more, to help you create the best mobile apps.

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