Beach Spot App: An App That Helps You Find the Best Beach Around You.

Beach Spot App

We all love traveling to beaches. Right? We all want someone to help us find the perfect beach place to explore. As you know, technology has brought a fantastic transformation in our lives. In the modern era, everything is possible with mobile apps.

So, here we are introducing our recently created app, which is available on our website. Our enthusiastic and knowledgeable mobile app developers made the app known as Beach Spot for one of our valued clients. The app is exclusively created to help users find the best Beach around them. Be it the Beach, the Lake, or the public bath, finding beach spots has become much easier for users with the app.

Are you excited to know about the app? In this blog, you will learn about our newly launched app, ‘Beach Spot.’


Introduction- Beach Spot App

BeachSpot is a distance-based business app, whether at the lake, the beach, or the public bath. The app was created to connect “tourists” and “locals” who are providing their services at those unique BeachSpots with people searching for their ideal Beach Spot. The app is intended to give customers a quick overview of the BeachSpot scenario. Every 24 hours, this Beach Spot scenario is erased. Beach Spot users can check the crowding level at beaches, lakes, and public baths.

Through the addition of a post, other users relay this information through BeachSpot. There are some parameters by which the current BeachSpot scenario can be judged. Users must be at least 10 meters away from each other for the application to operate effectively.

Postings made by separate users can only be made within a 10-meter radius. In contrast, posts made at the same BeachSpot by the same user can be made up to five minutes apart and fifteen minutes after the initial position. Specific tools are available to users, such as “flags” to erase inappropriate BeachSpot photographs immediately. As an easter egg, the user’s status changes with each new post he makes, concealing certain temporal information for the user.


What are the best features integrated into the ‘Beach Spot app?

features 'Beach Spot app'

The ‘Beach Spot’ is a fantastic app with numerous unique features. Let’s explore some of them-

  • Login or Registration

The app has an easy login process. Users need to enter their mobile number or email id to register. When they enter a mobile number or email id, it will generate an OTP, and you can create your password.

  • User Profile

After registration, users can edit their profile and details such as name, age, location, gender, picture, and many more.

  • Beach Listing

The different beaches of particular locations and their services are listed on the app. Users can see the various beaches around them.

  • Beach Detail

Users can see the complete details of the beach they want to go to. This feature saves users significant time and money.

  • Beach Activities

With the app, users can see the activities occurring on the beach they want to go to. They can check the crowding level at beaches, lakes, and public baths.

  • Beach Offers

The app includes all the offers that a specific beach offers to users. Users can select a beach according to the best offer they like.

  • Beach Services

The app includes all the services that beaches provide to users. Users can check the services and decide which beach service is best for them.

  • Beach Review and Ratings

After exploring the beach, users can also give reviews and ratings. The reviews and ratings of the users help other users in deciding whether they should visit the particular beach or not.

  • Beach Map Location and Navigation

The app includes map location and navigation features. The feature helps users find the nearest beach they can go to.


How to install and use the ‘Beach Spot’ app?

The app is available for users of Android devices. To install the app, users need to follow some simple steps. Let’s have a look:

  • Step 1: Open the Play Store on your Android device and search for the ‘Beach Spot’ app.
  • Step 2: When you find the ‘Beach Spot,’ click enter on the install button.
  • Step 3: Now, wait a few seconds to complete the installation.
  • Step 4: Finally, you will find the app on your smartphone’s home screen.

Here are the following steps you need to consider to use the ‘Beach Spot app on your smartphone-

  • Once you install the app from the Google Play Store, you need to open the app and make a profile.
  • Now, you need to add your email or mobile number to register.
  • You will receive a four or 6-digit OTP number after entering the number.
  • Now, create your profile and enjoy the services of the app.

Here is the link you need to follow to install the app on your smartphone:


Create Your App With Mobulous

No doubt, ‘Beach Spot’ is a fantastic app. The app is perfect for those tourists who face trouble in finding beach spots while traveling. If you also want an app like ‘Beach Spot’ for your new venture, you shouldn’t wait. It can provide you with great benefits.

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