E-Learning App Development: A Comprehensive Guide

Guide for E-Learning App Development

E-learning app has certainly changed the way of education. It is beneficial for a number of employees and students who are looking to learn something new.

Additionally, it is assisting a number of educational organizations as well as businesses who are in search of tools that are efficient. Thus, the training materials can be accessed conveniently at any point of time.

Thus, this gives the learners to access the material at any own pace and time.

Another great benefit of e-learning apps is that students can get access to quizzes, video tutorials, training simulations etc. Thus, learning can become a lot effective and engaging.

It can also come in handy for educational institutions as knowledge can be transferred faster to the students.

Also, a number of enterprises are hiring e-learning app development companies for the development of e-learning app. The reason is that training material can be shared easily while needing a lot less resources.

So, in this blog, we would discuss everything about e-learning app and how it can be beneficial for the business. Other than this, we would also discuss how you can hire e-learning app development company. Let us have a look: –


How to Develop an e-learning app?

How to Develop an elearning app

We at Mobulous Technologies have extensive experience when it comes to developing
e-learning app. So, here are some steps that you can follow to develop e-learning app: –

  • Proper Market Research

To start off, you need to have an understanding about the target audience and the needs that they might be having. You should also have an idea about your customers in future and perhaps the things that they want from the application.

In this way, you would be able to add proper features in the app such that the user experience is enhanced. Besides this, have a look at your competitors and perhaps understand their strength and weakness.

So, you can try to develop an app that works on a drawback and there is a high probability that users would like it a lot more.

  • Opt for a Monetization Model

There are a number of models which you can use as an E-learning app development company such that the result which you get is fruitful. It totally boils down to the application type which you are looking to create. Some of the type of monetization model that you can opt for are: –

#Tutor/Course fees

You can take a small percentage of the profit for every lesson that is sold or booked. Make sure that the percentage is not very large or else it can hamper your business.


It is recommended that you come up with an app that is free to use. But, come up with a model that for using the additional features, users need to pay.


Donations can probably be an inconsistent way of funding. But, it is still an excellent way to keep your users engaged to the product that you are having.


Advertisements are regarded as a less risky model of monetization. But, you need to be careful about the placement and size of the ads that you use in the app.

Make sure that it doesn’t occupy a lot of the space on the screen. If you end up doing so, users would feel quite annoyed and users would switch towards another competitor.

  • Core features

Core features should be added to the app such that it stands out from your competitors. Also, ensure that you are flexible and the good thing is that you can change the features at a later stage.

  • Creating the UX/UI design

The first thing you need to do is collect the designs that you feel is the best and pleasing for the app.

Further, based on that future design can be created accordingly. Other than this, avoid the buttons and navigations that are useless. The reason is that it can frustrate and mislead the users.

  • App development and testing

The next thing that you need to do is hire an e-learning app development company for the development of app.

Once the development of app is done, then proper testing should be done to ensure that the app is free from bugs.

  • App Release

The last thing that you need to do is perhaps launch the app into Google Play store or App store. You can also take feedback from the users and make changes to the app accordingly. In this way, the end product would become a lot better.


E-Learning Mobile App – What are the important features that you need to have?

During e-learning app development, a certain features need to be defined. Also, every education program is unique but the features which is used is perhaps the same.

So, here are some of the important features that you need to include in the e-learning mobile app. Let us have a look: –

  • Login and Registration

If you want to use the app, it is important that you come up with sign up option for the new user or login option for existing users. So, it is an essential step to put into place if you are building up an application.

  • Push Notification

Through the help of the following feature, students can stay updated which includes new tasks, learning material, upcoming events etc. Also, alerts are sent through the push notifications and thus students can easily match with the schedules.

  • Multiple Language support

If multiple languages are available in the app that you are developing, then a lot more students across the globe would be able to use it. Thus, in the process, app would get a lot more opportunities and promotion.

  • Quizzes and Assessments

The following learning form can turn out to be innovative and fun and thus students can be enabled to check all their knowledge. Thus, it is a great way new information can be memorized and practised.

  • Tips

If you want the user to be a lot more engaged, then it is important that a tips section is put into place. In this way, the usage of the program can be made a lot more fun and manageable.


E-Learning App Development – How it can help out organizations?

E-Learning App Development How it can help out organizations

  • Productivity is increased

One of the major benefit of e-learning app development is that productivity is increased. Thus, businesses need to spend a lot less time in training sessions that are traditional. So, employees can spend a lot more time in some other tasks.

Another advantage of e-learning app is that the training course can be accessed easily through any device. Thus, the productivity is increased as learners won’t have to be present at a particular location for studying.

Also, all the content is available online which means the requirement of physical materials such as manuals and books is eliminated.

  • Cost of Training is reduced

The cost that is charged by e-learning app development company for development of e-learning app is a lot less as compared to traditional method of training. So, there is no involvement of external lecturers or coaches as well as need any extra learning material.

Thus, through e-leaning app development, businesses can save a significant amount of money and generate great ROI in the long run. Also, it is a lot more efficient as compared to the training which is imparted in physical environment.

Likewise, the mobile software for e-learning can also come in handy for businesses. The reason is that it can train the employees with the latest skillset or industry knowledge. Thus, cutting-edge knowledge can be accessed by the team with just the help of the internet connection.

Another way through which corporate training costs is decreased is by saving significant amount of money on the business trips. By the help of the app, employees are provided with the training material. Thus, the travel expenses that comes with acquiring the instructors is eliminated.

So, at the end, employees can get great results directly from the comfort of workplace or their home.

  • Retention of Employee is Improved

Another great benefit of e-learning app is that employee retention is improved. In the current time, employees are looking out for flexibility as well as professional development.

So, if an organization invests in an e-learning app, then it showcases that they are highly interested in the professional growth of their team members. Thus, true potential is revealed and it helps out in the career journey.

It also assists in boosting the engagement, motivation as well as employee’s job satisfaction. Also, access of shared spaces is provided to the employees for mutual collaboration. Thus, it helps in developing a very good corporate culture, maintain good team spirit as well as communication across all the departments.

  • Training Solution Scalability

Once your team and business starts to grow, then your employees would need the learning materials which are diverse.

So, if the investment is made in e-learning app that is custom made, then you won’t have to worry about expanding the service package and subscription.

In general, e-learning app has great potential for scalability and customization. Thus, total number of users can be significantly increased without putting much of an investment.

The best part is that you can add new features and functionality even when the modules of e-learning mobile app is built. So, if an organization opens up in new location, then the employees would be given relevant materials and tools.


Things to keep in mind when opting for an E-Learning app development company

There are a number of e-learning app development company who claims to provide e-learning app. But, it is important that you select a company which is reliable and can provide you with the best in class service.

So, here are some of the things that you need to keep in mind while opting for e-learning app development company. Let us have a look: –

  • Experience of the team

Look out for an organization who have hands on experience in working with e-learning app. In this way, they would know the advantages and disadvantages of certain technologies that is used in the build-up of custom e-learning app.

Thus, the organization would be able to provide you with all the recommendations and perhaps develop an app that can match with your specific requirement.

  • Cost of Development

There are a few e-learning app development companies who might insist you to add a number of features in the edtech platform that you are thinking to develop. They won’t put into consideration if specific functionality would be needed for your business or perhaps the budget that you might be having.

So, it is important that you come up with minimum list of requirements that is needed for your project.

You can instruct the e-learning app development company that you are hiring to create a basic app for you.

After that, it can be upgraded and expanded with the new set of features once you are satisfied with the services that they are providing.

  • Communication

If you have any concerns or doubts regarding the e-learning app development, then the same can be communicated with the potential partners and you can ask them for their feedback.

So, if you hire a good organization, then they would help you to avoid common problems that you may face in the process of development as well as some of the risk associated with it.

They would also instruct you about how such risks can easily be handled in the future.


E-Learning App Development – What is the cost associated?

If e-learning software custom development is done, then significant amount of money need to be investment. So, some of the cost associated with building an app are as follows: –

At the first place, the actual development takes place which includes the budget that is needed for hiring the designers, developers, testers and project managers. Other than this, price that is needed for using tech stack is included as well.

Besides this, significant investment should be made in maintaining and hosting the app. This includes bandwidth and server costs alongside the maintenance costs.

Some of the other factors in which the budget of e-learning app development takes place are: –

  • The complexity of the mobile app
  • The composition, size, location of the team associated with development
  • UI/UX design quality
  • Technologies that are used for development

If you are on limited budget, add only certain functionalities but make sure that the company you are hiring has rich experience in this industry.

You can get in touch with Mobulous technologies who would provide you with the complete estimate about the price that is needed for developing an edtech app.


Final Verdict

If you are looking to develop a good e-learning app, then proper strategy need to be undertaken based on the business goals and user needs.

A lot of emphasis should be given on providing a good quality product that tend to have content that has interactive as well as intuitive features.

Thus, a pleasing experience need to be provided for students & employees such that they can be retained for a long time.

Mobulous Technologies is a e-learning app development company that you can trust for developing the product for you. They have the relevant skillsets and expertise through which e-learning app which is engaging can be created for your organization.

Thus, it would help in the growth and innovation of your business. So, you can get connect with them to get your product developed at a very competitive price point.

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