Top 15 Best Database for Web Applications to Use in 2024 – Complete Guide

Top n Best Database for Web Applications

A Comprehensive Guide to Top 15 Best Database for Web Applications to Use in 2024

A database is used in web applications to store the information and this information that gets stored in the database is extremely sensitive, so we need to be careful while accessing this valuable information from the best database for web applications.

Well, a database can’t be ignored because any application that you’re getting to develop will have a lot of data to store and the database plays the same role. It helps the application owner to store, manage, and handle the stored data properly.

When you as an application owner use a database for web applications to store and manage all the application-related data then it enables you to correct the most accurate data in the minimal time and which eventually affects your output for the end user.

If you’re still not convinced about the importance of a database for web application, then let us just tell you that if you use a database then you can increase the speed and overall performance of your web application. However, to gain all such advantages, you will need to make sure that you choose one of the top best database for web applications.

So, as we said earlier database is really important to use for any sort of web application you’re going to have. And the reason of leveraging a database is simple it allows you to store and access any data conveniently related to company. With so many database choices available in today’s market, it has become a hectic task to choose the right database for your web application. But worry not as we have analysed top 10 best database for web applications and providing you all the details of these databases.

Table of Content –

Top 15 Best Database for Web Applications in 2024

  1. Oracle Database
  2. MySQL Database
  3. Microsoft SQL Server
  4. PostgreSQL Database
  5. MongoDB Database
  6. Apache Cassandra
  7. IBM DB2 Database
  8. Elastic Search Database
  9. Neo4j Database
  10. Firebird SQL Database
  11. SQLite Database
  12. Redis Database
  13. MariDB Database
  14. OrientDB Database
  15. Firebase Database

Conclusion – The Best Database to use in 2024


Top 15 Best Databases for Web Applications in 2024

1. Oracle Database

Whenever we hear about a database, the first name which comes in our minds is the oracle database and this is because it is the most famous database for web applications. Although, this database management system is mostly used by the large-scale businesses because this provides the scalability and high performance.

Some other important features of this database software include that –

  • The oracle database supports SQL and JSON,
  • It also enables the PDF and key-value storage,
  • Oracle database allows the backup and restoration, and
  • Lastly it also supports a variety of platforms.

Oracle Database - top 3 data base server


2. MySQL Database

MySQL is a RDBMS (relational database management system) and a RDBMS such as MySQL is one of the most popular open-source solutions to use in 2023. It falls on the #2 on our list of top 10 best database for web applications. However, for the web-based applications, the MySQL database management system is the great if the application owner is concerned about stability, security, and ease of use.

MySQL Database - Best Database server

And, as we can understand through its name, this database supports the SQL (structured query language) to offer the best sort of transactions features, indexing features, and data replication features. And, you have no need to worry about the bugs as it has got a large community which is active in keeping this database software updated and bug-free.


3. Microsoft SQL Server Database

MS SQL or the Microsoft SQL Server as the name suggests is based on the SQL (structured query language) and it comes in many different editions which have been designed to provide the users with the varying features.

MS SQL Server in most cases is suitable for breaking down the data silos and then producing some of the valuable insights out of that. Well, this feature makes this database system a good choice for the web applications that involve the analytics, the business intelligence, or the transactional processing.

Microsoft SQL Server- Best data base server

If that’s not enough for you then let us tell you that this is the top best database for web applications enables the comprehensive application development while offering the best security and authentication features.


4. PostgreSQL Database Server

PostgreSQL is an open-source RDBMS (relational database management system) which is offering the advanced data modelling along with the query optimization capabilities. However, these features make this database system a well suited database for the applications handling the complex data processing tasks.

This database for web applications has got its strong adherence to the SQL standards. Also, the PostgreSQL database system is highly compatible with many other tools and applications and due to these features, the PostgreSQL has become popular choice for those organizations which have the requirements of integrating their database with some other systems.

PostgreSQL Database - best 5 database server in 2024


5. MongoDB Database Server

MongoDB is a NoSQL database management system which is on the first rank in our analysis. Do you know the MongoDB database system handles the document data and not the relational data? Moreover, this database system has got a robust query language which makes it easy to load and retrieve the requested data.

MongoDB Best Data Base Server

The MongoDB system offers a fully automated scale provisioning and management of the multi-node clusters that are complex but highly available via API calls. Moreover, this tool can also be used for creating the globally distributed clusters and if necessary the data in MongoDB system can also be stored easily.

MongoDB system also offers a newer version which is the fastest cloud database and known as “MongoDB Atlas”. And, the best thing about this best database for web applications is that it provides the visualization, monitoring, and alerting services on 80 + metrics which will let you track the health of your cluster while also helping you in integrating with the third-party monitoring solutions.


6. Apache Cassandra Database System

Cassandra is one of the most popular SQL databases which is known for its capabilities of building a high-performance database for the web applications. Cassandra is the faster database system in comparison of its other NoSQL counterparts.

However, the Cassandra database is the top best database for web applications which require a real-time data access of the databases and is providing strict performance guarantees. The main characteristics of this amazing database management system are the reliability and stability.

Casandra - top 7 data base server for 2024

In Cassandra all the failed nodes can be replaced in no downtime by using its feature of Fault Tolerant. Not just that but the data is replicated across multiple nodes for providing the app owners with a fault-tolerance system. And, the best thing is that there are no network bottlenecks in Cassandra because each node in the cluster is independent.


7. IBM DB2

IBM DB2 is a commercial RDBMS (relational database management system) that has been developed by IBM. Do you know, this database was designed by IMB for the purpose of helping the organizations in managing and analysing the large amounts of complex data? And, this database does it by allowing the organizations to add or remove the capacity as and when needed. It moreover, provide the app developers with a flexible and versatile platform for data management and analytics.

IBM DB2 Database - Top 8 Best Database server for 2024

Although, this database is widely used in the enterprise level applications because it provides the most robust security features such as

  • Advanced access controls,
  • Data encryption, and
  • Firewalls etc.

These best database for web applications features make this database management system a popular choice for those organizations that require the data protection and privacy of another level.



8. Elastic Search Database Management System 

Elasticsearch is an open-source search engine as well as an analytics engine which has been built on the “Apache Lucene” and this database server is developed in Java. It has got started as a scalable version of the Lucene which was then an open-source search framework. But after some time, it has been added with the ability to horizontally scale the Lucene indices.

Elite Database web application - Top 10 database web application

However, the Elasticsearch database allows you to store, to search, and to analyse huge volumes of data in much lesser time, in fact it analyse the data in near real-time and gives the back answers in just the milliseconds. Well, it is able to achieve such fast search responses because it searches an index instead of searching the text directly.

Moreover, this database for web applications uses a structure which is based on the documents and not on the tables and schemas. It also comes with some extensive REST APIs that help it in storing and searching the data.


9. Neo4j Database Server

Neo4j is a graph database which has been specifically designed for managing and to query the highly connected data. It means, one of the best feature of Neo4j is that it is highly efficient in managing connected data.

Neo4j Database - top database webs application

Hence, Neo4j is an open-source, NoSQL, and native graph database which is one of the best database for web applications that is here to provide an ACID-compliant transactional backend for the web applications being developed by the developers and this database system is publicly available since 2007.

However, Neo4j is offered as a managed service via the “AuraDB” but if you want to use it you can use Neo4j with either Community Edition or with the Enterprise Edition. When you go for Enterprise Edition, then it will include all the features of Community Edition plus some extra enterprise requirements which include “backups”, “clustering”, and “failover abilities” etc.



10. Firebird SQL

Firebird SQL is at the last position in the list of top 10 best database for web applications but it is definitely not least in any sense. Firebird SQL is a free RDBMS (relational database management system) which supports various operating systems including –

  • Windows,
  • Linux,
  • MacOS, and
  • Several other platforms.

Firebird SQL Database - top 10 database server for 2024

However, the features of Firebird include –

  • Flexibility in managing transactions,
  • It is compatible with NASI SQL,
  • It provides the stored procedures,
  • Foreign keys, and
  • Many others.



11. SQLite Database System

SQLite is a free database management system that provides the support for the SQL queries and it is considered to be the best database for the web application developed with python. Moreover, some amazing features such as lack of administration overhead, the performance benchmarks, the other rich features, along with the release cycles are also some of the reasons that make people tempt to use this database.

sql lite dta base server

The capabilities of SQLite database make it an ideal database system for the portable applications because with SQLite the same JavaScript code can be used to run the application on all the devices such as phones, browsers, and computers.

What makes it different from the rest of the best database for web applications is that it is a very lightweight database management system in comparison of other database management systems such as Oracle, SQL Server or Microsoft SQL etc.


12. Redis Database Management System

The Redis Database management system which is also very popular as “Remote Dictionary Server” is one of the most loved database for web applications available in the market. This is because it is an open-source database so you can use it for free and with that it also facilitates high performance. Hence, it is capable of handling a lot of data and a high amount of traffic.

redis database management server - redis on of top database server

Some other features of this amazing database the flexibility, the scalability, and the lua scripting. Moreover, this database is easily adaptable and it is easy to adopt or use. This amazing database also provide the app developers with a personal hashing mechanism while providing them with an automatic data partitioning.


13. MariaDB Database Server

Maria DB - top data base software application

MariaDB is an RDMS that is compatible with the MySQL database management system and it is generally used to replace the MySQL servers. Moreover, the MariaDB database offers the columnar storage, which is there to provide the advantages for some kinds of data and it also has a massively parallel distributed data architecture which is making it easy to work with the large data sets involving the petabytes of data.

MariaDB database server is built by a large community of the developers who will also be available for you to help resolve any sort of challenges that you being a new developer might face.

MariaDB has been developed with more storage engines and more features than the MySQL database server and it also aims at maintaining the high compatibility. However, MariaDB offers a variety of features that can improve the MySQL and these features include –

  • Better performance,
  • Scalability, and
  • Security

In addition to all that, the MariaDB is one of top best database for web applications which also adds new storage engines along with providing the improved replication and enhanced monitoring or control capabilities.


14. OrientDB Database System

Oreint Database - top 14 database server

OrientDB is an open-source database management system which is a NoSQL database for web applications and is written in Java. This is one of those databases that support multiple models such as

  • The graph,
  • The document,
  • The key/value, and
  • Object models.

However, this database management system has a flexible schema and it can be scaled horizontally. Although, the OrientDB database system is a good choice for those web applications that require the high performance along with the scalability. The best part about OrientDB is that it is easy to use and has a friendly user interface.


15. Firebase Database Server

The firebase database management system is backed by Google since 2014 and is a popular NoSQL database system. Do you know, that firebase being the best database for web applications allows an extensive ecosystem with client libraries, security rules, and support for online mode, this extensive ecosystem is used for developing web and mobile applications.

Firebase Database Server - top 15 database server

However, the Firebase database works well across all devices and it is an excellent choice for building real-time applications such as gaming apps, chatting apps, and trading apps.


Conclusion –

Selecting the right database for your web applications is important because it directly affects the performance, speed, and stability of the application. So, you must always choose a database you’re your web application from the top alternatives listed above, however, you can go for a database that best suits your web application’s requirements.

The databases we have mentioned above provide high speed, high efficiency, better security, and scalability. But, as we said before choosing any of these top 10 best databases for web applications you should always cross-verify their functionalities and features with the requirements of your web application. For the best decisions, you can also consider consulting with a web application development company like Mobulous.