Monday, July 26, 2021
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YouPick: Helping you to find the perfect places to Eat, Drink, & Explore

These days, Dinning out became a new kind of pastime and an opportunity to diversify your life or have quality time. The number of different restaurants or eateries are growing each day. So, it...
Get Fit

GetFit: From 0 to 5k running within eight weeks

Mobulous, India keep creating new apps in the market for their clients all across the globe. We have recently launched a fitness app, 'GetFit,' for one of our clients. The app has everything users...
zimble app

Zimble – An interesting platform to teach your children about financial management

As we all know, the demand for mobile apps is enormous and is still escalating. People use numerous mobile apps for their different works. From entertainment to buying groceries, there are multiple apps for...
Self musing

Self Musing: Get all SSR’s Musings and Wishes Within the App

What if you get every detail of your favourite star in an app on your smartphone? Well, people will be undoubtedly going to love such apps. Mobulous company's recently created app 'Self Musing' is one...

PantryMeals: An amazing platform for Foodies and Chef Enthusiasts

No wonder cooking is indeed a beautiful process. For some people, it can be a hobby, or for other people, it can be a part of their daily routine. No matter what people's relationship...
Fan Millionaire

Fans Millionaire: A fantastic platform to connect with their favorite Hollywood & Bollywood Stars

We all grew up watching Hollywood & Bollywood movies. Right? We all have that one idol whom we follow and adore. Fans love to connect with their favorite stars they follow. For that, we...
Tube Deliveries

Tube Deliveries: Get your Food Delivered via Tube While Watching YouTube

As we all know, Mobulous, India, always develops exciting and unique mobile apps for their clients. Our team has recently created a stunning on-demand food & grocery delivery app' Tube Deliveries'' for one of...

PaginAzul & PaginAzul Pro: A host of services under one roof

Are you looking for a host of services under one roof? Well! Who isn't? Mobulous is thrilled and delighted to introduce the first service app ever developed – PaginAzul. Mobulous Technologies is excited to...
Linkmy park

LinkMyParking: A mobile-based smart parking solution at your fingertip

LinkMyParking is a car parking service app that brings users & parking operators together for seamless parking and ease of use for parking systems. It offers users and operators a contactless, paperless, and cashless...
E-Rx: The Prescriptions Hub

E-Rx: The Prescriptions Hub – Connect to the pharmacy providers in UAE

We are glad to announce that our mobile app development team has recently developed a fully functional, intuitive, and interactive app for one of our esteemed clients from UAE. Meet our newly developed app,...

Mobile Applications

Top Mobile App Developers Kuwait

Healthcare Policies Solution is LIVE | Top App Developers Kuwait

Top App Developers Kuwait Top App Developers Kuwait . Our Developed App Qualititian is Live. App developed by Mobulous for a Kuwait  Client. Qualititian is a...
Journal App

Journal App | Case Study