StreetTak: A Social Connect App to Express Yourself Fearlessly or Without Being Censored


In the modern era, there is an app for almost everything. Do you miss the time when people used to express their freedom and speak freely on the street; now, the same time has come again with the invention of the StreetTak app.

We are excited to reveal to you our newly launched mobile apps – StreetTak – the result of many hours of research and development of the Mobulous team. StreetTak is a fantastic app that offers users a platform to participate in a public conversation and express their views without any fear. The app has numerous exciting features for users.

If you want to know more about our app, this article is definitely for you.

IntroductionStreetTak App:

‘StreetTak’ is one of the top mobile apps available on both major platforms, including iOS and Android. The app opens a great opportunity via a platform where people can participate in a public conversation and speak freely and express their freedom of speech in safety without the fear of being de-platformed, criticized, or bullied.

Whether you want to talk about politics, sports, current affairs, and entertainment matters, you can express your views openly to StreetTalk.

Additionally, you can get current news about politics, sports, and entertainment content in real-time.

The app also allows you to create a group where you can connect with like-minded users and build your community.

What’s the mission of creating the StreetTak App?

StreetTak App is created with the mission of providing users a safe platform where they express themselves in a feed and make use of the power of their followers to form a collective bargaining power to purchase products in GroupBuy.

Users of all groups can participate in a public conversation and speak freely without any fear.

There are two tabs included in the app: the Streettak tab and the Vendor tab. The Streettak tab posts about politics, sport, news, ads, and entertainment. And, the Vendor tab includes posts about ads, games, company info, and new product details.

Benefits of the StreetTak App-

The app is dedicated to enhancing the user’s experience by offering plenty of opportunities to engage with users in an exciting and safe online social feed and e-commerce environment:

  • The app allows users a safe online platform where users can express themselves freely in a feed.
  • The app will enable users essential information in real-time.
  • You can create a group and chat via text with more than one user.
  • You can discuss new topics and learn new things daily.
  • You can click on a user’s image to visit their profile.
  • The latest news around the globe is automatically filled in every 10 mins to your news tab. You can update yourself and boost your knowledge.

Features That We Have Integrated into The StreetTak App:

  • Create Your Profile Street tak registration

Users can create their profiles according to their choice. They can customize their profile with a curved photo header, bio, and location. They can also integrate their social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to quickly log in to the app.

With the customized profile, they can attract giant users.

  • Post and Connect  Street tak Post n connect

Users can connect with users all across the globe. They can follow users and discuss the latest news in various fields such as politics, sports, news, entertainment, and many more. They can post a URL link too.

  • Engage FreelyStreet Tak engage Freely

Users can choose the desirable topic freely and safely without censorship.

  • News InstantlyStreet tak News Instantly

All the latest news around the globe will come automatically every 10 minutes for users.

  • Chat

The app allows users to talk to their friends or followers via text. They can exchange messages in real-time.

Additionally, they can create a group where they can connect with like-minded users and build their community.

  • Easily Share InformationStreet tak Share Information 1

Users can quickly share the posts, Ads, games, company info, and new product details in the vendor tab.

Some Additional Features:

  • Stay Informed

In the StreetTak tab, users can update themselves with all the latest news of politics, sports, current affairs, entertainment, etc.

  • Community

The app offers users a unique and innovative way to connect on different topics. They can create a community and discuss their views and learn new things.

  • Shop For Deals

Shop For Deals is also an upcoming feature of the app. This feature will allow users to purchase products at a discount in the GroupBuy Marketplace.

  • Group Buy Market

Group buy Market is an upcoming top feature of the app. This feature will allow an e-commerce platform for users where they can get discounts together with their followers.

How To Install and Use The ‘StreetTak’ Mobile App?

Users can get the service of the ‘StreetTak’ app on both of the major platforms, including iOS and Android, on their smartphones. They can easily download the app by following the steps we have mentioned below:

  • The users need to go to App Store & Google Play Store on their smartphone and search.
  • Once users find the ‘StreetTak’ app on their app, they need to click on the install button.
  • Now, users need to wait for a few seconds to install the app.
  • Once the app is installed, users can find the app on their home screen.
  • Now users are ready to use the App. They can Sign up to create their account and enjoy the service.

Meet the Company that builds the ‘StreetTak’ Mobile App:

‘StreetTak’ is a great blessing for those users who always wanted a platform to participate in a public conversation and express their views without the fear of being de-platformed, criticized, or bullied.

The app offers a fantastic experience to users. The app has gained giant users from all across the globe because of its easy-to-use interface.

If you also want to create an app like ‘StreetTak’ or have some fantastic app ideas for your startup, you are in the right place. Mobulous is a leading mobile app development company in India, with expertise in creating feature-rich, robust, and user-friendly apps for users all across the globe.

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