How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Flight Booking Mobile App- A Complete Guideline?

Cost develop flight booking app

In the digital era, flight booking app development is the latest sensation. The days are gone when people had to stand in a long queue to book a flight ticket. With the launch of flight booking app development, booking a flight ticket has become super handy for the users. The flight booking app allows people to travel all across the world easily. According to the report, In the USA, only 20% of adults prefer booking flights offline, while 80% prefer flight booking engines.

Those in the travel booking business are always trying their best to provide their potential users a fantastic experience, and that’s why online booking in the travel industry is so much in demand.

Market Stats About Flight Booking App- 

  • If we believe the report, social media sites, including Instagram and Facebook, are the significant sources for travel inspiration for 28% of people.
  • Another report states that 27% of the users find it more convenient to use a mobile app for booking their flight tickets.
  • Another report states that the travel companies that have their apps get 3/5th of the booking through mobile devices.

These stats clearly suggest flight booking app development is one of the most profitable sectors. If you are planning to invest in flight booking app development, it will be a wise decision.

The expectation of Customers from a Flight Booking App-

No wonder every user wants an app that can provide them, time-saving and best deals at minimum cost. Let’s see what customer more wants to have in their flight booking app.

  • Hassle-free cancellation policy with a quick refund.
  • Best deals at an affordable price.
  • Complete details of the flight.
  • Straightforward online payment
  • Get the direct flights at the time they expect.

What Flight Booking Mobile App can help Users?

 An online flight booking app allows users to plan a seamless trip and book their tickets online remotely. These apps help users to organize their trips most efficiently and cost-effectively. Let’s know some of the critical benefits of a flight booking mobile app.

  • Easy to book tickets-

These apps have an easy user interface as they are mainly created for tablets and mobile phones. Users can book a flight ticket in the fastest and easiest way.

  • Early Check-Ins-

The early check-ins feature in the flight booking app helps users save a great time. They don’t need to stand in a long queue for performing formalities and verifying the essential documents. These apps do all such jobs virtually for the users.

  • 24*7 Booking Availability and customer support- 

Another benefit that users can get from a flight booking app is allowing an all-day ticket booking facility.

These apps offer customer support to make the flight booking process more manageable and smooth. If users face any issues during the flight booking process, they can contact the customer support team.

  • Saves time-

Earlier people had to waste so much time booking a flight ticket as the traditional flight booking system was complicated and demanded a lot of time. However, with the arrival of flight booking apps, everything has changed. Users can now book their flights from anywhere, at any time, and with much ease.

  • Changes and Cancelation-

The best service that the flight booking app allows its users is to easily change the flights or cancel just by a few taps on their smartphone through online ticket booking apps.

  • Easy Refund with the Cancelation-

The flight booking app allows easy refunds if users have to cancel their flights due to any reason. This saves user’s huge amount of money. Factors affecting the cost of the flight booking app development: Some of the top factors that affect the cost of flight booking app development are as follows:

Features to Integrate into a Flight Booking App-

The cost to build a flight booking app mainly depends on the features you want to integrate. The flight booking apps include two sides- the customer side panel and the admin side panel. You need to check all the features of a flight booking app carefully.

Customer Panel Features

It is essential that you must include the best features and user-friendly UI design in a customer panel app:

  • Social Login or Sign Up
  • Flight Schedules
  • Flight Booking
  • Frequent Flyer
  • Booking Status
  • Flight Status
  • Check-In
  • Ratings and Reviews

Admin Panel Features

  • Multilingual Support
  • Offer Management
  • Chatbot
  • Information Management
  •  Customer Support
  • View Searches
  • Manage Booking

Factors Affecting the Cost to Build Flight Booking App Development:

Some of the top factors that affect the cost to build flight booking app development are as follows:

  • The Design of the Application.
  • The Platform of the Application.
  • The Dynamic Functionality of the app.
  • The App developers or mobile app development team that creates the app.
  • The mobile wallet features integration to the app.

Estimation of Cost to Build A Flight Booking App-

If we calculate the cost to build a flight booking app based on the features, the total time required to build a flight booking app is around 1000 hours. And, the average cost to create an app is about $50 to $100/hour.

Hence, we can conclude that the total cost to create a flight booking app development can range from $50,000 to $100,000.

Final words:

Flight booking app development is a new strain that has gained huge users all across the globe. The cost to build a flight booking app depends on the list of advanced features you want to integrate into your app.

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