Top 4 Mandatory Elements of Taxi Booking App

Taxi Booking App development

No doubt, developing a taxi booking app like Uber is definitely a billion-dollar idea. Uber app idea not only opened the doors for the much-dead taxi industry, but the concept of building taxi apps changed how the world hails a taxi. Before the invention of taxi apps, getting a taxi or cab to take you to one place to another, especially the airport, was a repellent gamble for people that could easily result in a missed flight. Taxi app development solutions have given the way of convenience to the customers to book a cab online from anywhere to everywhere. After Uber, the demand for taxi apps greatly exceeded, and this is the right time for the taxi industry to avail smartphone users with a comprehensive cab booking app. It enables the users to access convenient taxis within the realms of their fingertips.

In this emerging technology world, Mobile apps have become a significant part of our lives, and Mobile app development companies are playing a vital role in catering to the needs of smartphone users. By providing an interactive & feature-rich taxi app development solution to the users, you can turn your business to the new heights. Taxi apps service saves time & cost by yielding user-friendly apps to the users on their mobile phones.

How do taxi apps work?

There was a time when it was difficult for users to book a taxi ride from anywhere. But after the launch of the full-fledge mobile taxi app, this issue was solved entirely, and now passengers can book the cab easily. Booking a taxi app is very simple and easy to use. All they need to do is request the ride through their smartphones, and drivers accept the ride. In the meantime, you will get a time-frame for arrival of the taxi at your location, and then the cab reaches well at the given time.

But the taxi app is not limited to this only as there are various other features that go a long way towards making your interface and app better. To make you understand how to develop a taxi booking app, we have curated the top 4 mandatory features that you must consider while developing a taxi app solution.

Main Competitors in the Taxi Industry:

  • UBER
  • LYFT
  • GRAB

4 Mandatory Features of Taxi App Development

GPS Enabled Maps to share location: One of the essential devices for drivers that runs the taxi app comes along with GPS-enabled maps, allowing them to share the location. The shared location helps the users to track and get the exact location of where their booked taxis are. You can track down the taxi’s location even after the ride continues because the device works continuously inside a cab by the driver. The in-app Google Map must be integrated for location sharing, allowing both the entities to discover each other’s location.Taxi Booking App

Payment options: Once the trip is completed and reaching the desired destination, the payment activity is undertaken by the passenger and driver. Both the passenger and driver hold the right to mark a ride ‘completed’. When the passenger mark on the completed ride, they are availed with no. of payment options to choose from. There are various options from where payment can be made, such as Cash, E-Wallet, and Online Banking.

Chat option: Chat option should be integrated on the application so that passengers can chat with the drivers in case of trigger any additional interrogation or query or locating the exact address. When passengers pushed the ride request to the driver, they are enabled to chat with the driver.

This chat function can be used as a personal pickup notification from the driver’s end. And it can be used in informing the driver about drop-off location so that things can go rightly in a perfect manner without any hassle.

Ride information: With the ride information feature, passengers can look at the details about the driver, driver’s ratings, car number, and car model. This system will help the passenger to know more about the driver and car.

Passenger can also share this information with their loved ones over social media to inform them about the journey so that in case any problem occurs, his/her friend can use the information.

Final Words

The ride-hailing & taxi segment in the USA amounts to US$67,470m in 2020, and the revenue is expected to grow an annual growth rate of 2.0%, resulting in a market volume of US$75,037m by 2024. The current User penetration is 21.4% in 2020 and expected to hit 22.5% by 2024.

If you are planning to build an app like Uber, then make your app idea in the cab booking arena more impactful by integrating the above features in your cab booking app. Are you looking for a mobile app development company for your app project? Share your app idea with us today, and we are here to aid you in providing the best app solution and service.

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