Transport Solution for Schools | UI Case Study

Transport Solution
This app is very much helpful for parents to track their kids while travelling from Home to School and School to Home. Parents will add their kid’s information into the app and will also be able to edit and add more kids into this later. Parents can view the transport details like transport company name, address, transport contact number, driver name and driver’s contact number. They can contact transport company and driver in case of any emergency. Parents can easily track their kids on google map while travelling from Home to School and School to Home. Also, they will receive notification, SMS and call for every activity like when the bus is about to reach the pickup or drop location, when their kids will reach home or school, in case of any emergency etc. In driver flow, drivers will select their bus from the list and then select the zone and sub-zone. Based on zone and sub-zone, he will see the list of students. A route will be created and as per the route driver will pick up or drop the students. He will see the student’s location on map and can easily reach their location after tracking on google map. After pickup and drop, driver will change the status to check-in or check-out and a notification will have sent to the parents about this.