Truup | Video Editor and Effects| Case Study

Truup is India’s first creative video community where you create, watch & share short videos in a fun & easy way. You can showcase your creativity and talents to our entire community by making beems and posting them to a category. What is a beem you ask? A beam is a 10-second video that you create on our app by attaching shorter video clips together to make one video. We have also built an awesome in app editor to make your beems even cooler. Truup has a category for everyone, these are as follows:
1. Comedy 6. Random
2. Music ( Coming Soon )
3. Dance ( Coming Soon )
4. Animals ( Coming Soon )
5. Food ( Coming Soon )
Pls note that some of our categories are locked and will open after a short period of time. We will also be adding a lot more categories as our community grows. Don’t forget to check out challenges going on every week. Anybody can participate in our challenges by creating a beem and posting it for a challenge. The most liked beems from every challenge win prizes