Analysing the Big Question: Cost to Develop Software Application

Cost to Develop Software Application

The cost involved in the development of software is always of great importance. But simultaneously, it’s the most undecided point. Nine out of ten leads contacting Mobulous or any other firm fancy to know the definite cost for the development in the first contact.

Mobulous understand what they seek and expect. Hence, we always give a rough estimation, but in actuality, initial estimations are may differ from the final price. This is because development cost evaluation is a complex process requiring a thorough understanding of all project demands.

Pricing models

Cost to develop software application

Partly software development price depends on the pricing model used. The pricing model is a representation that determines how a company charges money for the service. Usually, software companies adopt three pricing models:

• The fixed price model – the predefined scope of work and budget. This pricing model cannot be amended and ensures that a project is delivered within a specific time frame and budget.

• Time & material price model – Money is charged by the amount of work completed. Hence when a client chooses to enhance functionality, the budget automatically increases. This price model is approximate and changes as per the workload.

• The milestone model – Payments is set and made after a predefined milestone. The entire project is segregated into milestones and client makes payments on the amount of time spent on every piece of work.

Clients often opt for the fixed price model considering it as cheaper than other models. But it might be more costly than time & material because a company may include all possible risks up to 50% in estimation to protect oneself from unexpected costs.

However, a pricing model will profoundly rely on project type. For instance, a fixed price model is best for smaller projects like MVP with restricted features and clear demands. Time&material model suits for long-term projects that have shifting requirements. Finally, the milestone model can be beneficial for the contractor and client with a good connection.

Factors That Determine App Development Cost

As mentioned earlier in this article, there is no definite answer to “how much does it cost to develop a software app?” because the price can vary based on several cost factors, such as:

  • The Project type (on-demand, social, e-commerce, real estate, healthcare, etc.)
  • Type of developers you choose (freelancers, IT agency)
  • Location (prices differ in every country)
  • Rate Offered
  • Quantity and complexity of the features
  • Number of platforms (iOS, Android, web)
  • Design complexity (basic, custom, use of animations)

Freelancers vs. App Development Agency

The two main classes of vendors to get your app developers are freelancers and agencies. Freelancers come with the following advantages:

  • Budget app development
  • Regular communication but only with the developer
  • At the same time, the risks include:
  • Find the right freelancers for all needed services is quite a task
  • Lower quality of services
  • Confined accountability and less transparency
  • Team management on your side
  • Additional paperwork

Professional app development necessitates teamwork and people who have prior experience and knowledge on the same project. Considering this, choosing an app development company will empower you with the following benefits:

  • Trustworthy relations
  • Quality of deliverables
  • All required services available under one roof
  • Schedule and discipline
  • Project management
  • Accountability

It has its own set of disadvantages as well:

  • Higher rates
  • More authority

App development companies deliver a rich quality project that matches your expectations and beyond and provide a sense of security and trust that is worth the price.Cost to develop software application

The overall experience of cooperation with freelancers and agencies can be summarized in the table below:

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