Critical features of food and recipes mobile app development

food and recipes mobile app development

Gone are the days when mom used to look for a recipe or cookbook for cooking any delicious food. These days, most people use Food and recipe mobile apps to learn to cook delicious food. These apps help users in numerous ways. These apps provide users with all the needed instructions to make a homemade meal or a weekend special to raise their stature as a chef.

Why should you invest in Food & recipes mobile app development?

According to the report, food and recipe platforms have approximately the market share of 22,755800 people that come from different nations, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, India, Australia, Ireland, Pakistan, Philippines, and many more. Mostly these users are of the age group of 18 and older. People have used various mediums, like Google search, YouTube, Facebook, Mobile apps, to search for Food apps.

These stats clearly show that the demand for food & recipes mobile apps is so much in demand worldwide. Hence, you must invest in food & recipes mobile app development.

What are the top features that you must include in your food & recipes mobile apps?

Here are the top features that you must include in your Food & recipes mobile app to make your app stand out among other competitors:

User side features:

• Video tutorial

Video tutorial is an impressive feature that you must include in your app to attract many customers. A video tutorial feature helps to explain the cooking procedure entirely to the users. Moreover, it encourages users to feel the recipe and show them how the meal would look once it is finished.

• Ingredients quantity calculate

Ingredients quantity calculator is another exciting feature that you shouldn’t miss in your app. This feature helps users, mostly amateurs, learn how much quantity requires making a meal for a specific number of people. Additionally, this feature lets users use only the required quantity of ingredients and minimize wastage.

• Social sharing

These days, everyone is so much crazy over social media platforms. They all want to be famous and get recognition. Hence, you must include social media sharing features so that users can share their Food online with their relatives and friends and get the recognition they want.

• Plan out the meals

The feature allows users to plan out the meal ahead of the week so that users can plan their meals and choose the recipe they will use.

• Read blogs

Read blogs feature allows users to get insightful food blogs about delicious recipes and multiple cuisines. With this feature, users can read the blogs of all the famous chefs all across the globe.

• Alert and notification

Alert and notification are essential features to attract the attention of the users. With this feature, users can get notifications whenever a new recipe is added to the app, unique offers, coupons for their favourite eateries, discounts, and many more.

Admin side features:

• Manage community

The app’s admin can delete the comments that spread negativity, hurt anyone’s religious faith, or break the rules. You will have the right to delete the harmful content and block the user.

• Manage recipe and subscription package

With the admin panel, you can see and manage the recipe and subscription package.

• Upload E-magazines

Admin is allowed to upload the latest e-magazine regarding Food and recipes on the food recipe mobile app.

• Manage payments

The feature allows the admin to manage the users’ payment for the subscription, nearby grocery store, and so on.

Final words

No wonder the market for the recipe and food app is so much trending among users. A large number of foodies are looking for a different way of cooking food. If you want to create a food & recipe app for your start-ups, it would be a wise decision. Creating a mobile app is a vast task and involves a lot of complications.

Hence, it is essential that you must choose the right Mobile app development company to get the app development. Ensure the firm must have a good standing in the app development market arena and have an outstanding mobile app developer team. Mobulous is a leading top mobile app development all across the globe that has expertise in creating mobile apps in all the domains, including grocery, food recipe, healthcare, and many more. Do contact us now for more information.

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