How to Develop a Customer Experience Led RoadMap?

Create a Customer Experience Led Strategy

The customer is always right.” Harry Gordon Selfridge”

One of the most notable quotes in industry and the essence of the sentiment remains true today and has always been. The only difference presently is how to deliver it, because of the rapidly developing digital ecosystem is creating a revolutionary shift in customer behavior. This, in turn, defies the way organizations are working to deliver the type of experience customer needs and deserve.

A framework strategy to design and deliver a customer experience-led strategy

A clear customer experience-led roadmap is a significant strategic success determinant within our broader digital change framework (shown below). This framework gives an outline to triumphantly achieve business change from a 360-degree aspect, enabling you to grow the right vision, structure, methods, and means to change.Create a Customer Experience Led Strategy

The key factors approached as part of the customer-led experience methodology are:

• Emerging as a customer-centric design, producing an end-to-end customer experience from the full purchase to usage cycle.

• Creating relevant, personalised, and insight-driven experiences. And following a model of: information > conversion > upsell> cross-sell > support.

• Bringing improvements to your business model, to prioritise and roadmap for the benefits of both the parties.

• Being conscious of the ‘business structure/capabilities’ you require to improve to drive and sustain such a cultural and business transformation. Our approach follows a clear route of logical steps allowing a business to collect the best insight, deliver informed decisions, and generate and execute the appropriate, flexible change plan.

Create a Customer Experience Led Strategy

Which translates to this detailed, end-to-end, approach:

A. Planning phase

Create a Customer Experience Led Strategy

Upfront is the want to implant the delivery control of the drive, supporting investment, expectations, and time administration. A precise project plan is generated where the detailed activity is known and chalked out. You require to treat the plan with all the precision you would do for an IT project.

Working on all the progress needed, against the methodology, and who is going to do them. From tough actions, like who is handling the insight analysis to who is the first communicator? The solution to this to choose the right people from the ‘think team’.

You may also require to work on the types of insight that makes sense, and to observe it from different viewpoints; even though it is a customer experience-led strategy, you can’t get away from the essentials of the company or disregard what the competition is accomplishing.

What you are doing for the consumers should always be appropriate for their needs and means that sets you apart from the competition, but it needs to be relevant, attainable, and satisfactory for the company’s business paradigm. Finally, you need to engage regularly and communicate with the core team. You need to cultivate buy-in’s during the process – because it is inescapably going to shift into a change management operation.

B. Data, Insight, and Measures phase

Create a Customer Experience Led Strategy

The result of this phase will enable you to develop a very sunny picture of how things are now, to focus and work on what’s needed for the change. Are you making the correct move? Do you have a distinct differentiation point within the brand in comparison to your competitors? Moreover, are you answering your customer wants and positioning rightly?

You do this by collecting existing insights in a variety of ways and finding gaps with the development of the research brief. These can include:

• Insight conferences/current sources

• Auditing the current customer experience

• Learning new and current prevailing customer’s needs

• Competitor reviews and determinants

• Non-rival benchmark

• Performance figures – KPI’s

• Operational context

C. Analysis & strategy development phase

Create a Customer Experience Led Strategy

Next, is the need to create an analysis framework and design a comprehensive customer-journey map utilising the outputs and insights gathered. The analysis will enable you to generate a 360-degree perspective knowledge of the trending customer experience now.

Then you can view your core business goals and ‘target strategic customer experience’ you can begin to analyse and differentiate two points – your immediate future target and where you stand today. Providing you with the ‘delta’ – a set of actions in the business processes that needs a shift.

This is about advancing a suitable strategy to bridge the gap, between your consumers and business, taking into consideration the business model demands and what is feasible.You will seemingly also need to modify some of the business models or strategies. You need to speculate the organisational structure, the delivery process and the technology platform type. To recap:

• Be clear about your core business objectives.

Conduct a CX Review – current experience against your customer experience and business model needs.

• Discovering the ‘best practice for target strategic customer experience’; a “benchmark” customer journey roadmap.

• Looking at today vs tomorrow – to learn the delta with this gap, you can value and prioritize the research reports and a road-map built for jams and innovations.

You can either do it swiftly or in strategic phases. For example, you would perform your current product ‘fixes’ first, then move on with the ‘enhancements’. Including not only the ‘Customer flow and traits/proposition details’, but also recognising shifts in the business framework.

• Analysis of the cost-benefit

• Recommendations per realm and consumer/device types

• Operational shift

• Roadmap

• Budget

D. Communication & execution phase

Create a Customer Experience Led Strategy

After building your approach and roadmap, the communication to the business is crucial, as with any change plan. You need to start socializing it into the two principal groups; to the senior unit to give their ideas and suggestions and secondly the ‘fix group’ who are going to execute it. Ideally, a part of the ‘think’ team should be a part of the execution team to have consistency.

Now you need a comprehensive accomplishment performance map, authorities, and communication to make it a practice. Effective communication is unquestionably deciding to make it work. And with all in the right place, you are ready to make significant changes in the right method.

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