Essential things to know to become a full-Stack developer?


If you are in the field of website development, then you might have heard about a full-stack developer. Being a full-stack developer is one of the hottest topics among all the developer. According to the stack overflow 2016 developer survey, full stack developer is the most popular occupation. In this article, we will briefly discuss how you can become a developer of the entire stack and many more.

A full-stack developer is someone who is a technology expert of the front end & back end of any application. He must have knowledge about each layer of a 3 tier model. The three-tiers is consist of 3 layers that is the presentation layer, the business layer, and the database layer. He can handle all the parts and processes of web development that mostly includes databases, client, designs, and so on.

What are the duties/responsibilities of a full stack developer?

Here, are the following duties/responsibilities of a full stack developer:

  • The full-stack developer helps to maintain every part of the system and keep them running correctly.
  • They provide help to each member of the team that minimizes time and cost.
  • They develop front-end website architecture.
  • They help to design and maintain APIs.
  • They work with a graphic designer for web design features.

What are the skills required to be a full stack developer?

Here, are the following essential skills required to be a full-stack developer:full-Stack-developer

Front end development: There must be complete knowledge of front end development to be a full stack developer as it deals with the application parts that the users can directly interact with. In today’s times, the success of product/service does not just depend on its features, but also on the user experience too. The leading technologies required for front end development are HTML5, JAVASCRIPT, CSS, and third-party libraries such as XQuery, Reactjs, Angular, and so on.

Back-end development: A full stack developer must have excellent skills on back end development it handles the database operations, application logic, etc. to be in the master of back end development, a full stack developer must be familiar with the numerous languages such as Java, Python, Nodejs, PHP, Ruby and soon. These languages play a crucial role in back end development. Different languages require according to a different project so, a full stack developer must-have pieces of knowledge of all these languages.

Database and server management: As we all know that data is so much crucial to maintain an application. It is compulsory for any project to store and access the data. To be a full-stack developer, it is expected from you to have at least knowledge of one database. You need to know the divide between Relational and Nosily Databases as it is essential to know in which situation which database would be useful. Some of the accessible databases are MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, varnish, oracle, and so on.

Programming language: To become a full-stack developer, there must be a great need to know the numerous programming languages such as PHP, Python, and C # and soon as almost business processes require to be coded in this programming language. You can need any communication at any time, so you need to know all these languages. Also, you must be efficient enough in designing, implementing, and a testing project that is created on one or more programming language.

Personality traits: To be a full stack development, there are certain personality traits that you must possess in yourself. These personality traits include good communication skill, eager to learn new things, open-minded, creativity skills, time management skill, and global thinking, etc.


Being a full-stack developer cannot be performed overnight. It is not an overnight work that any developer can achieve easily. It takes a lot of extra time and efforts to learn all the requisite skills. So, it is necessary to have the patience to become a full-stack developer.

To become a great full-stack developer, you require strong base technical knowledge and skills, reinforcing your core abilities, be ready and prepared yourself to face the difficulties, keep learning, and explore your skills & technical knowledge. And the last and the most important thing is to have knowledge of the latest trends and technologies and be up-to-date with recent technology.
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