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Technology has made our daily activities easier; buying things and services is now has become very easy with the help e-commerce applications. This type of application helps the businesses to speed up the buying process as well as save time for customers. E-commerce itself showcases its meaning, that is electronic commerce which helps the businesses to sell their goods and services easily. Your business is just a step away from reaching the heights and the step is a well-developed e-commerce application. All you need to do is discover the best Ecommerce App Development Company in the era for your business. The e-commerce is helping the businesses to grow with the unmatchable speed.

E-commerce apps are developed for both the platforms that is iOS as well as Android; hence we use Java as well as swift to deliver the applications. The E-commerce applications are made in a completely secure environment as it contains payment gateway feature. A single application goes through multiple milestones to become a superb final product. It is made sure that the application is less prone to bugs and glitches. The E-commerce applications are divided into two categories, that is an app which is dedicated to buyers and the other one which is dedicated to sellers.

Specifications of Buyer app

Signup/Registration process: The registration process of the app is simpler as the users can also signup with the help of social media integration.

Verification: The users need to verify their registered number for the security purpose. One time password is generated for the verification procedure. Once you put the OTP in the dedicated block, your account will be activated.

Home: The buyers can check the whole lot of things they need to buy as all are listed. Moreover, the buyers can also search the item they need manually.

Quotes from the company: Here, the buyers can get the price quote from the particular company they are availing the goods. The users can accept or decline the quote as per their convenience.

Product Specification: Buyers can also check the specification of the products they have chosen.

Seller Request: Here, the buyers can see the request of sellers for the sale of specified products.

My Requested Quotes: It showcases the quotes which are requested by the sellers.

 My order: It will showcase the list of all the ordered items.

Notifications: Here, you will get the notification of all the related activities.

Setting: Setting is further divided into three options that are updating profile, changing the password, and turning on and off for notifications.

My Profile: People can update their profile by adding their name, contact number, email id, address, as well as put up their profile picture.

Change Password: The users can also change the password, all they need to is put their old password and then put the one they need to create as the password. Users can even change the password if they have forgotten the old one with the help of OTP.

Feedbacks: The buyers can check the feedback of others as well as put up their Ecommerce App Development Company

Specifications of Seller app

Registration: The seller has to register their firm with the app to continue the procedure.

Home: It will showcase the list of the product demand of the buyers.

My Quotes: It showcases the quotes of the products they have availability.

My Orders: It will display all the orders to the seller from the buyers.

Setting: Setting comprises the options like updating profile, changing the password, as well as turning on and off notifications.

About Us: It shows the details about the app.

Terms and Conditions: It will represent all the terms and conditions mandatory in the buying and selling process.

Log Out: Users can log out anytime.

Business Analytics

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