Selah: an App to Take Your Event Management Business to the Heights

Selah app

Mobulous has developed the Selah which is live now. Selah is basically an app where you can know about the events happening in a place; moreover, you can book the event or can also organize the event. The client for whom we have developed Selah is a UAE based client.

What is Selah all about?

Selah is the app that is helping people to know about any type of events and if people wish then they can buy the tickets for the event they want to witness. The organizers can also register their events to be in the limelight. Events are tending these days and taking its business online can help your business to get the scintillating future. The app is available in both languages that are English as well as Arabic.

Know the Specifications

  • Registration:

When your clients will get registered with the app, they will land to the page which will showcase the map.Selah app

  • List View:

The options list view can help people to know about the events. Moreover, you can sort or filter your search by alphabetic order, price range, category, distance, organizer name or even event name. People can tap anywhere on the map and can know about the event ensuing in any particular place. Moreover, they can search the event by event name, type or location.Selah app

  • My Events:

In the option My Events, people will get the list of the events they have created and My Group will direct to the group they have created. They can even click on any event they have created which will show location, time period of the event, name of your organization and your sponsors. Then, you can find the description of the event as well as can also see live broadcast, gallery and event schedule. People can also comment also and can check the details of booked users too.Selah app

  • Profile:

The profile will show the booked tickets in the section My Tickets, plus people can check their membership in My Membership section and can add the events in which they are interested.Selah app

  • More:

People can explore more in the section namely more:

  1. Manage Organizations:

The option to manage organizations can help to make the changes and they can also create membership as per their wish. Moreover, can see the subscribed members.Selah app

  1. Manage Bank Detail:

People can manage bank details anytime.

  1. Manage Payment:

The option to manage payment will also show them their prior payments.

  1. Sub- Admin:

People can also manage sub-admin and can give them permission as per their wish.

  1. About Us:

People can check about the app in the About Us section.

  1. Contact Us:

For any query, people can go to the option contact us.

  • Group:

If people want to have words with their group they can send their message via notifications, SMS and Email ID. The app can direct the users easily which will help you to reach the heights.selah app

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Know about the team who worked hard to deliver such wonderful app:

A dedicated team who worked in the direction of the Project Manager who is the source of positivity and enthusiasm. The team consists of all well versed and hard-working members including UI developers, Backend Developers, Android Developers, and iOS developers who worked as a team to deliver the wonderful app development project.shelah app Analytics:

The competition in the Event Management Market is very high. Eventbee is a similar app to Silah which has a $17 M annual revenue. Such wonderful event management app can help you to get a large revenue. What are you waiting for? It is the time to not just think big but step in the direction for the scintillating feature of your business. Mobulous can help you in the best way to get the bug-free event management app.

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