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Fitviu app

These days, everybody is fitness enthusiast, hence people run towards gym to stay fit. There are many fitness centres in every location and offering a forum to all the fitness centres so that people can avail their services, act as a great business idea. Mobulous has all the talented techs in the team who are the part of such wonderful creation.


Fitviu is an app where users can find all the fitness centres and can book or get registered with fitness classes. Fitviu is developed for the client who is based on Kenya and contented with the fitviu. In this digital world, the app developed by us can act as a booster for your business. It is basically on-demand fitness application offering access to trainers, gyms, group classes and nutrition as per the schedule of users. Fitviu is divided into two parts; namely for users and service providers.

Specification of Fitviu for users

Registration: Firstly, user needs to get registered with the app which includes some personal details.

Home page: Home page of the app directs the users to Browse gyms, group classes, trainers and nutritionist available at that time.Fitviu User HomeMy Booking: This page will show the details of your fitness classes that are On-going, Upcoming, and the classes that users have already attended.Fitviu MybookingMap View: People can explore the gyms and fitness centres just by taping on the map in their preferred region; moreover, can also search manually.Fitviu mapNotification: Users will be notified about all the activities done by him/her.

More: This page will direct the users to some crucial pages, that are mentioned below.

  • User Profile: Users can update their profile.
  • My Payment: Users can pay with the help of different payment gateway methods.

Fitviu Payment

  • My Wallet: The app has its wallet so that users can keep their money on it.
  • My Pass: It contains the pass that will help users to avail discount. Additionally, the app details contain QR code and the validity of the pass.

Fitviu Passes

  • Cancelation: From this page, users can cancel their booking.
  • Share: Users can share the app with their friends.
  • Support: Users can send their queries with the help of this page.
  • Privacy Policy: This page will showcase all your privacy and policy of the app.
  • Setting: In this page, people can enable or disable notification and even can change the password.

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Specification of Fitviu for Service Provider

Home: This page contains the schedule dedicated for the users by the service providers.Fitviu Service Provider

Services: In this page, service provider can add the services offered by them to the users. Services are like Trainers, Group Classes, and passes.

Passes: This page contains the passes offered by the service provider to the users. This page has the option of Scan QR Code.Fitviu Passes

Notification: Service providers will be notified every time they will receive booking from the users.

More: This page has many significant options that are mentioned below.

  • Profile: Service providers can update the details of their fitness club
  • Bank Details: Service providers can put their bank details; in the bank they want to receive payment.
  • Payment History: This option contains the history of the payments received.Fitviu Payment History
  • Privacy Policy: This page will review all your privacy and policy of the app.
  • Setting: In this page, people can change the password and can even enable or disable notification.

Appreciation to the people who made efforts

Surely, the team deserves appreciation who have created such wonderful app. The team worked under the direction of well versed Project manager. Along with project manager, the team has UI developers, Backend Developers, Android Developers, and iOS developers who are willing to deliver such wonderful project due to their hard work and knowledge.Fitviu teamAnalysis

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