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The taxi services app developed by us is live now; namely Tryp. The app is developed for the client based on TRINIDAD and TOBAG. You must have seen people depending on Uber or Ola to reach their destination, don’t you think that your taxi services can also grab the attention of people with the help of app? Tryp has stepped into the path of success by boarding the taxi service business online.

Getting Familiar with the Tryp

Tryp is basically taxi services offering application which is available for both iOS as well as android users so that it can help the client to get more people to avail their taxi services. The app has all the features which makes the app perfect  choice for your taxi service business. Tryp is further categorized between two parts; one is for the driver and the second one is for the customers. tryp app

Specification of Tryp for Drivers

  1. Firstly, the driver needs to create a profile in the app which includes the personal information of the driver along with the latest picture of the driver.
  2. Then, the driver needs to enable or disable the option of availability for the trips.
  3. Driver can see his past trips which were booked with the help of the app tryp.
  4. From the option My Payment, the driver can check all his payment and can also check the method of the payment.
  5. Driver can check the fare details from the option mentioned as per the location.
  6. The help section includes different options like sending email regarding any query, calling customer support section, FAQ option, can know about the Tryp and its privacy policy.

Whenever the customers books a taxi then the driver gets notified and can track the location of the app with the help of map.

tryp appWhat Driver Needs to Show for Verification?

Driver needs to show the valid driving license and basic personal information.

Specification of Tryp for Customers

  1. Customers can easily get registered with the app with some basic personal information.
  2. They can have a look on their all the journeys with Tryp in Tryp History section.
  3. The option Tryp payment allows the customers to choose their payment method.
  4. Customers can know the fare in the option Tryp rate which differs as per the different car type.
  5. Customers can give their feedback regarding quality of car, driver, price and other things.
  6. Customers can invite their friends and can share the promo code; due to which customers can get 2 rides for free as a reward when their friends start riding.
  7. The notification option can help the customers to know the valid promocode.
  8. The customers can add the emergency contacts for the security purpose.tryp appApart from these specifications, customers need to simply add the pickup location and destination location. Customers can also book the cab by pinning up the location in the app. The cab of their choice with assigned driver can reach them once they confirm the booking. Moreover, the customers can know the estimate fare before confirming the booking.

tryp appThe app is also provided with the option to save some preferred locations like home, gym and office which makes the app more pleasing.

The cars are categorized according to the luxury offered, namely Coach, business and First.tryp app

Know about the people who made the efforts to develop such amazing app

The app is developed under the supervision of strong minded and experienced Project Manager. All hard working and determined UI developers, Backend Developers, Android Developers, and iOS developers worked as a team to deliver the amazing project. Once the app is completely developed then it is checked by the team of Quality Analysis to confirm that the app is bug-free.tryp appBenefits of Taking Your Taxi Service Business Online

  • Opportunity to Get Higher Visibility
  • Location Tracking of the Taxi in Real-Time
  • Gathering Valuable Data of the Passengers
  • Building the brand for your business
  • Checking the efficiency of the driver
  • Getting the feedback from the customers
  • Higher business growth.
Market Value of a Taxi Service App         

Uber is a leading name in the business of offering taxi services. Are you aware of the fact that revenues of Rs 533 crore for the year ended March 2018? Want to board your business to such heights too? Obviously, everybody wishes! Your wish is not enough, you need to take the right step. Step to choose the best Taxi service app development where glitch-free app can be developed. Mobulous can help you to board your taxi services business online.

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Planning any trip in TRINIDAD AND TOBAG? Choose the perfect blend of fun and comfort which is offered by the Tryp only.

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