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Mobile Application Development India

Mobile Application Development India

Mobile Application Development India. Our Developed App Journal: Dabbles: To involve oneself intermittently (on-and-off) is LIVE.

Mobile Application Development India

The app is developed for a USA based client and targets free users and premium members.

Brief About the App ( Mobile Application Development India | Mobulous)

With this app, you not only record your ideas, memories, and thoughts into a journal but also rate how important it is in your life and how much you like it. Organize and browse your journal entries based on these ratings.

You have the option to share your journal entries on social media and if you need some inspiration for topics to write about, the list of words most frequently used in journal entries will provide many ideas

Feature List ( Mobile Application Development India | Mobulous)

  • Login |Sign up via Social Media (Facebook, Google +, Email)
  • Creation of Journal entry i.e. easily via entering the Title, Date, Description, Add link, attached file. (option to add your personal mood to the Journal)
  • Timeline: To view different tiles as Journal entries which add in your timeline
  • Calendar view to manage your Journal and moods attached
  • Other Premium features like Ratings, History, Score Board and more can be easily purchased by in-App purchases.

Get Motivated Get Inspired try the Journal App Now( Mobile Application Development India | Mobulous)

Journal App is available on Google Play and the Promotional Web.

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