Snap Picture – A Perfect App For Photo Sharing And Creating Photo Book

‎Snap Picture- A Perfect Photo Sharing App And Creating Photo Book

There is a great craze of clicking pictures and uploading them on social media in today’s generation. As you all know, Mobulous, India, keeps bringing some innovative and exciting apps for its users. We are a top mobile app development company delivering exceptional products for our clients. Recently, we have created a photo book creating an app for one of our reputed Iraq-based clients.
So, you must be wondering what the Snap Picture app is all about? What’s new in the app? Lots of questions, here we have all your answers.

Introduction of Our Newly Launched App Snap Picture:

Snap picture is an app or online platform that is used to connect users and allow them to create photo albums. Users can select the images from their gallery and use them to create photo albums. They have the permission to choose a maximum of 100 photos at a time of size 5*7. Based on the number of pictures, they have to pay the charges. There are three different payment methods available in the app for users. They can use any one of them according to their preference to pay the costs of the delivery service of the album. Users can include their addresses to ensure the delivery of their photo album is done in the right place.
The app is available on both of the major platforms: Android and iOS

Features that we have integrated into the Snap Picture App:

    • Login or Hello Features

Hello feature photo sharing snap picture

The app has an easy login feature. With this feature, users can log in to the app by adding some of their personal information such as name, age, address, phone number, and so on.

    • Select Pictures

Select picture photo sharing app snap picture

After logging into the app, the next thing users can do is select pictures or videos from their gallery. They can choose a maximum of 100 photos from their gallery at a time of size 5*7 and create an album of their choice.

    • Create Customized Album

Create customised album photo sharing app snap picture feature

After selecting the images, users can create a customized album of their own. They will get the delivery of customized albums to their home.

    • Red Dots

Red Dots snap picture app feature

Another exciting feature in the app is the red dots. With this feature,
users can highlight the picture with red dots in the review photos. This feature helps users to identify the previously selected photos in their preceding album.

    • Add address

Add Address snap picture app feature an photo sharing app

After creating an album, the next thing users need to do is to add the address where they want the delivery of their photo album.
Additionally, They can add multiple addresses and select any one of them to get their package delivered.

    • Place Order

Place Order feature snap picutre app feature photo sharing app

After adding the address, users can place the order of their customized album. The order will directly shift to their desirable address.

    • Get Your Shipment

Get Shipment feature photo sharing app snap picture

We allow users to get the shipment of the delivery to their desirable address. Users can also track the status of their shipment easily.

    • Ease of Payments

Ease of Payment snap picture photo sharing app feature

The app has an easy payment gateway feature for users. The app offers three different payment options for users. The three-payment method includes Asia Hawala, MasterCard, and pays on delivery. Users can use any of the payment methods according to their convenience.

  • Stay in TouchStay in touch or push notification snap picture app feature

The Snap picture app has a stays in touch feature. With the stay in touch or push notification features, users get all the important announcements about the latest updates, delivery time, and many more.

How can Users Install And Use The Snap Picture App?

As we have already mentioned above, the Snap picture app is available on both of the major platforms: Android and iOS. The app is available only for the people of Iraq. To download the app, they need to do the following steps:

  • First, users need to go to Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play store on their smartphone and search for the Snap picture app.
  • After Finding the Snap picture app, users need to enter the install button.
  • After clicking on the install button, users need to wait for a few seconds to install the app.
  • After installing, users can get the app on their home screen.
  • Now, Finally, they can use the app.

Final Words:
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The users of both the platforms Android and iOS can easily download and use this app with the following links:

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