Machine Learning vs. Deep Learning in Mobile App Development: Understanding the Key Differences

deep learning vs machine learning in app development

Talking about the artificial intelligence domain, machine learning, and deep learning are basically two of the most common terms which are used. But, it is very important that you know the difference between each of them.

You should know one fact deep learning is basically the subset of machine learning. Further, both of these technologies are basically the subset of Artificial intelligence.

In the current time, AI has become the talk of the town as it helps in automating the tasks which are done by humans.

So, if you are looking to implement AI in the mobile app that you developing, then you should get in touch with an excellent mobile app development company.

Moreover, every company is looking to leverage AI power. This is done such that the revenue can be maximized.

The main idea behind artificial intelligence is basically to automate the tasks which human does. Further, come up intelligent machines which can learn easily without the intervention of humans.

So, basically, the point is to make the machine foolproof such that all the tasks can be performed easily, which needs human intelligence.

For instance, self-driving cars are basically the best example when it comes to artificial intelligence. They feed in the environment and safely drive without or with very little intervention of the human.

Talking about machine learning, it is basically the Artificial Intelligence subfield. An example to portray this is basically YouTube recommending you the videos.

They tend to have huge databases which can easily predict your likes and dislikes. But, it certainly has some limitations and this is where deep learning has come into the place.

Deep learning is basically the machine learning subfield that uses the artificial neural network. It tries to mimic in a similar manner how a brain tends to operate. Just like us, it also learns from the decisions which were made earlier.

So, in this blog, we would briefly about Deep learning and machine learning and perhaps the difference between each other. Let us have a look:-


Machine Learning – What it is?

Machine Learning

Machine learning as mentioned above is basically an artificial intelligence subset. It gives the machine the ability to learn without being programmed explicitly.

In this, the data is first feed into the machine. Moreover, the corresponding and input-output makes it very difficult for the initial data. So, this is basically known as data training. Thus, with the help of this data, predictive model is being built.

After this, it is utilized in predicting the output for the new input which is being given. So, the inputs which are used for model performance test is basically the test data.

Lastly, the prediction accuracy boils down to data quality such that the model can be trained further. So, a good android app development company can be your help if in case you want to use machine learning in your app.


Deep Learning – what it is?

Deep Learning

Deep learning is basically a subset of machine learning in which the inspiration is taken from the brain of the human.

It is basically used to build models or algorithms which can match with the brain of the human. Moreover, the algorithms of deep learning make use of artificial neural networks such that the data can be processed.

The artificial neural network basically works as a neuron for machine. After this, raw data is being input into multilayer neural network and thus all the computation is done thereafter.

It also helps out in feature engineering in which each input feature is adjusted as per the output.


Machine learning Vs. Deep learning

Machine Learning

Deep Learning

It is basically AI subfield that puts the emphasis on machine which can be learned easily without programming It is subfield of machine learning that makes use of machine which is based on the human brain through which complex AI problems can be mimicked.
Structured data is fed into the machine such that ML model is built Unstructured data is fed into a neural network
Models based on ML take very less time as per the small size of the data A lot of time is taken as a lot of data points are involved
The models of machine learning are easy to build. But, a lot of human interaction is taken such that predictions can be made better The models of deep learning are very difficult to build as complex neural networks are involved. But, the good part is that it involves self-learning.
Feature engineering is executed by humans Feature engineering is not required as neural networks tend to detect the features automatically
The goal is to produce an output very close to the expected output The goal basically is to process the human brain processing. In this way, the right output can be generated.
The results of ML models can be quite easy to explain Deep learning model results can be very difficult to explain. The reason is that it can very difficult to interpret multi-layered neural network output.
With ML models, you can expect great performance with regard to medium-sized and small datasets. Talking about the deep learning models, you can get good results if huge datasets are used
It has a wide range of applications which includes recommendation systems, fraud detection, and pattern recognition to name a few. Some of the applications of Deep learning include Image processing, customer support, computer vision, and natural language processing to name a few.


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Final Verdict

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