Outsourcing or Insourcing IT Business Solutions: Which one to opt for?

outsourcing or insourcing it business solutions


Insourcing vs. outsourcing comparison and analysis has become one of the most discussed topics today. These two techniques are pillars and methods of distributing the organization’s work for various strategic standpoints.

In order to choose the best for your company, to decide whether insourcing or outsourcing your services is best for you, it is important to first define your business objectives and what you want the most from Insourcing and Outsourcing. A poorly defined objective and glide path may lead to failure, even if you insource or outsourcing being.

Any organization’s control over operations and decision-making always differ in outsourcing and insourcing their operations and projects.

What is Insourcing?

Insourcing is a relatively new concept that has been backed as the best alternative and is opposite to outsourcing. It refers to delegating a project or a task to the in-house department by utilizing resources within the company, rather than to a third-party vendor to perform tasks and achieve strategized goal.

Insourcing is patterned on the decision to retain the core-competencies in-house for better clarity and command on the work assigned and control the critical production proficiencies. It often involves bringing specialists for specific needs on a temporary basis or by training existing employees to perform the tasks that would otherwise have been outsourced. Insourcing has become a trend in global business but comes with its set of challenges and benefits, pros and cons. Let’s dive into some of them.


• More control over decision making and critical production process

• Work closely with team members

• Increases flexibility and co-ordination


• Implementing a new process is Expensive

• Time-consuming for hiring and training

• Increased risk with a new operating model

• Unavailability of the latest technological stack

• Higher wages of in-house personnel

• Scalability and customization is a problem

What is Outsourcing?

Outsourcing is a business practice to use external service providers for delivery of services or job functions which could be a consultant, freelancer or outsourcing agency and companies to complete the task assigned.

In the IT world, an initiative of outsourcing services with a technology provider can involve a wide range of operations, from network services to software development, web development to mobile app development, from disaster recovery to QA testing, providing IT-enabled business processes, developers on hire, infrastructure solutions, and application service for business outcomes effectively. However, outsourcing just like insourcing comes with its own pros and cons with its challenges and benefits of outsourcing IT services:


• Reduce operation costs

• Accelerate time to market

• Expertise helps in risk reduction

• Capability of scaling is much easy

• Ramp up time to onboard is less

• No cost to training

• Specialized in the task

• Latest technological stack available

• Better use of internal resources


• Communication Barrier

• Lack of Control

• Varied company culture

• Disconnect between departments

Insourcing Vs Outsourcing

While outsourcing continues to nurture at a fast pace every year, a number of companies have relatively needed to insource their formerly outsourced services or a part of it. While insourcing allows more control and customizability, outsourcing tends to be more scalable and cost-effective.

Whether to Outsource or Insource needs many factors to consider and visited. There are a number of factors and ways to reach the decision. Your business could be doing well and you could still be considering outsourcing to cope up with volume. Or your business could be going through a financial dip, and you outsource as a tool for cutting down on costs.

Either way, the decision to whether insource or outsource is a game-changer and shouldn’t be taken lightly. There is a lot at stake with the sole decision and debate over outsourcing or insourcing. Your decision will affect the growth of your business. The right decision can save your company from going under.

While insourcing allows more control over operations and customizability, outsourcing tends to be more scalable and cost-effective.

Why does IT Outsourcing win over Insourcing?

Despite of the pros, insourcing is quite a challenge, even if the cause of insourcing is convincing and has more cons than pros.

Insourcing depends much on the size of an organization, and tensions on the extra hire and pay towards the multiple IT professionals, which is an expensive risk. On account of these risks and issues, some business entities choose to outsource.

Whereas outsourcing IT solutions, you don’t have to go through the hassle and trouble of hiring and setting up a new process, and you get an experienced outsourced team of experts to work on your project delivering quality results which adds to the benefits of outsourcing IT services

A good outsourcing company will essentially become an extended part of your company and part of your team with a more transparent door of communication will be open just like in own your office. They can make you feel at your own office.

What are the IT functions that businesses may need to outsource?

There are several stages that business comes across through in outsourcing IT solutions While some prefer infrastructural setup and development of an application, others maybe need outsourcing during their digital journey for growth. A few others may call out to outsourcing for maintenance and support services for running of the business. Listed below are some of the most common IT functions that are outsourced for businesses;

• Web development

• Mobile App Development

• Hiring Developers

• Web hosting

• Software and application development

• Database development and management

• Website/application maintenance

• Technical support

• Infrastructure setup and maintenance

• Information security

• Telecommunications

Concluding statement

India is the largest exporter of software services across the globe because of the large benefits of outsourcing IT services.

You may consider and view insourcing and outsourcing minutely through the pros and cons of each one of them. Insourcing is feasible when you have a lot of in-house talent available, otherwise, outsourcing is the best available option.

Outsourcing was in after the great recession and Insourcing is a pretty new concept. Since 1990 many companies have increasingly outsourced rather than in-sourced in an effort to save money and get the best experts and protect their bottom lines. This shift to outsourcing has changed the overall business landscape for better, creating workforces in new locations and in places where a job is needed, across the globe. However, the decision depends on the best allocation of resources for a set of tasks.

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