React vs Vue – Which one to choose for frontend development?

React vs Vue

React vs Vue- Which one to choose for frontend development?

React and Vue are among the leading Javascript frameworks most developers use for front-end development. Choosing between React Vs. Vue for front-end development is a challenging task.

Both technologies are unique and robust and come with various advanced features. Undoubtedly, with every new upgrade, the Javascript framework has become more versatile and unique.

Mobulos has long been in the development industry; we have worked with various technologies, including React and Vue. We know which technology works best for which projects.

Let’s read the blog to know whether you should go with React or Vue for frontend development.


React vs. Vue- Definition of both leading Javascript Framework on a Glance-

What is React?

React is a rich Javascript framework and library that allows developers to develop custom, high-performing, and feature-rich apps with excellent user interfaces. Introduced by Facebook in 2011, it is an open-source Javascript library. DOM (Document Object Model) approach is considered the best feature of React.

What is Vue?

Vue is another Javascript framework that allows developers of all skill levels for frontend development. Created by Evan You, It is an open-source MVVM-based framework.

The framework also provides a rich ecosystem of tools and libraries, such as Vuex for state management, Vue Router for routing, and Vue Server Renderer for server-side rendering.


React vs. Vue- Let’s Know Their Position in The Market-

Let’s know some famous figures and stats of React-

  • Over 14.9 million developers use React on GitHub, and it has 207k+ stars.
  • Thanks to this sizable developer community, React has been used to build over 11,908,579 live websites.
  • React.js was the most popular web frontend technology according to the Stack Over Flow survey 2022, receiving 42.62% of the votes and being favored by about 68.19% of respondents.

Let’s know some popular figures and stats of Vue-

Vue.js is one of the top 5% of communities on Reddit, with a community of 93k members.

  • More than 1,711,246 live websites are utilizing Vue, according to a BuiltWith survey. Furthermore, Vue.js is ranked fourth among the Top 10,000 websites in the JavaScript Library category.
  • According to a StackOverFlow poll, 18.82% of developers globally favor Vue.js.



React vs. Vue- What Benefits You Will Get in Frontend Development?

Advantages of React For Frontend Development-

  • Large Community and Resources

React has immense popularity and community. Developers can get many resources, tutorials, and libraries to enhance their knowledge and skills.

  • Flexible Component-Based Architecture

Developers get a high level of flexibility when they work with the React framework. It enables developers to apply functional or component-based programming techniques throughout development.

  • Reusable Components

React.js is made up of several components. Each component comes with its logic and controls and runs short, reusable lines of HTML code. Therefore, developers can easily create and maintain your web app using its components anywhere.

  • Adapting to Mobile Devices

React provides developers with React Native, a framework that enables the creation of native Android and iOS apps using the same React component architecture. It’s a fantastic option for developers to design a front-end mobile app without external frameworks.


Advantages of Vue For Frontend Development-

  • Easy Learning Curve

Developers can easily explore all the functionality of Vue’s programming language as it comes with clear and thorough documentation and a well-organized learning curve.

Additionally, developers can integrate Vue’s functionality into existing projects without changing the complete change.

  • Compact Size

Vue is a quick-loading framework that is only about 18 kb in size in zip format, and it gets even quicker and lighter with each new release. This simplifies the download and installation procedure and enhances the software’s functionality.

  • High Performance

Besides being lightweight, the Vue framework uses a virtual DOM to develop user interfaces. This makes creating single-page applications with excellent performance and responsive interfaces possible.

Vue apps run slightly quicker than React and Angular apps.

  • A Wide Variety of Support Tools

Despite having a small file size, it is jam-packed with various tools. To be specific, fast scaffolding of a new project using Vue Create is made possible by a globally available npm package called Vue CLI.


React vs Vue- Types of Frontend Apps You Can Build-

Types of frontend web apps you can create with React-

React allows you to develop various apps. Let’s know some of them:

  • Single Page Applications (SPAs)
  • Video streaming platforms
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Progressive Web Apps (PWA)
  • E-commerce Websites
  • Saas Apps
  • Travel Booking Apps


Types of frontend web apps that you can create with Vue-

Here is a list of some top apps that you can build with Vue:

  • Single-page applications (SPAs)
  • Progressive web apps
  • Real-time web apps
  • 2D board games like
  • Online repositories
  • Content management systems (CMS)
  • Hybrid mobile apps


React vs. Vue- Popular Apps Examples

Examples of React-based Apps

Examples of React-based Apps 

Some top apps you will find around you created with React frameworks include Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, WhatsApp, Myntra, Discord, PayPal, Airbnb, Twitter, Pinterest, Uber, and Khan Academy.

Examples of Vue-based Apps 

Top Vue-based apps include Alibaba, Trustpilot, Grammarly, GitLab, Trivago, Statista, 9GAG, and more.


React Vs Vue- Factors to Consider For Choosing a Front-End Framework

The choice of choosing the proper framework will depend on the choice of the specific application you want to develop.

The choice of framework will impact various things, including development speed, code maintainability, performance, and scalability.


What Should You Choose Between React and Vue?

Let us know When You Should Choose React For Frontend Development.

Here are the cases when you must select React for frontend development-

  • If you need to recruit someone quickly or are thinking about outsourcing the development process
  • When building highly scalable large-scale web applications
  • When creating a cross-platform application
  • When you want to create a sophisticated app using a range of third-party plugins, frameworks, and tools.
  • When you want to create a SaaS product

Let us know When You Should Choose Vue For Frontend Development.

Here are the cases when you must select Vue for frontend development-

  • When starting a business with an MVP in mind
  • When you want to create a lightweight app.
  • When You create test websites.
  • When developing dynamic and animated components.
  • When you want to seamlessly integrate your app with other single-page and multi-page applications.


React Vs Vue- Comparison Based on Table-

Here, we are presenting a table about the React and Vue comparison: 


Criteria React Vue
Project Size It will be a better option for large scale projects. It will be a better option for small scale project
Community Support You will find a large scale of community with vast libraries, tools and ecosystem. You will find a small scale of community with less libraries, tools and ecosystem.
Performance Requirements You will get amazing performance because of excellent virtual DOM and optimization techniques. You will get amazing performance but little low compared to React.
Hiring Developers React is more popular, so you can easily find React developers. Vue is less popular, so you will face challenges when finding Vue developers.
Building in-house with Limited Resources You will find a more complex learning curve. New developers will face difficulty to work with React. You will find an easy learning curve. Any developer can work with Vue easily.


So, we hope this table will make you understand React Vs Vue programming languages more nicely and help you in selecting between them.


Final Words-

Choosing the best front-end development framework between React Vs Vue is challenging. Numerous factors affect your decision, including project needs, framework features, developers’ availability, etc.

We suggest you select the framework according to your project’s needs. Both framework, React and Vue, comes with their pros and cons. Also, the expertise of your developers plays a very crucial role. So, you must select the top mobile app development company for your frontend development.

Let’s contact Mobulous’s expert frontend developers to get better quality and fulfill your requirements in a web or mobile app.