Taxi-Booking App Development Cost- A Complete Guidelines 2022


Taxi service is an essential means of transport all across the globe. A taxi booking app is mandatory for every person in the digital world. Gone are the days when people have to wait to get a taxi. Nowadays, with the help of the taxi booking app, people no longer have to wait for taxis. They can tap on their smartphone and get a taxi booking app development service. The taxi-booking app helps users to get a taxi at a reasonable price. These apps also help business owners to grow their business and revenues, increase customer satisfaction and gain global coverage.

What can be happier than helping people reach their desired destination at a reasonable price? If you own a taxi business, you must want to build a taxi booking app. However, the taxi booking app development costs always hit your mind.

So, here in this article, we will give you a complete guideline of taxi booking app development costs.

Table of Content

  1. Cost To Develop Taxi Booking Mobile App Development
  2. Market Size and Stats of Taxi Booking App
  3. How does a Taxi Booking Mobile App work?
  4. Types of Taxi Booking Mobile Apps
  5. Benefits of Taxi Booking Mobile Apps
  6. Top Taxi Booking Mobile Apps Across The Globe
  7. Features of a Taxi Booking App Development
  8. Taxi Booking App Development Process
  9. Required Team Structure
  10. Conclusion
  11. FAQs


Cost To Develop Taxi Booking App Development

Four factors majorly influence the cost of the taxi booking app development. These four factors include-

  1. App Complexity: App complexity refers to your app’s complexity, such as choosing a simple or complex design, as it will affect the price of a taxi booking app.
  2. Several app platforms for Taxi App: Multiple mobile app platforms will enhance taxi booking app development costs.
  3. Features and functions of Taxi App: The cost of developing a taxi booking app will undoubtedly depend on the number of features and functionalities.
  4. Development Zone of Taxi App: The price for developing your mobile app for taxi booking can significantly vary depending on your selected development region.

For instance,

  • Developers in the US often charge between $150 and $250 per hour.
  •  Developers in Eastern-Western Europe charge between $40 and $150 per hour.
  • While those based in India typically bill between $10 and $80 per hour.

“Therefore, the taxi booking app development cost for a minimal featured app for a single platform, either Android or iOS, is likely to be around $20000-$35000 if you choose to have the app produced by Indian sub-content developers.

As new platforms and features are added, taxi booking app development costs can increase to about $50000.


Market Size and Stats of Taxi Booking App

Applications for booking taxis have increased dramatically over the past few years, and this growth is anticipated to continue for some time. Since it offers both tourists and app users so many benefits, this is a business that will never cease to exist.

Statistics of Taxi Booking App

The industry’s worth was over $ 36 billion in 2017; through 2025, it is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 16.5%, reaching $ 126,521 million.

Uber is an excellent example because it has grown significantly in recent years and is now used in many countries worldwide. Why bother having a car when taking a cab is so easy and affordable? Uber is one of the world’s fastest-growing corporations, with a market value of $72 billion.


How does a Taxi Booking Mobile App work?

A taxi booking app uses GPS (Global Positioning System) to locate a consumer asking for a cab and then alerts the driver who is closest to them.

When a customer makes a reservation, the activity alerts a taxi driver in the area that a ride is available.

Users are informed of the exact taxi location and the expected time of arrival after accepting.


Types of Taxi Booking Mobile Apps

The cost of taxi booking apps majorly depends on their type. Here presenting some of the top taxi booking app development types-

  • Dedicated Taxi Booking App Development

This famous taxi booking mobile app is perfect for those who own established taxi businesses. Business owners make it simple for their consumers to book a ride by releasing their taxi service applications. They also can connect with a more extensive customer base simultaneously.

  • Taxi Aggregator Mobile App

This taxi booking service app is for businesses new to the taxi industry and doesn’t own various vehicles. You can do this by providing a mobile booking service for cab drivers.

There are now primarily two methods: basic and sophisticated.

  • Simple Cab Booking

For Simple cab booking, a server is not necessary. Taxi drivers can advertise their services on a single app, and if necessary, passengers can call and purchase taxis directly from the app.

  • On-demand Taxi Booking App

A server is required for this model. Here, we need two apps—one for drivers and one for passengers. It has various cutting-edge technologies and offers cabs on demand.

Compared to the other types, the price of this taxi booking app development requires a more significant investment.

Benefits Of On-Demand Taxi Booking App

Before figuring out the taxi app development costs, it’s important to know what benefits its offers. Taxi Booking apps are beneficial for both drivers and passengers in numerous ways. Let’s have a look at some of the top benefits-

For Drivers
  • Drivers no longer need to carry large amounts of cash or change because most payments are now made online or through mobile wallets.
  • They don’t need to wait for the passengers.
  • The drivers are in charge of rating and commenting on each passenger. To avoid upsetting the other drivers, they can suitably grade any problematic passengers in their car.
  • Instead of letting passengers stray and seek assistance, drivers may more quickly track them using these GPS-enabled apps.
For Passengers
  • The app informs users of the actual location and estimated arrival time of the cab. They can therefore use that time to do anything else.
  • Travelers can schedule their trips from the convenience of their residences.
  • Passengers can rate and review the cab drivers using the application. More transparency is provided as a result.
  • No one has to stand on the sidewalk and wait for a taxi to pick them up.


Top Taxi Booking Mobile Apps Across The Globe

Taxi Booking App Accross the world

  • Uber

Uber is one of the famous taxi booking apps available on both Android and iOS. Recently, the app has provided services in 445 cities in 70 countries.

  • Lyft

Another popular taxi booking app is Lyft. The app is available in over 200 cities across the United States.

  • Gett

Get is a popular app that is giving tough competition to Uber. The app offers taxi booking services in more than 100 locations across Europe and the United States.

  • Grab

Grab is one of the best taxi booking apps with a high focus on providing complete transparency between drivers and passengers.


Features of a Taxi Booking App Development

The cost of the taxi booking app development is directly affected by the features of the app. Here are the lists of essential features for your taxi booking app. Generally, three panels are included in a taxi booking app development. The three panels include- Passenger panel, Driver panel, and Admin panel.



For Passenger Panel

For Driver Panel

For Admin Panel

1 Social login Update availability for customers View or Manage drivers
2 Creating and managing the profile Accept or reject client booking requests Schedule and control the availability of taxis.
3 Reserving a cab on demand Push notifications. Check the travel routes.
4 View estimated wait time for taxi arrival Call and interact with consumers within the app Control rate cards and price hikes
5 Real-time vehicle tracking Navigation on a live map Organize promotions and discounts
6 Flexible billing and payment options. See evaluations and rankings A track taxi
7 Push Notifications, emails & SMS alerts Automatic fare determination View and manage driver feedback and ratings
8 Rate and provide feedback to drivers. The travel routes. Create daily reports for transactions and revenue.


Advanced Features of a Taxi Booking App Development That Will Help You Stay

Ahead of the Competition

If you integrate advanced features in your taxi booking mobile app, there is a high chance that it will increase the taxi booking app development price. However, the advanced features can make your app unique and help you stay ahead of the competition. Let’s have a look at some of the advanced features of taxi booking app development-

  • Driver’s Authorization

Drivers can use this feature to request authorization to operate the vehicle while using the app. They are permitted to link to the mobile app and accept reservations.

  • Social Login and Sign Ups

This feature allows the users to register or sign in to the app by any social media account.

  • Heat Map Generation

This feature assists in identifying a location’s peak hours and alerting drivers so they can accommodate consumers at certain times. This feature can increase your taxi booking app development costs, but it will benefit you.

  • Push Notification

Customers can receive push alerts to stay informed about the driver’s location, expected arrival time, and other information like car model, license number, etc.

The drivers, on the other hand, receive order alerts, order fulfillment updates, and other information regarding their taxi bookings (such as the location, route, and payment).

  • Real-time tracking

This function makes it possible to pinpoint both the customers’ and the drivers’ exact locations.

Additionally, it aids the users in tracking the path and finding the closest cabs.

  • Fare Calculator

Before a consumer schedules a trip from point A to point B with a specific taxi type, the fare calculator estimates the cost.

  • Choose Preferred Driver

This feature enables clients to pick their preferred driver, such as a driver they have previously traveled with, for a more comfortable and enjoyable ride.


Taxi Booking App Development Process

The process that you choose will also affect the price of your taxi booking app. Let’s have a look at the taxi booking app development process that a mobile app development company follows:

Taxi Booking App Development Process

  • Planning:

    Planning is the first stage of taxi booking app development, where developers identify and determine everything related to your app.

  • Design:

    In the design process, developers design the app’s visuals.

  • Development:

    Development is the crucial stage of the taxi booking app, where developers develop the coding of your app.

  • Testing:

    Testing is a process done just after the taxi app development. The process ensures that your app has no bugs and can go live in the App Store and Play Store.

  • Launch:

    After testing your taxi booking app, you can launch your app on the App Store and Play Store.

  • Support and Maintenance:

    Finally, you need to monitor the progress of your app to keep it updated.


Required Team Structure for Taxi Booking App

It’s crucial to pick the best mobile app development company as you start the app development process. The app development team must understand your requirements and create the app within your budget.

You must include the following members on your team-

  • Project Manager:

    A project manager is a person who is in charge of overseeing every stage of the development of the app. They must possess extraordinary management abilities and be well aware of the client’s requirements for the app.

  • Android/iOS Developers:

 Developers for Android and iOS platforms create the front-end and back-end of the mobile app for taxi booking.

Android app developers create the front-end and back-end of your Android taxi booking app. Connect to the Android app development company for the best Android app developers.

And, iOS App developers create the front-end and back-end of your iOS taxi booking app. For iOS app developers, you must hire an iOS app development company.

  • Back-end Developers: Back-end developers must create a solid program for back-end functionalities.
  • UX/UI designers:

    UI/UX designers are essential to the success of an app. They work on the mobile app’s appearance and feel and provide a fantastic experience to your users.

  • Experts in QA:

    Experts in quality analysis ensure your mobile apps for taxi booking function without a hitch and are entirely bug-free.



People throughout the world are using more effective modes of transportation regularly. The number of people utilizing taxi booking applications increases daily. Customers who might buy from you have a wide range of options. You might have an impact if your taxi booking app provides an improved service that is distinct from your rivals.

Finding competent and reliable taxi app developers is crucial since developing a taxi booking app requires a sizable time and money investment. We are a top mobile app development company that creates the best taxi apps without burdening your pocket.

If you still have any queries regarding the taxi booking app development cost, let’s contact us.


FAQs- Taxi-booking App Development Cost

Question 1: Do you offer a cab app similar to Uber?

Yes, we provide an uber-like taxi app solution. Our team has created numerous taxi apps with different features responding to customer demand.


Question 2: Does your taxi booking app development company offer a variety of currencies?

Yes, we can release your software in various locations with support for different currencies and languages.

We also provide payment options, including PayPal, credit and debit cards, and others.


Question 3: How much does Mobulous charge to create a taxi booking app?

Mobulous offers the most affordable price to create your taxi booking app. Furthermore, the type and quantity of features chosen significantly impact the cost of designing a taxi booking app.

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