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Instant Messaging & Rich Media Messaging

Top Mobile App developers in India , Mobulous

There are lots of applications that are developed for Android and Ios with peer � peer chat features which create a challenging competition for new developed apps. Millions of people nowadays are using different social messaging applications for staying in touch with their relatives and friends. We at Mobulous have a strong expertise in developing Android and Ios based Messaging Apps.These App features includes users sending Instant Messages (IM) as well as interactive objects such as sounds, images, video clips, animations, video messages, voice notes, location information and more. The users of Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch can also share contact info from their Phonebook to others.

We have integrated Xampp ready server with custom SDKs achieving an amazing quality IOs and Android Rich Media Messaging Apps.

Since the Server side code is already ready it takes a very less time frame and is cost efficient customizing your Instant Messaging and Rich media Messaging.

Our Developed Apps Lolmess and Talk4 Fun is a good reference to review our work. Check our Portfolio for more information.

We are the top rated mobile application developers, delivering the perfect Instant Messaging solution for mobile apps. Contact us today, for free consultation!

  • Instant Messaging
  • Rich Media Messaging
  • Sending/Receiving Photos, Images and Videos
  • Sending/Receiving Customized Emojis
  • Sending/Receiving Location information
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