Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Transforming the Digital Space

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence solutions designed to accelerate business growth, breakthrough results and efficiency.

Revolve complex situations into intelligent business outcomes

Artificial Intelligence, and Machine learning are powerful technologies that allow making predictions based on data that can be used to enhance business growth , enhance customer experience and lower opertaional costs The mobile app development industry has revolutionized our lifestyle into a smart lifestyle with AI and ML-driven applications. Read More

How do we accomplish it?

We are both tech-savvy and focus on business outcomes thus helping companies organise their data better, extract insights, build predictive systems, and enabled improvements in their businesses. Try out our AI/ML solutions or build a model that can reduce human error and fraudulent threat, enhancing workflow productivity, and quick data driven decisions.

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    Reduce human errors

    AI and ML algorithms provide real-time data that decreases the chance of errors and incorrectness.

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    Reduce Cyber security threats

    AI is a powerful tool that can detect Cyber security threats and fraudulent transactions.

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    Boosting Workflow Productivity

    Not only, AI improves the data sets but also automates work processes. This allows organisations to evaluate their optimal investment value for their business.

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    Faster Data Driven Decision

    Machine Learning helps in providing insights that promotes quick better decisions.

Transform Your Business With AI and machine learning solution

Looking for custom Machine Learning algorithms? At Mobulous, our data highly experienced and skilled AI developers and data scientists implement complex and highly beneficial algorithms depending on your business model that will overcome core challenges and forthcoming opportunities. check out how our ML offerings enables faster decision making, business process automation, and increased productivity.

Machine Learning

We build and deploy end-to-end Machine Learning solutions in your entire system that fits your business models. to lifecycle in your system. Hire our expertise can rid of ML processes, complex data, and any difficult process to make the environment friendly and easy. Our models to improve productivity, automate tasks, and innovate on a secure, enterprise-ready platform by integrating ML algorithms on the entire system.

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Chatbot Development

Our chatbot developer will provide highly sophisticated and intelligent services like customer support through human-like conversations to your customers, saving time and operational costs. Whether for internal use or for your clients; we are here to develop chatbots depending on your business needs.

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Data-driven IoT

Empowering businesses to change their IoT data into business insights. Using AI and ML, our data analyst analyse data at a large scale and develop intuitive smart devices. We can structure and analyze data at scale and develop intuitive smart devices using AI and ML. We offer data-driven IoT solutions includimg data capturing, analysis & processing, engineering and visualization.

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Image Processing

Deep learning is a type of machine learning in which a model learns to perform classification tasks directly from images, text or sound by using neural network architecture. Our Deep learning services are meant to design and optimise your networks better and faster.

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Data Mining

Data mining technique leveraged ML algorithms to explore indepth large volume data mining and web scraping to reveal insights such as correlations, patterns, trends, demand forecasting, and more. Our customized solutions harness the power of data and the main goal is to extract information for efficient prediction models and better decision making.

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Natural Language Processing

Our natural language processing services blend statistical techniques like artificial intelligence, machine learning, text analysis, speech recognition, and sentiment analysis and other aspect to the text—and integrate it in your applications, bots, and devices—to develop a out-of-the-box digital product that understands multiple languages, terms, and expressions to enable decision making faster.

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Transforming the future of your business with Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning

With the support of our AI and machine learning consulting, you can provide your users a personalized user experience, automate your internal processes, and achieve solutions that will improve the way customers communicate with your product.

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    Establishing a purpose

    Helping you to determine the goals of your business.

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    Reduce Human Errors

    AI and ML Algorithms providing a near real-time service

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    Quicken data-driven decision

    Providing quick insight that offers better decision making

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    Enhanced search relevance

    Augmented existing data in the model.

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    Develop and deploy data models

    Create and deploy a machine learning model.

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    Capturing existing data

    Set datadeploy a machine learning model.

Our AI & ML Development Process

Embrace the functionalities of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning technologies and expand your business and reach new heights. Our machine learning model’s deployment starts with the data collection and disseminate automation in the entire system or the entire project.


Business Analysis

Collection of data in Quality and Quantity to determine the excellency of the predictive model that can be created.


Data Gathering

Collection of data in Quality and Quantity to determine the excellency of the predictive model that can be created.


Data Preparation

Preparing data for a suitable ML algorithms, we strive to feed in the right data.


Data evaluation

Testing models against various data to perform in the real world.



Using the testing model to anticipate the given information and how will it perform.



Maintaining machine learning models through the entire data science life cycle.

AI/ML Services to Automate and Accelerate Your Business

For those businesses that want to become industry leaders, AI and ML will play a significant role in accelerating their growth rate. At Mobulous Technologies, we help you in your entire project, right from the data preparation, scalable deployment to production. Being one of the best Machine Learning consulting companies, we provide end-to-end AI, ML, Deep Learning, and Data Science services to various industries. We will offer predictive analysis, monitor & manage the traffic, and automate tasks with artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities. Our effective data science analysts & engineers will help you develop your product to streamline and support the entire organization's thrive. Our skilled and dedicated AI developers are equipped with diverse skills and robust statistical history with a proven track record of joint success. Whether you're a startup or mid or large size enterprise, we will leverage business intelligence and machine learning solutions to automate your business process & decision-making capabilities.


The biggest benefit of AI is it can help people stay fit and healthy. It promotes good health behaviour in people and aid with the proactive management of fit and healthy lifestyle.

The accumulation of consumer wearable electronics is also being applied to supervise the early stage diagnosis or treatment of diseases. Even in the healthcare sector, humanoid design are introduced in order to assist the individual and offer end-to-end life care.

Real Estate

In the Real Estate industry, the use of AI will transform the decision making processes and enhance the efficiency of operational tasks. The AI technology can benefit the real estate industry in terms of asset management property valuation, peer-to-peer transactions, facility management, property management, simplified collaboration and supply chain management.

Travel & Tourism

Both AI and ML technologies can be proved beneficial in the travel industry in terms of UX personalization in airlines, recommendation engine, Intelligent Travel Assistant, Tailored offers for MCVs, Flight Fare and Hotel Price Prediction, and sentiment analysis in social media.

HR & Workforce Management

Yielding short term and long term benefits to the HR management. AI can predict the future outcomes which can help the enterprise to keep record of talent attrition for future hiring. Furthermore, resume analysis can predict which candidate has the potential for future that can provide benefits to the company.


Undoubtedly, AI will transform the retail industry; right from digital rack, virtual trial rooms to digital assistance & behavioural analytics. Additionally, the retail store can get the power to instantly support the consumers by offering digital experience using smart analytics and NLP.


AI and ML algorithms will empower banks by automating the whole process automation intelligent enough combat the cyber risks. Leveraging the potential of human and Machine power to drive operational and cost efficiency.

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We automate businesses and optimize processes by deploying smart AI and ML solutions

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Our Commitment & Guarantee

Our commitment is to provide AI/ML services that will help clients gain a competitive advantage. Our team will strive with you to devise a plan that will reduce the operation costs, development, and deployment time and enhance workflow efficiency.

Pioneer Data Scientists

Team of data scientists who have experience in solving complex business problems.

Real-time Analysis

Using AI/ML, business owners can get real-time analysis to plan iterations of the AI/ML logic.

Personalized Solution

Our team prepares tailor-made solutions for catering to multiple use-cases for the business.

100% Transparency

100% transparency between clients and us is needed as it aids in building AI/ML logic.

AGILE Methodologies

We believe in using AGILE methodologies to build the products that ensure we deliver on-time.

Technology Competency

We use top-notch AI/ML technology that ensures reliability and prioritizes data security over fanciness.

30 Days Free Support

We believe in 30 days trial as the basis to know if the product is excellent or not. Also, if there's an issue, we can fix it for free.

Cross-platform Integration

Our ML model is pre-built with the option of cross-platform integration to reduce deployment time.

What are the Technologies We Use to Develop AI Solutions?

The technology that we used to create your AI products is comprised of software products and programming languages. Here are the following technologies:

  • Azure Cognitive Services

  • Computer Vision

  • Natural Lanhuage Programming (NLP)

  • Converstaional AI (Bots)

  • ML Algoriths for predictive models

  • DL4J

  • Keras and Tensor flow

  • Python

  • PyTorch

  • Sci-kit learn Spring

  • TensorFlow

  • Scala

  • Theano

  • Kafka

  • Elastic Seach

  • IBM Watson

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Transform your business with AI and Machine learning enabled solutions.

At Mobulous Technologies, we provide AI solutions like media workflow automation, computer vision systems, video processing tools, and more that can increase operational efficiency and fuel business growth.

Our AI & ML team builds powerful and intelligent solutions for startups, agencies, & enterprises catering to different verticals, like healthcare, real estate,retail, edtech, eCommerce, etc.

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