Anticipating the future hidden software development cost after launch


Is your mobile app development company getting into mobile apps for the first time? If yes, let me ask you a question: how much cost it requires to create a mobile app development? Generally, most of the companies assume that once the project has been developed, they don’t need to pay anything, but that’s not true at all, as it requires additional cost even after the launch.

Companies that are new in the field of mobile app development make a big mistake when it comes to getting the actual cost of building a mobile app. most of the mobile app development companies assume that the app’s development costs start and end with the developers only.

App’s Development Costs

There are many hidden costs that you need to consider even after the launch of the project.

Here, in this article, we will discuss some of the significant hidden costs of the mobile app you need to anticipate after you launch. I hope after reading this article; you will be able to answer the following questions:

* What unexpected costs should you plan for?
* How to face unexpected expenditure?
* What expenses might surprise you after the launch of your app?

If your company is new and getting into the mobile app development, go through the five hidden app development costs, and avoid them.

Hidden cost: Maintenance costs

Some numerous issues and failures may appear even after the launch. To fix those issues and failures, there is a requirement of proper maintenance. Also, you have to prepare your app for the next OS version. Have you ever wonder, how much does it cost to maintain an app? Well, according to the report, the cost of maintaining an app requires 20% of the app’s total budget annually. So, if your app’s costing is $200k, make sure to spend $40k on its maintenance per year.

Hidden cost: Design costs 

A designer’s salary is $25/hours, but it may vary according to a region.
The headline, as mentioned above, is the general price of app design, and the UI/UX costs depend on the project complexity. If your project is complex and requires more hours to complete, then it will automatically raise your designer’s prices.Software_development

Hidden costs: Testing and Troubleshooting

For most of the companies, testing is just a formality and nothing else. These days, developers are more interested in designing an app rather than proper testing. It is quite crucial to test the app multiple times before launching. The developers must have to be sure that their app is perfect in every aspect. If you think your app will work correctly after its first try, then you are mistaken.

Testing is worth spending to know any issues better when they arise. It will help you to avoid problems in the future as well as saving unnecessary expenditure in the long run.

Hidden costs: Marketing and Advertising

These days, marketing and advertising play a very crucial role in making the app successful. However, spending so much on marketing and advertising is not a cool decision. When you create an app, you expect people to install it. If you want the app to be recognized by a massive number of people, you need to plan a perfect marketing strategy even after the launch of your mobile app.

According to the report, a marketing strategy requires at least $5,000-$10,000.

Hidden cost: Planning for the unexpected

Although, it is impossible to foresee involved development cost in full detail and all their nuances, most unexpected costs are common across projects.

Final Words

In this article, we have read about the hidden cost of software app development after the release. So, we need to understand that the cost of development doesn’t end after you launch. If you’re planning to build an app or in the process of building an app, then you must anticipate the five hidden costs of software development that we’ve mentioned in the above paragraph.

Anticipating the hidden costs will ensure that you have enough budget to be successful. Use these tips to foresee future costs whenever you are developing the next app development project.

If you are planning to build an app for your business and afraid of the development cost. We can help you formulate the lists of hidden expenses, and we offer a cost-effective solution for your startup project. With us, you’ll know how much development, deployment, and maintenance of your product will cost you.

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