What are the benefits of creating a Flower Delivery Mobile App?

Flower delivery App development

Flowers have been an efficient way to show love and affection to our close relatives and family members. It’s an old tradition to send beautiful flowers and Bouquet via post or delivery persons as a present to friends, and it will never go out of trend. These days almost everything is occupied by mobile app development technology, so the flower delivery.

No wonder flower delivery app development is a billion-dollar industry. With the help of flower delivery mobile apps, businesses are improving their sales and customer loyalty. These on-demand flower delivery mobile apps have made the lives of humans more comfortable. Users can select, customize and send flowers to their closed ones with a few taps on their smartphones.

So, if you are a flower shop owner, flower delivery shop owner, or a new start-up, you should not miss the flower delivery app industry.

Why should you invest in a flower delivery app (Market Size and Stats)?

  • Approximately $26,600,000,000 annual U.S spending on floral products.
  • Approximately 83,208 people are employed in the floral industry.
  • There are around 530 wholesale florists in the U.SU.S.
  • In the U.S., approximately 80 percent of flowers sold are imported from other countries.
  • The average purchase price per household spend on flowers is around $62. 63.

Needless to say, the flower app development industry is a trending app industry. According to IBIS’s report, the current size of the online flower shops in the U.S. market is $5.3 billion.
Another report by Statista, the flower industry has generated 31.3 billion USD in the year 2015. The popular on-demand flower delivery apps include the Bouqs app and Urbansteem that are currently valued at $43.1M venture capital and $27.2M, respectively.

What are the Benefits of the flower delivery app?

There are numerous benefits of the flower delivery app. Some of the top benefits are as follows:

Provides ease to users

An excellent flower delivery app delivers the flowers on the same day to the doorstep of the users. This offers great ease to users looking for gifting options to their close friends or relatives at the last minute.
Additionally, these apps offer fresh, natural flowers along with numerous gift hampers that can provide your loved ones a beautiful surprise.

More order to florists

With the help of the online delivery flower app, the business can expand its business efficiently. They can grow their business and sell flowers all across the globe.

Available 24*7

An on-demand flower delivery app is available 24*7 so that means you can be available for your clients and take orders every time.

Monetization Opportunities for Flower Delivery Mobile App


Mobile app owners can charge a certain amount of commission for every delivery that happens through the app. This is regarded as one of the most popular revenue sources for aggregator apps that helps the app’s owners get a decent amount by charging the florist and other vendors.

Featured listing

The featured listing includes the list of the top service providers that appear on the app’s home page. As these service providers are featured on the app’s home page, they can get all the users’ attention and earn huge revenues. The flower delivery app owner can charge a specific amount of fee from service providers who want to highlight among users and boost their sales.

Ad Selling

Another great way you can monetize your app is by including PPC ads. These ads can be related to various things such as flowers, cakes, gifting solutions, or any associated business vertical. For displaying these ads, the app owner can charge some fee amount from the advertising business.

Costing to Build a Flower Delivery Mobile App

The cost of developing a flower delivery app depends upon numerous factors. Some of the most common factors are as follows:

  • The platform selected for app development
  • UI/ UX development
  • Frontend and backend development
  • Types of features and functionalities integrated
  • Third-party integrations
  • Number of hours needed for development

Apart from all the features mentioned above, another significant factor affecting the cost of flower delivery app is the app development industry’s location.

The developers of the UK/US charge around $70 to $250 per hour. In Europe and Eastern Europe, the developers charge about $50 to $150 per hour. In contrast, In India, the app developer charges not that high. Starting from $20 per hour, Indian developers offer robust and smart solutions at cost-effective prices. You can quickly start your flower delivery business with a flower delivery app in India by spending around $15,000 to $20,000.

If you are looking to create an on-demand flower delivery app, you can contact Mobulous. Mobulous is a top-leading mobile app development company that provides the world’s best quality service at a reasonable price.

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