E-Rx: The Prescriptions Hub – Connect to the pharmacy providers in UAE

E-Rx: The Prescriptions Hub

We are glad to announce that our mobile app development team has recently developed a fully functional, intuitive, and interactive app for one of our esteemed clients from UAE. Meet our newly developed app, “E-Rx: The Prescriptions Hub.” The app is now live on Mobulous’ Recent Project section. The app has an intuitive & simple user interface and interactive features.

Let’s take a look to see what this app is all about and know the amazing features that our dedicated developers had integrated into this application as per the client requirement.

About the E-Rx – The Prescriptions Hub Brokers LLC

The E-Rx is a UAE-based on-demand medicine delivery app, designed and developed by our app developers. This is one kind of online platform/application that connects users with pharmacy providers. The app enables pharmacy providers to connect with people who require drugs and help users get their prescription drugs by picking up themselves or through delivery. The app has a three-panel side – Deliver man provider panel, Admin panel, Delivery company panel.homeprofileleft menu

How does this application E-Rx work?

The application allows the local people of UAE to easily upload the prescription image into the application, which will then be received by the provider. The provider will then provide the offer to the user, which the user can accept or decline based on his acceptance. Users can choose the option of pickup by themselves or get delivered in the application.

How Awesome Mobile App Idea Our Client Has!

A client requested us to develop a platform/application that connects users with the pharmacy providers. He has a clear visualization of his app idea to create a product for the pharmacy providers & users.

The client’s business app concept connects the local pharmacy provider to the customers where users can upload the prescription image and get the medicines at their doorstep. This business app must include a driver-facing side, allowing the delivery driver to check the past order and assigned orders.

He also searched for similar kind of apps available in the app store that performs well, but he wanted to provide a platform for better service. And thus, he asked us to design an app’s UX and UI simple and yet powerful.

Features of Delivery Man Provider Panel

• Past Order – The delivery driver can check all the past orders, and also they can see the specific details of the past orders.Past order delivery

• Assigned Orders – The app also enables the delivery man to check the assigned orders details and pick up and deliver the medicines on time.Assign order

• Update the status of the order – The delivery driver has the option to update the status of the order so that customers can have all the updates of their order. The option includes- Started, Picked the Parcel, Out for Delivery, & Parcel Delivered.update status of order

Features of Customer Panel Side

• Upload the prescription – Customers can upload the picture of prescription in the application. They can either upload the prescription picture from choosing the option of a Camera or Gallery.prescription upload

• My Orders – Customers can check all the orders in the My Orders section. Assess all the orders that they have ordered from the application.Past order detail

• Share App – The UAE-based users has the option to share the application with their friend & family members.map

• Rate us – There is an option for rating the service. Customers are empowered with the option to rate the app according to the service.

• Payment Option – Our developers have integrated various modes of payment for the users. Users can also use their insurance card for the payment of the medicines.

Delivered All Kind of Medicines through an Appen app design allows customers to upload the prescription image and order medicines through an endless stream of medicine types.

We have integrated various payment gateway for making payment easy and trouble-free.
Why should you also develop an app like E-Rx: The Prescriptions Hub?

Look at the stats of the Global pharmaceutical industry

• The Pharma revenues worldwide totaled is 1.25 trillion U.S. dollars in 2019.

• 52% of smartphone users collect health-related information on their mobile devices.

• According to the same Research2Guidance report, 80% of physicians use smartphones and medical apps.

• Statistics show that modern customers prefer buying medications online.

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