Reguletin – A global cosmetic product regulatory intelligence platform


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Mobulous, India understand the requirement of great design on the website so, they always make sure to create unique websites for businesses. Recently, we have introduced a website ‘Reguletin’ for one of our clients.

About Reguletin

Reguletin is a global cosmetic product regulatory intelligence that offers cosmetics ingredient assessment. It includes all product categories such as skincare, sunscreen, hair care, local ingredients, color ingredients, UV filter, oils, baby products, etc. It is growing in more than 50 countries, including North America, Europe, Middle East, CIS Countries, Latin America, Africa, and many more.

Some popular stats about the Cosmetic product

The global beauty industry is worth about $532 billion.
Women in the USA spend around $3,000 on cosmetics annually.
Personal care products are expected to grow at a rate of 4.5% up to 2020.
The global haircare market size is expected to grow by over 3% up to 2023.

Web Designers & Developers of Mobulous

The web developers and designers of Mobulous are known for creating high-quality websites with 100 percent customer satisfaction. The Reguletin website is another fantastic creation of our expert team. This falls under the category of Pharma.

What our web development team introduced in the Reguletin Website?

Homepage – A home page is the main page where a visitor lands on after clicking a search result. Mobulous team created the Reguletin’s home page in a very intuitive and appealing manner.Home

Services – On the Reguletin’s service page, you can quickly check the services offered by Reguletin. Our web development team has created this page to make the customer’s experience easy and straightforward.Service

Latest from Reguletin – Reguletin content is in high demand. When a person needs updates about the new Cosmetics Regulations, they can get the updated information from the Reguletin’s page. With a designed content center, we ensured that people could quickly find content that meets their needs at the moment – whether they’ve come to be informed or advised.Latest From Reguletin

FAQs – This page was created to give information about Reguletin. Quick general questions that we usually have and ask while using any platform.FAQ

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