Know the Cost Estimation of Alcohol Delivery Mobile App

Alcohol Delivery

These days Alcohol or liquor has become one of the essential parts in socializing and making friends. Every party is incomplete until it is Alcohol in it. With the rise of the on-demand app solution, people buy Alcohol online.

Like another on-demand delivery app, liquor delivery also works the same. Using a liquor delivery app, people can order liquor of their choice and get the delivery right at their doorstep.

Stats about the alcohol market

  • According to the IBISWorld report, over the five years, the store of the vine, beer, and liquor stores in the U.S. has increased by 2.5 percent to reach $58bn in 201. Moreover, during the same period, the number of businesses has grown by 1.2 percent.
  • Another report suggests that the e-commerce liquor sales in the U.S. documented a steady increase of 291 percent for the week ending 28th march and a further expansion of 387 percent for the week ending April 2020.

Features that you must include in an on-demand alcohol delivery app

Features of Customer Panel

  • Login or signup

With this feature, users can log in or signup in their account by registering to the app and can search to find the top quality of drinks and incredible deals and offers.

  • Alcohol Listing

After registration, the user can get all the available drinks from the nearby shops. They can also check the price and get complete details on the drinks.

  • Apply Filters

With this feature, users can quickly check the numerous categories of available liquor, drink customer ratings, price points, and many more.

This feature helps to make their purchasing process much more comfortable.

  • Place Orders

With this feature, users can easily place the order for selected drinks and get instant delivery to their doorstep.

  • Track Order

With this feature, users can get the complete status of their order, such as process, still in the queue, out for shipment, etc. As with any other delivery service app, the app will also show you an estimated delivery time.

  • Cashless Payment

Users can use different payment modes, such as debit cards, credit cards, wallets, net banking, PayPal, cash, etc.

  • Order History

With this feature, users can quickly check the previous order and repeat the orders with a few taps on their smartphone.

  • Product Review & Feedback

With this feature, users can share their reviews and feedback about the delivery service and the drinks.

Admin Panel Features

  • Admin Login:

With this feature, the app owner can log in or signup on the dashboard. The Admin can view the entire work through the app dashboard.

  • Manage Payments:

With this feature, the Admin can easily view all the payments and transactions of the business.

Order Management:

With this feature, the Admin can control all the assigned order along with their complete details.

  • Settings:

With the help of setting feature, the Admin can manage everything on their dashboard. They can monitor and manage updating of the price, product listing, and so on in the app.

  • Marketing Management:

With this feature, The Admin can manage the marketing process such as advertisements, email templates, promotional campaigns for the app, and the app.

  • Real-Time Analytics:

With this feature, the Admin can view real-time statistics of numerous factors. Additionally, it provides reports on the number of orders, maximum orders region, peak delivery hours, etc.

How much does it cost to create an alcohol delivery app?

The cost of alcohol delivery mobile apps depends on numerous factors such as the app’s platform, the app’s complexity, the front and back-end development of the app, the UI/UX development of the app, and the website connectivity and so on. Additionally, the app’s physical location and the team of developers to create the app also play a crucial role in estimating the app’s cost.

If you hire a mobile app development company to develop an alcohol delivery app, Indian companies charge less than Western countries. However, considering all the factors, creating an alcohol delivery app may be range between USD 15,000 to $20,000.

Starting an Alcohol Delivery Service

Well, if you are looking to Develop your liquor delivery app and starting an alcohol delivery service then, let me tell you it is a little challenging than the regular food or grocery delivery startups.

To create the on-demand app for a liquor delivery service, you need to get the best mobile app development company. Mobulous is a top leading mobile app development, delivering the best in class solutions. Our company believes in providing high-quality software to ensure the projects run smoothly, strategically, and predictably.

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