How mobile application empower hospitality industry


Today, the hospitality industry has become so competitive due to the latest trend of business trips and vacations. To catch the prospective guests’ attention, and provide them complete services to enhance their comfort level, most of the hotels are developing mobile applications to target modern-day travelers using smartphones. 

By developing mobile applications, they can not only give rich experience to the potential guests, but they also make the booking process seamless and stress-free on the go. These applications offer great benefits for all – hoteliers and travelers. For instance, if you own a hotel, then you can increase hotel occupancy with their help. On the other hand, the prospective guests can book their stay at an affordable budget. But when developing a hotel mobile app, everybody should include the following features: –

  • Room reservation facility
  • Information Related to Nearby Attractions
  • Express Checkout
  • Hotel Information
  • Feedback Form

These are exquisite features that should have in your mobile application. No matter, how well your services are, it’s very important to keep your customers satisfied. So, if you have a short feedback form in your mobile application, then you can encourage your guests to leave feedback. And, this will help you improve your services.

Mobile Technology Trends in the Hospitality Industry 

Today, the mobile applications are designing by leveraging advanced technologies, including, AI-powered chatbots, big data and virtual assistant, Internet of Things, Block Chain technology, AR and VR, and more.  These technologies help to deliver exceptional booking experience to customers. 

Features of Mobile Apps for Hotel Industry

  • Encouraging Self-service
  • Mobile-friendly Websites and Apps
  • Live and Up-to-date Information Sharing
  • Better Trend Predictions Based on Customer Behavior
  • Maintaining Long-term Relationships and Connecting with Customers
  • Leveraging the Loyalty Program Feature
  • Encouraging Self-service

How Mobile Application Helps Hospitality Industry To Grow

  1. Provide an entire customer experience
  2. It create the bridge between the user and the hotel 
  3. Breed customer loyalty, which lead to referral and reviews on the portal that leads to growth
  4. Live and Up-to-date Information Sharing
  5. Better Trend Predictions Based on Customer Behavior
  6. Maintain Long-term Relationships and Connecting with Customers
  7. Encouraging Self-service

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The Process to Develop Mobile Application

 Requirement Analysis & Proposal

  • Understand your business needs and desires
  • Devising a strategic plan
  • Identifying the right solution

2 UX/UI Design and Prototyping

  • Visualizing the prototype
  • Creating the wireframe
  • Designing the app

3 Developments

  • Coding the software
  • Following rigorous quality assurance standards
  • Teaming your constant feedback

4 Testing

  • Testing the software
  • 100% bugs free
  • Get approval from the client

5 Deployments and Maintenance

  • Application handover
  • Launching the app to the marketplace
  • App store submissions

6 Supports and Maintenance

  • Troubleshooting
  • 24/7 support and maintenance
  • Managed services