Top Healthcare Apps 2024 | List of Healthcare Apps

Healthcare apps

Healthcare apps have revolutionized the way people manage their wellness and health. With the emergence of mobile phones and the power of technologies, accessing medical resources and monitoring well-being has become more seamless and easier than ever before.

Medical apps have emerged as a valuable and indispensable tool in today’s 21st century. Healthcare mobile app development leverages progressive technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data analytics in order to deliver personalized healthcare solutions to users. 

From tracking fitness goals to managing chronic conditions, medical applications cater to a plethora of needs. This empowers people to manage their health perfectly. Let’s explore the top 10 healthcare apps in 2024 in order to enhance prevalent healthcare outcomes.

The list of the top 10 healthcare apps for both iOS and Android are:

  1. MyChart
  2. United Healthcare applications
  3. APPatient
  4. HealthyBenefits+
  5. GoodRx: Prescription Saver
  6. Engage
  7. Dexcom G6
  8. Modivcare
  9. MyQuest for Patients
  10. FollowMyHealth

1. MyChart Healthcare App

MyChart is an iOS and Android app portal that provides secure online access to medical reports, appointment scheduling, and test results. Patients are able to communicate with their healthcare providers, view billing information, and refill prescriptions conveniently from their mobile devices.

The medical app puts your health information in its data and helps you take care of yourself and your family members conveniently. With the app, you can communicate with your care team, and review test results, health information, immunization history, etc.

2. UnitedHealthcare App

UnitedHealthcare acts as a healthcare insurance app that offers a platform for members to manage their health insurance benefits, search for various healthcare providers, and track claims. 

Users are able to access their digital ID cards, estimate their healthcare costs, and view coverage details for optimal decision-making.

The app is specifically designed in order to help you save time by providing easy access to your information. However, its features are solely based on your personal health plan and include, finding healthcare providers, managing claims, accessing ID cards, viewing account balances, etc.

3. APPatient Healthcare App

APPatient is one of the best healthcare apps for hospitals and medical professionals that help individuals securely communicate with patients, monitor/track treatment progress, and share medical information. 

Remote patient monitoring apps like APPatient foster prescription management, remote consultations, and personalized care plans that improve patient engagement and satisfaction. 

Its premium option provides patients with the advantage of 24-hour online check-in and expedited intake paperwork. Additionally, it helps healthcare providers treat patients on the go.

4. HealthyBenefits+ Healthcare App

HealthyBenefits+ is one of the advanced health and wellness apps that provides members will access to discounts on healthcare products and services. It is considered among the best health and fitness apps on the Play Store.

Users are able to examine savings on vision care, medications, fitness memberships, and dental services in order to promote proactive healthcare management and affordability.

You should have to be an eligible sponsored member in order to register for HealthyBenefits+. With this app, you are able to access your benefits anytime and anywhere. 

Not only, can you access your benefits but also redeem them on qualifying products with your card number or barcode when you checkout. 

5. GoodRx: Prescription Coupons Healthcare App

GoodRx: Prescription Coupons are another one of the best healthcare apps that is solely about prescription discounts. It helps users find the lowest prices for prescription medications at nearby pharmacies. 

Users are able to access coupons, compare drug prices, and save money on their medication costs. This makes this healthcare app more affordable and accessible for public use. This is one of the free health apps that provide digital coupons to help you save more than health insurance or Medicare.

6. Engage Healthcare App

Engage is a patient engagement platform that allows healthcare providers to connect with patients, seek feedback, and deliver educational content. It fosters health surveys, appointment reminders, and personalized health tips that foster proactive patient involvement in their healthcare journey.

In this app, you need to check in to the dosing queue, pay your balance via credit card through a secure network, and receive notifications of appointments.

7. Dexcom G6 Healthcare App

Dexcom G6 is another one of the nice healthcare apps that acts as a glucose monitoring system and provides real-time glucose readings. This helps individuals manage their diabetes levels effectively. This app showcases alerts for hypo/hyperglycemia, and glucose trends and fosters data sharing with healthcare providers for personalized treatment adjustments.

The Dexcom G6 healthcare app allows you to receive certain Dexcom CGM alerts even if your phone is turned off or in Do Not Disturb (DND) mode. For safety, the Urgent Low Alarm and three alerts can never be silenced on the app, including Transmitter Failed, Sensor Failed, and App Stopped.

8. Modivcare Healthcare App

Modivcare is a transportation coordination app that provides Medicaid and Medicare advantages in order to schedule rides for medical appointments. Users are able to request rides, receive notifications, and track the location of the driver. This ensures on-time access to crucial healthcare services.

The mobile app is available to members with participating benefit plans. With the app, you can schedule and manage Modivcare non-emergency transportation needs easily and hassle-free. Those members who are eligible and drive themselves to appointments can submit their claims for Mileage Reimbursement.

9. MyQuest for Patients Healthcare App

MyQuest is another app on our list of top healthcare apps. It enables users to track their health metrics, access their lab test results, and share their data with healthcare providers. 

This mobile app offers educational resources personalized insights, and appointment reminders for proactive health management and wellness tracking.

With this app, your lab results and appointments are at your fingertips and you will have information on how you can stay healthy. 

10. FollowMyHealth Healthcare App

FollowMyHealth is the best medical app in the healthcare industry that helps you access and manage your healthcare information with the mobile version of your Universal Health Record powered by FollowMyHealth.

It is a patient portal that allows individuals to communicate with healthcare providers, access medical reports, manage appointments, view lab and test results, communicate securely, and request prescription renewals. Additionally, it provides 24/7 online access to you and your family.

11. MyTherapy Pill Reminder Healthcare App

MyTherapy Pill Reminder is a medication management application that is designed specifically to assist users stay on track with their treatment regimen. It provides tailored reminders for medication intake, pill refill alerts, and dosage tracking. This ensures adherence to prescribed therapy in order to get the best health results.

This app will provide you with a good overview of your treatment, your stock, and your recorded intakes. You can schedule reminders to record your blood pressure, weight, blood sugar, blood oxygen, and other important health metrics.

With the help of a pain diary and mood tracker, this app forms a perfect platform for discussions with your healthcare professional regarding any medical condition, ranging from migraines to ADHD.

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Summing Up

Healthcare apps play a crucial role in empowering individuals to take control of their well-being and health. By leveraging the latest technologies, advanced frameworks, and ingenious solutions, these apps offer personalized healthcare experiences as per users’ needs.

However, it is important to address challenges that are related to regulatory compliance, data privacy, and user adoption in order to ensure the global adoption of nice healthcare apps and deliver the best results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is the best medical app?

Ans. The best healthcare apps are as follows:

  1. MyChart
  2. UnitedHealthcare
  3. APPatient
  4. HealthyBenefits+
  5. GoodRx: Prescription Coupons
  6. Engage
  7. Dexcom G6
  8. Modivcare
  9. MyQuest
  10. FollowMyHealth
  11. MyTherapy Pill Reminder

Q. How do I create a healthcare app?

Ans. In order to create healthcare apps, you need to follow the below steps carefully:

  1. Research and finalize your audience niche.
  2. Decide the services and functions you will provide.
  3. Understand your terms for privacy and compliance.
  4. Identify the devices and platforms to support your app.
  5. Design the UI/UX of the app.
  6. Start coding your healthcare apps.
  7. Test the app thoroughly.
  8. Launch the app on the App Stores (Apple App Store/Google Play Store).

Q. How do healthcare apps work?

Ans. Healthcare apps are mobile apps that provide various services such as:

  • Appointment scheduling services 
  • Access to medical records and lab reports
  • Symptoms tracking services
  • Health monitoring services 

Q. How much does healthcare app development cost?

Ans. The healthcare app development cost may range from $50,000 to $100,000 based on the technologies used, the complexity of the app, the functionalities added, and the experience of the healthcare mobile app development companies.

Q. What is the growth of healthcare apps in India?

Ans. The healthcare app market is predicted to reach INR 200 Billion by 2025. However, it has been expected that this growth is going to expand with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of around 36% from 2020 to 2025.

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