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lifesaver 112

We have a new member of the developed apps that has some impactful results in its category. Developed by one of our most reliable developers named TeflonHub, 112 is categorized under the medical application that can be used by everyone, which is all age groups and people. It is designed by one of the most experienced teams under the Mobulous Company.

The App was recently was updated on January 2nd, 2020, and has been serving the users wherever it is available. With the growing population, there has been a steady rate of accidents happening at least in metropolitan cities. Calling for help or ambulance is still not at its best. This App attempts to use digital power and help anyone who has met with an accident at any location. To find out how efficiently this App works and the reachability in-depth, we shall review the App in detail.

About 112

112 is a medical application to help or inclined more towards emergency cases. The App is governed by the camera features. Its primary function is to enable the user to send a photo or video of the locality where the accident might have taken place. The compatibility of both photos and videos that can be sent to call emergency help is kept very easy so that anyone can reach out without any difficulties. This helps the emergency responders to take action. It provides them with the exact location of the incident and saves time. It uses GSM coordinates or GSM to track the exact location of people seeking help.Automated Emergency number

Accidents occur densely in the city but have consistently taken place in the outskirts too. Many accident-prone areas are hard to reach immediately. With 112 on the play store, these challenges can be overcome.

Features of 112

Automated Emergency number feature: It has the feature to send the recorded or captured incident directly to emergency responders. Along with this, you can call the provided helpline numbers from the App itself.Automated Emergency number featureCall emergency responder

Call emergency responder: Its primary job is to be able to bring help to the victim at any place possible. All of its features contribute to the same purpose. With the expansion and strengthening of responders soon, the App can be used in multiple cities.Call emergency responder

Take snapshots or videos of incidents: The App allows you to use the power of your camera and help emergency responders know the exact location of the incident. It also allows the user to take a video of the complete incident which is very useful for extraordinary cases.

Uses GPS network to determine your location: The App uses GPS technology to identify the location of the accident. It is pin-point accurate and also helps in providing the fastest route to the victim.

How to download the 112 App?

Step 1. Go to your Google Play or IOS app store and Type ‘112.’
Step 2. Click on the App and start installing the app by tapping on the install button.
Step 3. Go to your phone home screen and open the App.
Step 4. Now, Sign up there and set up your application. Now, you can use the App.

Final Words

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Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.workpainic

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