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Top Mobile Application development company featured project
Mobile App Development ProjectLawzgrid

Lawzgrid is a revolutionary product connecting Lawyers with client (s) real time.

LawzGrid App for Customers take care of all your legal needs where you can easily avail legal services and connect with lawyers’ real time.

Technical Implementations
1. Free Question and Answers with Top Verified Lawyers
2. Various Categories of the Lawyers i.e. Divorce, Civil, Corporate, Property and more
3. Easy Search based on category, experience and location
4. Legal News
5. Appointment Managemnt

Featured Mobile App Project | Business & Enterprises

Best Mobile Application development company features project

Download Ryno app, sign up and request a ride. You can ride now as soon as it's needed or sometime later in the future. Ryno gives you flexibility in choosing when to take a ride. No cash or exact change hassle, with Ryno you pay with your phone. Its secure, easy and extremely fast.

Technical Implementations
1. Easily connect passengers with the cab drivers based on the nearest locatio
2. Attach your debit card/credit card/ master card for hassle-free payment.
3. Book cab based on three different type of services- First class, Coach and Deliverables.
4. Enter your pickup point & drop point and enjoy the service
5. Promocodes based on Geolocation, Date and Time
6. GPS Navigation

Featured Mobile App Project | Business & Enterprises

Mobile App Development Project Airmechaniks

Airmechaniks is a mobile application tool that links drivers & riders with garages or mechanics. Drivers & riders are also able to schedule appointments by bookings, maintain vehicle service records and view service provider rating. Garage Owners or Mechanics are able to view customer requests on their smartphones, accept or reject bookings among other features.

Technical Implementations
1. Integration of Google map to list nearby garage according to the current location.
2. Garages can be filtered by distance, rating and price.
3. Implementation of calendar for service provider booking.
4. Services according to various vehicles types.
5. Service Provider can check their booking on calendar.

Featured Mobile App Project | Business & Enterprises

Top Mobile Application development company featured project
Mobile App Development ProjectAkilli Servis

Transportation is a revolutionary product connecting Lawyers with client (s) real time.

Transportation App for Customers take care of all your legal needs where you can easily avail legal services and connect with lawyers’ real time.

Technical Implementations
1. Easily tracking of the kids from Home to School and School to Home
2. Parents will receive instant notification about their kid’s availability
3. SOS feature for the driver in case of any emergency
4. Drivers can easily track the kid’s location during their pickup
5. Payment gateway integration Transport app

Featured Mobile App Project | Event Locator


Truup is India’s first creative video community where you create, watch & share short videos in a fun & easy way.

You can showcase your creativity and talents to our entire community by making beems and posting them to a category.

Technical Implementations
1. Truup is for making 10 seconds looping videos.
2. There are several camera tools like Grid overlay, Angle, AF focus, Ghost tool, flash and front-facing camera.
3. While creating video one can Trim video, Add songs or Truup
4. Sounds in video to make it perfect and Duplicate the video for more fun.
5. Have a lot of categories and one can play challenges.
6. Save sessions for later while you create

Featured Mobile App Project | Event Locator


Discover upcoming events happening in your city.Explore events by your interests including exhibitions, sports, parties, meetups, concerts, festivals, workshops, dance, yoga, health and mediation,art and theater. Find out where your friends are going

Technical Implementations
1. Events Timeline
2. Past/Upcoming Events and Details of the Event
3. Google Maps routes for the Events
4. Follow Favourite Events
5. Events RSVP
6. Comments and Likes
7. Create Event and #HASHTAG For Events

Featured Mobile App Project | Mapped Invitation

ebnamebiz Education is your to harnessing the power of the internet. This unique and revolutionary modal allows you to Learn and Grow, hence the name eBIZ. Since time immemorial, man kindly has acquired knowledge and has been able to put it to constructive use, to earn one's livelihood.

Technical Implementations
1. Integration with SQlite database
2. Dynamic data arrangement for Large number of users.
3. Online Quiz competition
4. Live response for feedback and Queries.
5. Realtime updates for New Events and Program info.
6. Custom advertisements over push notifications

Featured Mobile App Project | On Demand Healthcare

MMDnamMap My Doctor

MMD provides personalised mHealth solutions in real time, for Emergencies, Pre- & Post- Hospital Care, Ambulance Services, Doctor’s Appointments, Medical Records, Questions about Health and Fitness, Blogs, Medical News and Events. Communicate with Doctors using MMD Chat platform

Technical Implementations
1. Integration of Google Map
2. Implementation of Calendar for booking appointment
3. Craslytics to search the analytics of app
4. Integration of Hindi Localization
5. Integration of News & Events
6. Maintain E-health Record

Featured Mobile App Project | Messenger

LmnamLOLmess Messenger bee

Lolmess is a FREE brand new unique social messaging application.Share all the features in lolmess on other social media for FREE and fill up your contacts in Lolmess with friends and family while having fun at the same time.

Technical Implementations
1. Instant & Rich Media Messaging
2. Dialler with background sounds
3. Voice and Video calls
4. Twisted Filters in the Video call
5. Call recording
6. Funny 3D Talking Mitis and Voice Fun
7. Recording Voice in different pitches

Featured Mobile App Project | Healthcare

jiyonamJiyo India

Jiyo India : Healthy India, is a revolution in Healthcare in India. Jiyo India provides Quality Medical Care with instant privilege at the time of Billing

Technical Implementations
1. Customized Search (Web and App)
2. Location based Hospital/Labs listing
3. One click Sign up to get Privilege Discounts
4. Google Maps Integration for Location Search
5. Saving of Healthcare Records
6. Phone Number Masking and Call recording for Hospital(s) to review.

Featured Mobile App Project | Location Tracking


Emergencies happen and pushing a button or calling for help isn't always possible. UrLifeTrax is the only safety app that makes the call for help when you can’t. UrLifeTrax watches over you when going fishing, on a blind date, walking home or when you need the peace of mind knowing someone has your back.

Technical Implementations
1. Implementation of Geo-fencing, Accelerometer Magnitude for car crashes
2. Routing without Direction API
3. Integration of Safety Parameters in terms of speed or fencing
4. Emergency Notification will be sent to primary contacts or on Emergency number
5. Offline tracking capability
6. GPS Navigations

Featured Mobile App Project | Business & Enterprises


Find the Gionee Service Centers nearby. This app with the help of GPS and google maps will find the service centers nearby from where this app is run provided the user has internet connectivity.

Technical Implementations
1. Check warranty of any Gionee handset with the help of IMEI number.
2. Track the service status of Gionee handset by either giving IMEI number or job sheet code.
3. Give feedback of the Gionee service or product.

Featured Mobile App Project | Wedding Planner

vwnamVows & Wishes

Vows & Wishes is a social wedding app that helps couple interact with their guests, share wedding moments and create a wedding gift wishlist. The guests can then buy gifts from the couple’s wishlist.

Technical Implementations
1. Timeline Feeds for Guest & Couples to post their photos
2. Create Photo album
3. Couple’s Gift Wish List – Guests can check the wish list of couple & can buy gifts for them
4. Create Micro website
5. Group Chat
6. Event management according to Celebration

Featured Mobile App Project | Custom Navigation

vgnamVillages GPS

The village’s extensive system of cart paths and roundabouts both can be frustrating and confusing; this app is powerful GPS tool for navigating Golf cart, roundabouts and roads. The App shows the list of all the recreation centres, golf courses, Town square, restaurants, shopping centres etc

Technical Implementations
1. Integration with Google street maps
2. YELP Integration
3. Speedometer to check your Speed while walking
4. Voice-guided GPS navigation system
5. PolyLine Integration especially for Golf cart
6. Nearby Search ability
Featured Mobile App Project | Mapped Invitation
Map My Meet

MapMyMeet is a mapped invitation app with live directions & location sharing
Social get-togethers , Work meetings, Birthday parties, Weddings, Sports events, Dinners,
Lunch, date, party…? ….Send invitation with Map My Meet

Technical Implementations
  • 1. Integration with Google maps
  • 2. Voice-guided GPS navigation system
  • 3. Integration of Route or event planning with POI search ability at the same time
  • 4. Implementation for real time communication in groups through live chat
  • 5. Share your location to meet up simultaneously with your friends circle
  • 6. Flurry Analytics to improve user experience


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