Jokar app: Trading Service in a smarter way

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The Jokar app is now live on Mobulous. This is a service trading app where users can sign up as normal users also. Every user can become a professional service provider or delivery service provider as per their skills. All the services provided by the app are well structured and backed up by a finely designed technology and team. As per the requirements of the order placed by the customer, services are put to a well-estimated timeline, and hereafter the process is carried forward. The Jokar app is providing an excellent platform for trading all the services that it is promising.

Working of Jokar app

The registration
When a user signs up on the app, they have a normal account that can be turned into a professional or delivery based service provider account. Once you are assigned as with a service provider account, you have access to the professional worker dashboard, which will show you all the updates.registration

Add details screen
Even though it is an obvious window, it requires you to keenly update the details for the seamless provision of service.Add details screen

The black waiting screen
This screen helps in viewing all the details of the delivery person, such as personal details, estimated time of arrival, rating, and message to put. This is the window you have to navigate to make any changes in the order.
Note: This window also has pop up notification regarding the delivery service in case of their unavailability at your waiting screen

My orders
This is the place where you will be able to view your service details. Just like the previous window has information about the delivery person, here you will be able to find the details of the product that is being delivered.My Order

Order types
Active orders are the first category of orders that are in the active stage. Their orders are yet to be completed and are in a healthy stage of completion as per the timeline.
Past orders: The orders that have been made successfully shall go down to past orders. This is done within 4 hours of completion of the order.

Notification screen
This is where most concerns of the client end. They are notified about everything that they are supposed to. They can now navigate to the review section and provide feedback for the service.Notification

Download Jokar app
The Jokar app was last updated on 6th March 2020. Its download size is only 7 MB. Currently running its first version, the app is available for all users that are using android versions 5.0 or more. It has interactive elements, and as per the requirement, it does ask you permission for the location. The app is available on play store to download, and the customer reviews so far have been remarkable.

The two best features of Jokar 

* Design: The app is designed wonderfully. Considering the amount of data being exchanged between the client and the service provider, the app has been designed in a well-structured manner, and they are working continually to improve it.

* Delivery and professional services: The fact that one can get both delivery and different professional services on the same platform makes their job hassle-free. It is, in a way relieving and convenient for the clients to receive quality services of both kinds at the same place.

How to download and install the Jokar app?

The download and install process includes a few simple and easy steps that are:-
Step 1. Go to your Google Play Store and search for “Jokar” app.
Step 2. Tap on the app and click on the install button.
Step 3. In your mobile home screen page, you can find the Jokar app.
Step 4. Open the app and accept the terms and conditions & Privacy Policy.
Step 5. Select your service whether as a Delivery person or Professional Worker.
Step 6. Request service by entering the pick-up & drop off location.
Step 7. Now, you are ready to go.

The skilled developer of the Jokar App

This app is designed and developed by Mobulous. Our dedicated and adept developer has years of experience in building complex mobile apps. Our professional expert put their 100% to make this application successful. The app is unique and innovative and has a no. of amazing features.

Wrapping Up

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