Top 10 Security Tips for Android Developers


With over 2 billion users all across the globe, Android is the most popular operating platform for creating mobile apps. Despite its widespread use, it has several security flaws.
Security is indeed one of the essential factors for a mobile app’s success. From the banking sector to the household sector, mobile apps are used for nearly anything nowadays.
However, there is a tremendous rise in cybercrime and malware attacks. According to the report, Unencrypted communications account for 35% of all messages sent by mobile devices. So, safety is crucial in the mobile app development process.

Which are the Top 10 Tips that Developers must follow for Android App Security?

Here, we have the top ten security tips for creating a secure android mobile app for your business:

• Keep the Native App Secure

For Android mobile app development, It is recommendable to use Android SDK. Before hiring a developer for your android project, ensure that they use Android SDK.

In the development process, when the developer integrates native code, the app receives data through the network. This could potentially come from files or an IPC that is vulnerable to security issues.
Hence, you should use native SDK to keep the native code secure during the development process.

• High-level Authentication

These days, most developers prefer multi-factor authentication. With sound session management and a disconnected system, you can keep essential information protected. Setting up advanced authentication mechanisms with tools like JSON web tokens or OAuth 2.0 should be a top priority.

This provides excellent security in Android apps.

• Encrypt the Data

Mobile app security entails safeguarding all types of data stored on the device. It includes both the data and the source code passed between the back-end server and the application. Certificate pinning ensures that the application’s back-end Web service certificate is valid.

And, if we talk about the most effective security solutions for Android mobile app security, it is high-level data encryption.

• Secure the Server

These days, hackers frequently attempt to target the server’s API. This means that to avoid attacks, you must make the server and API safe.

You can use a firewall for online apps or code reviews to help you deal with this problem.

• Code Obfuscation

It is essential to protect the source code during the android app development process. Developers need to create a source code that is incomprehensible for both humans and decompilers.

The primary function of code obfuscation is to give an impenetrable code. It promotes the privacy of all intellectual property and protects it against reverse engineering.

• Regular Testing and Updating

If we believe the report, most of the android devices are running on an android version that is old and outdated. This shows that approximately three-quarters of the devices are in danger.

When developers solve one security issue, the hackers detect other weaknesses.

However, if you update android OS time-to-time, you can reduce these risks. You can also use Penetration testing for server-side checks.

• Data Storage on Client Side

There are chances that data may expose in case if users lost their smartphones. Also, many users jailbreak or root their devices to get access to additional features and software. They lose a crucial layer of security in the process.

Hene, Ensure to store sensitive data on the server-side

• Detection of Code Tamper

You must integrate anti-tamper mechanisms in your android mobile app during the mobile app development process. And, in the security checklist, don’t forget to integrate signature verification, anti-virus, and activity logs.
This will help keep a check on vulnerable libraries added to the application’s source code.


An HTTPS connection is required for communication between an app and its servers.
As we know, most Android device users connect to several open Wi-Fi hotspots in public areas. There are chances that a few hotspots may be malicious and can easily change the contents of HTTP traffic.

Hence, it is recommended to use HTTPS with a certified server.

• Encryption

The encryption key should be encrypted and kept in secure storage. Make sure not to download the encryption key from the server during runtime.

Additional Security Recommendations for Your Android App Security:

When you hire an android mobile app developer, you must consult about the vital security features. Specialists initially establish the security method. You may need to use their services from time to time to perform necessary updates and repair security vulnerabilities.

Here are some more additional tips to assist you in dealing with security concerns:

• You may rely on the app store’s approval, which confirms that a specific app is safe. However, there are still chances that errors may appear. So, you should try and test them for yourself, as app store endorsements aren’t always accurate.

• If your app relies on another person’s API, you need to be careful. To ensure the security of your device, it is essential that code must be secure. Ensure that your application’s API provides access to the parts of the app, which are necessary for reducing the threats.


Final words:

Security of a mobile app is a continuous process. No platform is entirely secure. If you want to create a secure android app, you need to keep yourself updated with all the security updates. In this article, we have shared the top ten security tips for Android developers to help them create a robust and feature-rich android app. At Mobulous, we follow several other android security app development practices apart from those listed above in our blog. For more information regarding android app development.

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