How to Develop an App Like TaskRabbit app in 7 Easy Steps?


Want to develop an app like TaskRabbit but don’t know where to get started? Worry not, you have landed at the right place! TaskRabbit is one of the highly evolving apps in the market and developing an app like this is a perfect idea for boosting the growth of your company.

The economy and the market are ever-evolving and face minor and major changes. But do you know, there is another term called ‘Gig Economy?’ Well, it refers to the exchange of labor and services between people where they connect via a digital platform or an online marketplace.

Task Rabbit app is an outstanding example of a Gig Economy and works as an excellent medium to connect customers with freelancers. Let’s delve into the step-by-step process for mobile app development and discover the vital features of an on-demand service app like TaskRabbit.

What is TaskRabbit?

TaskRabbit is a well-known on-demand service marketplace that connects users with local service providers to complete multiple household chores competently. The app includes repairing, washing, cleaning, and other essential handyman jobs related to your domestic chores.

The app is like a magic wand for people with busy lives as it provides various services from home repairs and cleaning to event planning and moving assistance. The platform connects with household task companies, agencies, freelancers, local service providers, etc to get the household work done. TaskRabbit provides a plethora of services to clients such as:

  • Home improvement and repairs
  • Cleaning and organization
  • Delivery and shopping
  • Furniture assembly
  • Event planning
  • Personal assistance

TaskRabbit mobile app for iOS/Android involves duties and services that are home-related. In short, they provide domestic help services to the individuals. The app has its own set of solutions for household services and performs the best work that you will cherish for the long term.

The mobile app runs on a commission-based revenue model that takes a percentage of each transaction that is made through the platform. Additionally, it can charge service providers a subscription fee or a registration fee in order to unlock its premium features.

How Does TaskRabbit Work?

TaskRabbit is one of the fastest-growing marketplaces that provides on-demand domestic services. It provides customers with quick assistance to perform various activities, including washing, cleaning, and others.

Every user on this platform is organized into two main classes, i.e., the TaskPosters (the client-side) and the TaskDoers (customer-side). Let’s understand this in a bit more detail.


The TaskPosters are the clients who want to seek help from a service provider to get their work done. Therefore, they fill up an employment form on the application and highlight some specifications related to the chores they need help with. When filling out the details, clients mention the date and time by which they need to get their tasks done. 

From the perspective of the TaskPoster, the platform is built to post jobs and find appropriate professionals to do the work. Additionally, clients are able to view multiple details regarding the domestic helper such as their expertise, ratings, qualifications, experience, etc. As the task gets completed, the TaskPosters give ratings to the service providers. 


TaskDoers are domestic helpers or working professionals who offer their services as a freelancers. These individuals directly get the job on the basis of their profile and job qualifications. After applying, they can talk to the experts directly to learn their charges and availability at the specified time and date.

TaskRabbit mobile app is a platform that acts as a mediator between TaskPosters and TaskDoers. It recommends three TaskDoers to the TaskPosters as per their qualifications, ratings, experience, and hourly rates. TaskDoers can reject or accept the suggested job at their convenience.

How to Develop an App Like TaskRabbit in 7 Easy Steps?

In order to develop an app like TaskRabbit, you need to have technical expertise and a clear understanding of the iOS/Android app development process involved in it. For your assistance, we have come up with the 7 easiest steps to create your own app from scratch that ensure you stay ahead of the curve. These 7 steps are as follows:

  1. Start With the Market Research
  2. Define Features and Functionalities
  3. Choose the Right Technology Stack
  4. Design the UI/UX of the App 
  5. Develop an App Like TaskRabbit
  6. Quality Assurance and Testing
  7. Launch the App on The App Stores

1. Start With the Market Research

Start developing an app (web app, iOS app, PWA, or Android) with extensive market research that involves analyzing the demand for on-demand services in your target market, identifying potential TaskRabbit competitors, and understanding user preferences and behaviors.

Market research aids in identifying gaps in the app development market that your app can fill and demonstrates the viability of your app idea. Thus, your app will stay abreast of the competition in the long run.

2. Define Features and Functionalities

Now, move ahead to define the features and functionalities of your app, including user registration and authentication, task posting and management, domestic heaper search and matching, scheduling, real-time messaging, secure payment processing, etc.

Additionally, make sure to include the functionality of background checks to make your app reliable and GPS tracking to assist users in knowing the location of the TaskPosters and TaskDoers.

3. Choose the Right Technology Stack

You must consider some factors for selecting the appropriate technology stack for both front-end and back-end development such as security, scalability, time to market, and the app development cost.

Some of the popular frameworks for developing an app like TaskRabbit app are React Native and Flutter for cross-platform app development, and Node.js or Django for backend development.

4. Design the UI/UX of the App 

UI/UX provides a seamless and engaging experience to every user, hence you need to work closely with the UI/UX designers in order to create wireframes and prototypes. This prioritizes ease of accessibility, navigation, and visual appeal.

You must pay close attention to essential factors such as typography, color scheme, iconography, etc in order to ensure coherence and consistency throughout the app.

5. Develop an App Like TaskRabbit

At the time of mobile app development like TaskRabbit, the back-end infrastructure of the application is developed and the core features/functionalities are implemented. For this, you need to adopt an Agile methodology to develop an app and test it thoroughly.

After building the front-end and back-end of the app, make sure to allow it for quick feedback and iteration. You can hire app developers, designers, and stakeholders and collaborate closely with them in order to ensure that your app meets the specific needs and requirements.

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6. Quality Assurance and Testing

After mobile app development, you need to perform stringent testing and quality assurance in order to ensure that your app functions perfectly. QA includes usability testing, functional testing, performance testing, compatibility testing, and security testing across multiple devices and platforms. 

If you address any bugs, glitches, or issues within the app, make sure to resolve them in a quick go. Hence, Quality Assurance and Testing ensure a smooth and error-free app launch.

7. Launch the App on The App Stores

After you have developed an app and tested it thoroughly, the next step is the App Launch. In order to publish an iOS/Android app on the App Stores (Apple App Store/Google Play Store), you need to create a developer account on both platforms. 

Prepare required assets like screenshots, app icons, and descriptions and follow platform-specific guidelines for app submission. Now, upload the app package (APK for Google Play Store and IPA for Apple App Store) and complete the app submission process.

After this, you need to wait for approval from the respective platform in order to ensure compliance with their app submission policies. Once your app has been approved, it will be publicly available for the users to download it worldwide.

Must-Have Features to Develop an App Like TaskRabbit

When it comes to how to develop an app like TaskRabbit, it is essential to uncover popular features and functionalities in order to stand out from the crowd. Well, TaskRabbit has a list of features/functionalities that you must consider to integrate into your TaskRabbit alternative app.

1. User Registration and Authentication

This feature enables users to create their accounts with the help of their email addresses or social media profiles. Make sure to implement potent authentication mechanisms in order to ensure the security of user’s personal information and their accounts.

2. Task Posting and Management

Task Posting and Management is a feature that allows users to post tasks for which they need help. This includes photos, descriptions, and desired completion date and time and provides options for users to categorize tasks and set their budget according to that.

3. Service provider Search and Matching 

Make sure to develop a search feature that will enable users to locate service providers on the basis of their location, ratings, availability, and skills. You need to implement matching algorithms in order to connect users with relevant service providers effectively.

4. Real-time Messaging

Integrate a messaging system that allows seamless communication between users and service providers, negotiates terms, discusses task details, and asks queries in real time.

5. Secure Payment Processing

You must facilitate payment transactions within the application by leveraging reliable and trusted payment gateways. This feature provides different payment options such as credit/debit cards, in-app payments, and digital wallets.

6. Ratings and Review System

Make sure to implement a ratings and review system that enables users to rate service providers and leave feedback as per their experiences. This functionality displays ratings of the service providers in order to help users make an informed decision.


In order to develop an app like TaskRabbit, you need careful planning, a deep understanding of the on-demand service industry, and meticulous execution. By following the steps explained above and integrating ingenious features, you are able to create a successful and thriving app that meets the needs of users and service providers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is TaskRabbit in India?

Ans. TaskRabbit is an online marketplace that helps users in order to find a domestic helper for their everyday chores like cleaning, gardening,  animal care, plumbing, carpet cleaning, handyman, etc. It has two groups of people, TaskPosters (who post jobs) and TaskDoers (who do the job). TaskRabbit acts as a medium to connect these individuals in order to get the work done.

Q. How to develop an app like TaskRabbit?

Ans. In order to develop an app like TaskRabbit, you need to follow the following points carefully:

  1. Start with the market research
  2. Define features and functionalities
  3. Choose the right technology stack
  4. Design the UI/UX of the app
  5. Develop an app like TaskRabbit
  6. Quality assurance and testing
  7. Launch the app on the app stores (Apple App Store/Google Play Store)

Q. How much does it cost to build an app like TaskRabbit?

Ans. Understanding the cost of developing an app like TaskRabbit is really important. As a result, make sure to consider the app development cost mentioned below carefully.

  • Basic App Development Cost:- $8,000 to $15,000+
  • Medium App Development Cost:- $15,000 to $20,000+
  • Complex App Development Cost:- $25,000+
  • Cross-Platform App Development Cost:- $15,000 to $25,000+

Q. What are some apps similar to TaskRabbit?

Ans. Some apps similar to TaskRabbit are mentioned below:

  • Humming Homes
  • Thumbtack
  • HomeAdvisor
  • Pro Referral
  • Angi
  • Handy
  • Porch