Fantasy Sports App Development Like Dream 11


Fantasy sports app development involves apps where users create virtual teams of real players from different sports leagues and earn points based on their performance in real matches. Dream 11 app is a sports betting app and is known for its ingenious features and captivating gameplay. 

Fantasy apps like Dream 11 have gained immense popularity in recent years, offering users the thrill of real-life sports events. These applications are transforming the way people engage with sports and offer them a chance to display their skills as team managers. 

If you are among the fans of sports and want to work on fantasy sports app development like Dream 11, then this blog is for you. Let’s move ahead and establish a strong foothold in the sports app development market.

What is the Dream 11 App?

Dream 11 app is a pioneer in the fantasy sports app development industry that was founded in 2008 by Bhavit Sheth and Harsh Jain. This app enables users to create their teams across various sports like football, cricket, kabaddi, and basketball. It offers various contests and prize pools. 

The app is completely based on the sports knowledge and prediction skills of the users. Players have to create a virtual team for the forthcoming matches. They gain points as per the real performance of the players in that sports match.

Dream 11 has many sports such as cricket, NBA, football, hockey, and kabaddi. The app has partnered with multiple organizations such as ICC, BCCI, IPL, VIVO, Pro Kabaddi League, NBA, International Hockey Federation, and others.

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Overview of the Dream 11 Sports App

Fantasy sports gaming apps are just about how much you know them. Therefore, we have come up with an overview of the Dream 11 Sports app.

Developer & Founder Harsh Jain & Bhavit Sheth
CEO Harsh Jain
Founded in 2008
Headquarter in  Mumbai, India
Valuation 2.5 Billion USD

Why Dream 11 is Attracting Everyone?

Dream 11 is in utmost demand nowadays because of its compelling features like team formation and sports prediction. When we watch a superhero movie, we feel ourselves to be the hero of the scene. It is a psychological factor that makes people get attracted to that movie.

The same case is with Dream 11 where people feel like a team leader when forming a team. Fans feel like they are leading the game when their favorite team wins the match, hence they get attracted to this app.

7 Steps for Fantasy Sports App Development like Dream 11

The fantasy sports app is the fastest-growing business on a global scale. This is the reason why these businesses reach out to developers and a fantasy sports app development company to build the best app like Dream 11. Therefore, we have come up with the 7 easy steps to help you with fantasy cricket app development.

1. Market Research and Analysis

Market research and analysis involve understanding the target audience, demographics, preferences, existing competitors, etc in the market. This step is crucial to build a similar app like Dream11.

You need to conduct surveys, data analysis, and interviews in order to identify user needs, market trends, and possible gaps so that you can differentiate your app. 

Make sure to analyze pricing models, competitor strategies, and user feedback in order to formulate an exceptional value proposition and gain a competitive advantage for your app.

2. Platform Selection

Choosing the right platform for fantasy sports app development is important to reach a wider audience. For this, you need to consider some factors such as market share, target demographics, device preferences for iOS, Android, and web apps, scalability, development resources, and cost implications. 

Make sure to decide as per the platform preferences of your target audience, native apps, progressive web apps, experience requirements, and cross-platform apps.

3. UI/UX Design

User Interface and User Experience, i.e. UI/UX design is a crucial process in order to achieve the success of your fantasy sports applications. You must design a visually appealing interface with a clear information hierarchy, easy navigation, and captivating graphics or icons.

Concentrate on creating a seamless user experience for player selection, contest participation, team creation, payments, live match updates, etc. After this, you need to conduct user testing, prototyping, and iterations to rectify the UI/UX errors as per the user feedback.

4. Back-end Development

The back-end development of the fantasy sports app involves creating the server, app logic, database, robust APIs, user authentication systems, admin panels, and payment gateways. This is done in order to manage contests, users, content, and payments on the app.

Back-end development of the app ensures security, scalability, compliance with industry standards, and data privacy of the users. Therefore, back-end developers hold the utmost importance.

5. Feature Integration and APIs

Integrate essential features into a fantasy sports app development project, such as contest creation, player selection, notifications, leaderboards, live scoring updates, payment gateways, social sharing options, and analytics.

Make sure to leverage third-party APIs for real-time sports data, social media integration, payment processing player statistics, and marketing tools for optimal integration, performance, and accuracy across different platforms and devices. 

Doing this ensures smooth app performance, seamless integration, and data accuracy across different devices and platforms.

6. Quality Assurance and Testing

As soon as your fantasy sports app development project is finished, thorough testing should take place throughout all stages. This involves testing functionalities such as performance, user flows, and security as well as the scalability and security of the app.

Quality Assurance and Testing requires manual, beta, automated, and device testing in order to identify bugs or errors and provide a seamless user experience.

7. App Launch and Marketing Strategy

Lastly, you must make a strategic outline for a thriving app launch with an advanced marketing strategy to entice target users and acquire traction in today’s competitive market. Then, create pre-launch inference via social media promotions, influences, and press releases.

Make sure to optimize the App Store listings or ASO with accurate keywords, compelling visuals, and engaging descriptions. Accomplish retention campaigns, user acquisition strategies, and referral programs with influencers and sports leagues in order to boost the user base and drive app engagement. 

Must-Have Features in Fantasy App Development like Dream 11

Fantasy sports app development like Dream 11 involves integrating diverse features and functionalities that ensure a seamless and tempting user experience. The key features that your fantasy sports app should include are explained below.

1. User Registration and Profile Management

User registration and profile management enable users to register efficiently through social media accounts, email, or phone numbers. This feature provides users the option to handle and supervise their profiles with endless editing options and setting preferences.

2. Landing Page

After signing in, the user lands on a landing page and finds out about the sports that are being played. On the landing page, users will be given a filtered search option where they can search for any segment on the app, including sports, match type, date, and tournament. 

3. Player Selection and Team Creation

Player selection and team creation enable users to pick players from real-life sports teams in order to initiate their fantasy sports teams virtually. This feature includes a filter as per the performance stats, player positions, and availability.

4. Contest Creation and Participation

It permits users to build custom contests or they can join already existing ones as per the sports events. This feature offers a wide range of contest formats like leagues, head-to-head, and tournaments with various prize structures and entry fees.

5. Live Match Updates and Scorings

It comprises real-time match updates, performances of the players, and scoring systems. It also displays live scores, rankings, and leaderboards during steady sports matches in order to keep users engaged on the app.

6. Payment Gateway Integration

Payment gateway integration is the most vital feature for a sports betting app like Dream 11 as it provides a protected payment gateway in order to promote prize distribution, entry fees, and in-app purchases. It sustains various payment methods like net banking, credit/debit cards, and digital wallets within the app.

7. Player Statistics and Insights

It offers a comprehensive player profile with historical performance data, expert analysis, and injury updates and notifications. This functionality also provides insights, recommendations, and tips in order to enable users to make informed team selections. 

8. Push Notifications and Alerts

The push notifications and alerts feature informs users and notifies them regarding forthcoming matches, team changes, contest results, and promotional offers via emails, push notifications, or SMS.

Technologies Required for Fantasy Sports App Development Like Dream 11

For fantasy sports app development like Dream 11, sports app developers need to leverage a wide range of technologies in order to guarantee scalability, security, performance, and user engagement. Here are the best key technologies and components that are commonly used in developing sports betting apps.

1. Programming Languages

  • Front-end: CSS3, JavaScript (React.js, Angular, Vue.js), HTML 5, etc in order to get interactive and intuitive user interfaces and real-time updates.
  • Back-end: Python (Django, Flask), Node.js, Ruby on Rails, Java, etc in order to create server-side logic, database interactions, and APIs.

2. Database Management Systems (DBMS)

  • SQL Databases: PostgreSQL and MySQL for structured data storage related to teams, user profiles, transactions, and contests.
  • NoSQL Databases: MongoDB, and Redis for managing caching, real-time analytics, and unstructured data.

3. Cloud Services and Hosting

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): Microsoft Azure, AWS (Amazon Web Services), and Google Cloud Platforms in order to create storage, scalable cloud hosting, and computing resources.
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS): Firebase and Heroku for simplified Fantasy sports app deployment, monitoring, and management.

4. APIs and Third-Party Integrations

  • Sports Data APIs: ESPN API, SportsRadar, and Opta Sports for player statistics, real-time match data, and game insights.
  • Payment Gateways: PayPal, Stripe, and Braintree in order to secure payment processing, and manage entry fees/prizes, and transactions.
  • Social Media Integrations: Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook APIs for social sharing, user authentication, and community engagement features.

5. Real-time Communication

  • WebSockets: SignalR and technologies for live scoring, real-time updates, notifications, and chat features between users and the app server.

6. Security and Authentication

  • SSL/TLS Certificates: This technology encrypts data transmission between servers and clients in order to ensure data security and privacy.
  • OAuth: It executes OAuth 2.0 in order to secure user authentication, authorization, and API access control.

7. Push Notifications

  • Push Notification Services: Apple Push Notification Service (APNs), Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM), and third-party services for sending push notifications to users about match updates, sports contests, and app events.

8. Analytics and Monitoring

  • Analytics Tools: Mixpanel, Google Analytics, and Flurry technologies in order to track engagement metrics, user behavior, marketing campaigns, and app performance.
  • Error Monitoring: Bugsnag and Sentry technologies for real-time error monitoring, debugging, and crash reporting during app usage.

Benefits of Fantasy Sports App Development Like Dream 11

Fantasy sports app development like Dream 11 presents a wide spectrum of benefits for both users and app owners. Let’s learn some of the most popular benefits of sports betting app development.

1. Engaging User Experience

The fantasy sports app provides users with an instinctive and immersive user experience, allowing them to create and manage their virtual sports teams. This virtual team is based on real-time sports events and the app’s interactive engagement enriches user retention.

2. Increased Fan Participation

Fantasy sports applications appeal to sports lovers who want to portray their skills and proficiency in team management. It enriches fans’ engagement by delivering the most delinquent way in order to experience sports beyond just passive viewing.

3. Monetization Opportunities

App owners are able to develop revenue via different monetization models like sponsorships, entry fees for contests, premium features, ads, and subscriptions. These monetization options and revenue streams contribute to the profitability of the sports app in the long run.

4. Brand Visibility and Partnerships

Flourishing fantasy applications achieve visibility among sports enthusiasts which leads to partnerships and brand recognition with sports teams, leagues, media outlets, and sponsors. This sort of collaboration enhances the credibility and user base of the app.

5. Data Analytics and Insights

Fantasy sports apps collect a wealth of data as per user preferences, gaming trends, and player performance. When users examine this data, it provides the most fruitful insights for personalized user experiences, product advancements, and targeted marketing campaigns.

6. Social Interaction and Community Building

Users are able to link with their friends, other fans, and sports experts within the fantasy sports app via forums, chat rooms, leaderboards, and social sharing features. This facilitates a sense of a big community among every user.

7. Global Reach and Expansion

Fantasy sports apps have a global charisma that enables users from various regions to participate in sports leagues and contests. App owners are able to utilize this worldwide reach for expansion into the latest markets and partnerships with global stakeholders.

Monetization Strategies for Fantasy Sports App Development

Fantasy sports app development generates revenue from multiple channels, including the following:

  • Entry Fees and Contests: Fantasy sports apps offer both free and paid sports contests with multiple entry fee models and prize pools in order to cater to different users.
  • Sponsorships and Advertisements: Sports betting apps collaborate with sports teams, brands, and leagues in order to get product placements, sponsorships, and targeted advertisements.
  • Premium Features and Subscriptions: These apps provide premium features such as expert advice, advanced statistics, ad-free experiences, and exclusive contests.

Future Trends in Fantasy Sports App Development

The future of fantasy sports app development is promising with advancements in user preferences and technology. There are some key trends that you must watch out in order to include in your sports betting apps which are as follows:

  • AI and Predictive Analytics: Leverage artificial intelligence algorithms in order to achieve personalized gaming experience, match predictions, and player recommendations.
  • Virtual Reality (VR) Integration: Discover VR technologies in order to offer intuitive virtual stadiums, live match experiences, and interactive gameplay.
  • Global Expansion and Partnerships: Fantasy sports apps can expand into the latest landscape, collaborate with global sports leagues, and explore partnerships with media companies for fan engagement and content distribution.

The Bottom Line

Fantasy sports app development like Dream 11 requires strategic methodologies and approaches, encompassing market research, legal compliance, and ingenious features. 

Creating a sports betting app is the best way to make money but it can be challenging if you are new in this field. However, if you are determined to develop a sports app like Dream 1 APK, you can hire app developers for fantasy sports apps from a reputed app development company.

By staying abreast of the industry trends and technologies, sports app developers can create the best and most engaging apps for sports enthusiasts on a global level.

FAQs — Fantasy Sports App Development Like Dream 11

Q. How to develop a fantasy sports mobile app like Dream 11?

Ans. For fantasy sports app development like Dream 11, you need to follow the below steps carefully to develop an app:

  1. Market Research and Analysis
  2. Platform Selection
  3. UI/UX Design
  4. Back-end Development
  5. Feature Integration and APIs
  6. Quality Assurance and Testing
  7. App Launch and Marketing Strategy

Q. Which app is similar to Dream 11?

Ans. Some most popular apps like Dream 11 are mentioned below:

  • BetBall11
  • Fantasy
  • Hitwicket
  • Akhada

Q. How much does it cost to make an app like Dream 11?

Ans. The cost of fantasy sports app development starts from ₹30,00,000 per platform. However, this cost may differ as per the platform preferences, complexity of the app, and functionalities added.

Q. What is the future of fantasy sports?

Ans. The Global Fantasy Sports market is expected to see an upsurging growth at a considerable rate between 2024 and 2031. In 2023, the market saw a steady rate with the rising adoption of fantasy sports app development strategies by key players. In 2024 and beyond, the market is predicted to grow at an alarming rate.