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On Demand Lawyers Mobile App

On-Demand Lawyers Mobile App

On-Demand Lawyers Mobile App | Lawyers Grid App and Website is designed and developed by Mobulous for an Indian client (Karma Square PVT LTD).

Lawzgrid is a revolutionary product connecting Lawyers with the client (s) real-time.

LawzGrid App for Customers takes care of all your legal needs where you can easily avail legal services and connect with lawyers’ real-time.



  • Free Question and Answers with Top Lawyers
  • Various Categories of the Lawyers i.e. Divorce, Civil, Corporate, Property and more
  • Easy Search based on category, experience, and location
  • Lawyer listing
  • Lawyer profile including Q&A, Easy consultation, Blogs
  • Legal News
  • Appointment Management
  • Grievances






Currently, Lawzgrid (Karma Square Pvt Ltd) ARE OPERATIVE ONLY IN NCR region. Users can ask a FREE question and get the reply from the top lawyers in NCR

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LawzGrid Pro App is an easy to use App for Lawyers to manage and get new clients.



  • Easily manage New Lead requests (Email, Phone, Office)
  • Manage ongoing appointments with clients
  • Manage Blog
  • Manage appointment calendar
  • Answer to Questions of different clients and generate prospects
  • Various Categories of the Lawyers to choose from i.e. Divorce, Civil, Corporate, Property and more
  • Manage Cases and update the case history
  • Build a strong personal and professional profile
  • Read Legal News








Many more features inside the LawzGrid Pro App to make your life more comfortable as a lawyer. So don’t delay and download the LawzGrid Pro APP NOW !!!

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Lawzgrid App(s) for Customers and Lawyers are developed by Top Mobile App Development Company Mobulous

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